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TRECYNON. „ ALL trams and buses lead you to JAY'S. GARDEN SEEDS.—Only first prize stocked. Choicest selection at Emrys Evans', M.P.S., Victoria S*. WEDDING. At the Parish Church, Gelligaer, on Saturday last, by the Rector, the Rev. Canon T. Jesse Jones, M.A., Miss Lucy ^erry, daughter of Mr. and ?ames Berry, Mill Street, was united holy matrimony to Brind, son 01 Mr. and Airs. Jothaxn, Cardiff, lhe Mothers of both bride and bride- Sroorn were present. ENGLISH WESLEYAN. — AT; ""Us chapel on Sunday special ser- ies were held. The Rev. H. Dock- iray, Dowlais, preached in the morn- ltl8 and evening. The afternoon pro- lamine contained the following ltemS;_Hymns by the Primary i)e- P^rtment. Recitations, Rosalie JatQes, Winnie Birch. Sylvia Per" ,^s, Doris Lloyd, Betty Hopkins, Jennie Perkins, Phyllis Thoma., Jj^licent James, Milly Birch, Edi •M- Edwards, Edna May Thomas, lassie Meek, Elsie Perkins, Blochven *>ancis, Florrie Kevill, John Birch, Hilda Thomas, Edith M. Francis, Louisa Davies, and Kay Perkins. OBITUARY. On Sunday last Mr. Melchisedec Williams, 3 Evans Place, passed away at the honoured age of 76 vears. The interment took place on' Friday at the Aberdare Cemeterv. The mourners were: Mrs Williams, widow; George, son; Mrs Williams, widow; George, son; Mrs. Milam, Private James Mcguire, K.O.S.B., and Mrs. Mcguire, Nellie and Mav, daughters; Mrs. J. Wil- Tiams, Mrs. H. Williams, daughters- in-law. Two sons of Sapper J. Williams, m .^ders, and Sapper H. Williams, in Egyp^. and a son-in-law, Sapper Milam, m sandwich were unable to be present. The late Mr. Williams was an old soldier, having served 21 years in the 22nd Essex Regiment. He was _a-native of this district The Rev. E. Roberts, B.A., officiated. The undertaker was Mr. Jotin Zachariah, Aberdare. CYM1NFA GANTJ. — On Monday iast the annual singing festival in connection with Bryn Seion C.M. hurch was held. The mormng pre- ^urch was held. noon \[Tl D Morg'an. Evening, the C'joM Morgan- The conductor > Professor Jenkin Moms Car- (an old Bryn Seion ^oy). Ih« nv foists were Misses Jenny ftonwen Davies, Sybil *Iad £ 0C*' JtWsamlet, and Mrs. W. J• Bees* Messrs. John Lewis, 1. H. Harries, Percy Gardiner, and Mrs.. W. J- Davies. The accompanists ^ere Messrs. W. D. Williams, W. J- AND U. Williams. The president was the Rev. J. Morgan; treasurer, E LI Humphreys; secretary Morgan Rowlands. At the close Y* Hallelujah Chorus was sun„. ^t the afternoon meeting the Re P-.Bassett and E. R. Dennis gave addresses. The festival was up of one congregation, and 6 singing was excellent. OBITUARY. — Mies Annie M. »j.nillipS) miiliner, of Liverpool •°nse, passed away after a long 'Iness on Monday, May 14th, at the of 33 years, and was buried on n^'day at the Aberdare Cemetery, service was conducted by the E. J. Gruffydd, chaplain, Kin- Park, Rhyl, late pastor of assisted by the Revs. J. ■b^'gwyn Davies, Siloh, and D. Z^ett, Gadlys. The mourners v?re: Mother; Mrs. Harriet Lloyd, fe,. S. J. Barber, Miss Lydia i %s, sisters; J. D. Phillips, Slier; Gunner J. T. Williams, Edgar Lloyd, S. J. Barber, •jOthers-in-law; Weafy Lloyd, .1&ssie Llovd, Nancv Beryl Barber, nieces-, Mr' and Mrs. Evan James, 48tflyfera; Mr. and Mrs. John V, nhbins, uncles and aunts; Mr. Tom fees« uncle; Mr. and Mrs. Mace, Yr.ndon, cousins; Miss May Evans, vr^sS B. Stubbins, Haydn Stubbins, \f Harriet Jones, Mrs. Evans, iin ? 11 • Rees, Mr. Edwin George, cle; Tom George and Tom Reee, ■w^sins; George Evans, Mr. and s- J- H. Evans, D. Evans, Mra. WT. Evans and daughter; David James, Trevil, cousins; Mr. and Mrs. T. Williams, Mrs. Gray, Mr. and Mrs. William Davies, uncles and aunts; Jesse Vater; Mr. J. R. Jones, Llanelly; Mrs. Beynon, Ys- talvfera; Mrs. Howell Lewis, Miss Davies, Miss Williams, Pontllan- fraith; Mr. and Mrs. Gardener, Ebbw Vale; Nurse M. S. Jones, Miss Evans, Capcoch, cousin. Tom Phillips, brother, who is attached to the Flying Corps in France, was unable to attend. The bearers were: Messrs. J. M. Evans, T. D. Williams, T. W. Griffiths, Tom Wil- liams, Johnny Thomas, John Lewis, David Evans, and S. J. Parr. Wreaths were given by: (1) Family and Cousin May; (2) Weafy and Flossie Lloyd, nieces; (3) Nancy Barber, niece; (4) Glenys Mace, London; (5) Gunner J. T. Williams, Pontllanfraith; (6) Mr. and Mrs. Williams and family, Pontllan- fraith; (7) Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Griffiths, solicitor; (8) Uncle Tom Rees and cousins; (9) Mr. Ed. Rich- ards, Gadlys; (10) Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Evans, draper; (11) spray from Miss Jones, Gadlys; (12) Ffrancon and Glyn Gruffvdd, Rhyl; (13) Mrs. H. Sweet, Sketty, Swansea; (14) Mr. and Mrs. Gardener, Ebbw Vale; (15) Few Friends from Bethel Church; (16) Misses Edwards, Harriet Street. Mr. Tyssul Davies was the under- taker.





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