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Abercynon Flower Show.


Abercynon Flower Show. The second annual Abercynon and District Working Men's Flower Show was held at the Navigation Schools on Thursday. It was opened by Mrs. Bruce Jones. Mr. E. H. Battram, F.R.H.S., and Councillor Bruce Jones delivered addresses. Councillor T. W. Jones proposed a vote of thanks to Mrs. Bruce Jones, and was second- ed by Inspector J. Toye. A vote of thanks to the judges was proposed by Sergt. H. Evans, seconded by Mr. T. Joy. The Rev. Morgan Jenkins pro- posed thanks to Mr. G. F. Livesey and staff for arranging the stalls, etc. It was seconded by Mr. J. L. Mather. The secretaries were Messrs. Thomas E. Davies, Edward John Thomas and J. Powell. The judges were: Messrs. ,H. Farmer, Cardiff; J. Oswald, Meithvr; Mr. Armitage, Mountain Ash; Mrs. AV. Pugh, Plas- darran, and Mrs. Evans, Merthvr. Music was provided by the Aber- cynon Brass Band (Mr. W. Way). Awards: Spring Grown Onions: 1, D. Lewis; 2, W. Knapton; 3, Henry Goodfellow. Autumn Grown Onions: 1, J. Williams; 2, C. Byard. Eschallots: I, J. S. Williams, Ynys- boeth; 2, W. Harrison. Six Leeks: | 1, W. Harrison; 2, D. Lewis. Six Long Carrots: 1, F. Jones; 2, H. Meaton. Six Short Carrots: 1, J. Williams; 2, Charles Gregory. Six Parsnips: 1, J. Williams; 2, George Blakemore; 3 ,Lawrence C. McDer- mott. Six Turnips: 1, Harry Jones; 2, Fred Pugsley. Long Beetroot: 1, W. Knapton; 2, R. Griffiths; 3, C. Byard. Short Beetroot: 1, Frank C'rowle; 2, W. Harrison; 3, F. Jones. Kidney Potatoes: 1, J. Williams; 2, 171 R. Griffiths 3, J. S. White. Round Potatoes: 1. J. Williams; 2, J. L. Mathers; 3, W. Harrison. Four dishes of Potatoes: 1, J. Williams; 2, D. Peacock; 3, P.C. Winter. Two White Cabbages: 1, J. Curwood; 2, W. Knapton. Two Red Cabbages: 1, H. Jones; 2, Charles Gregory. Cauli- flower: 1, George Blakemore; 2, L. C. McDermott; 3, F. Jones. Runner Beans: 1, W. Harrison; 2, John Cory; 3, Henry Goodfellow. Dwarf Beans: 1, A. Jones; 2, William Wav; 3, Charles Gregory. Broad Beans: 1, J. S. White; 2, William H. Way; 3, W. Knapton. Peas: 1, John, Cory; 2, W. Harrison; 3, L. C. McDermott. Celery: 1, J. Ritchings; 2, H. Jones; 3. W. Harrison. Cucumbers: H. Meaton. Tomatoes: 1, John Cory; 2, William H. Rockey. Marrows: 1, George Blakemore; 2, Owen Morris. Collection of Vege- tables: 1. L. C. McDermott; 2, A. Jennings; 3, H. Meaton. Cabbage Lettuce: 1, W. Harrison; 2, Charles Gregory. Cos Lettuce: 1, W. Knap- ton; 2, J. S. White. Rhubarb: 1, C. Byard; 2, H. Jones. Parsley: 1, W. Knapton; 2, F R. Crowle. Cottage Garden: 1, John Lloyd; 2, L. C. McDermott; 3, Arthur Jones. Best Allotment: 1, W. Knapton; 2, L. C. McDermott; 3, H. Meaton; 4, Ed- mund Jones. Best new Allotment: 1, William Way; 2, William J. Powell; 3, Frank Crowle; 4, Chas Gregory. Kidney Potatoes, grown on 1917 allot- ments: 1, AV. H. Way; 2, Charles Gregory; 3, George Gould. Round Potatoes: 1, W. H. Way; 2, P.C. Winter; 3, Charles Gregory. Vege- tables: 1, IA7. Knapton; 2, D. Lewis; 3, J. Stephens. Marrows, grown on 1917 allotments 1, Bessie Curwood; 2, F. Curwood; 3, Charles Gregory. VegAbies: 1, L. C. McDermott; 2, F. Tones;. 3, H. Meaton. Fuchsia Plant: 1, Charles Gregory; 2, John Lloyd. Three Window Plants: AAT. Knapton. Two Geraniums: 1, W Knapton; 2, D. Richards. Window Plant: 1, John Lloyd; 2, J. S. White; 3, Charles Gregory. Window Plant in foliage: W. Knapton. Ivy Leaf Geranium: 1, Charles Gregory; 2, John Lloyd. Hanging Plant: 1, D. Richards; 2, Mrs. Williams. I-ariega- ted Begonia: 1, W. Knapton; 2. W. Williams. Maidenhair Fern; 1, John Lloyd; 2, W. H. Rockey. Pot of Fern: 1, Mrs. Williams; 2, Mrs. Hyde. Tuberous Begonias: 1, Mrs. Wil- liams; 2, W. H. Rockey. Six Astors: 1, Charles Gregory; 2. W. H. Rockey; 3, H. Meaton. Six Weeks' Stock: 1, L. C. McDermott; 2, W. Williams; 3, H. Meaton. Sweet Peas: 1, T. AYi1- liams; 2, J. S. White: 3, L. C. McDermott. Cactus Dahlias: Fred Pugsley. Cut Flowers: 1, L. C. McDermott;. 2, Charles Gregory. Roses: 1, H. Meaton; 2, Charles Gregory. Mignonette: 1, H. Meaton; 2, L. C. McDermott. Wild Flowers: I, Gwladys O. Williams; 2, Dolly Way; 3, Ifor Lewis; 4, Lily Wag- staff 5, Bertie Blakemore. Black Currants: H. Meaton., Apples: John Lloyd. Red Currants: R. Davies. Blackberries: 1, Stan. Jones; 2, J, Gregory. Freehand Drawing: 1, W. J. Lewis; 2, I. S. Rees; 3, Gordon Parker. Black and AAihite Drawing: I 1, Cliff Jones; 2, William J. Lewis; 3, 1. S. Rees. Water Colour Drawing: 1. Evan (J. Jones; 2, Samuel Wil- liams; 3. Barney Sugarman. Water Colour Drawing (senior): 1, Clifford Jones; 2, I. Stan. Rees; 3, AA'illiam J. Lewis. Essay: 1, Dewi Maddox; 2, Eilrad Jone; 3, Janet Lewis. Handwriting (girls): 1, Irene Read; 2, Mary Lizzie Jones; 3, Blodwen Reynolds. Handwriting (bovs): 1, Leonard Burt; 2, H. P. Trilloe; 3, Stanley Stone. Child's Garment: Deborah Jones. Cooked Dinner: Gwladys O. Williams. Vase of Wild Flowers: 1, Doris Lewis; 2, Gwladys O. Williams. Hen's eggs (white): 1, J. S. Williams; 2, William R. Evans. Hen's eggs (brown): 1, Wil- liam R. Evans; 2, D. Lewis; 3, J. S. Williams. Cooked Potatoes: 1, -Airs: O. Morris; 2, Gwladys O. Williams. Welsh Cakes: 1, Mrs. Williams, Lock Street; 2, Mrs. E. A. Jones. Home-made Bread: 1, Mrs. Evans, 32 Aberdare Road; 2, Mrs. Mather. Garden Flowers: Mts. Williams. Collection of Vegetables: 1, Bruce Jones; 2, H. Meaton; 3, A. Jennings. Tuberous Begonias: 1, Bruce Jones; 2, Mrs. Saunders, Ynysybwl. Charles Gregory won the certificate for the greatest number of prizes.