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ABERDARE. IF YOTf "WANT good Garden Seeds, try Emrys Evans', Aberdare. He stocks first prize seeds only. Personal attention. JAY'S furniture is worth placinf l* your best rooms. WAR NOTE. — Private T. H. Wil- liams, R.A.M.C., of 10 Lambert Terrace, is home from Exeter on leave. TRINITY. The officiating minister at Trinity on Sunday was the Rev. T. Bowen, Cardiff, Secretary of the C.M. Sustentation Fund. PULPITS. At Bethania C.M. Church ■on Sunday the preacher was the Rev. H. T. Stephens, Carmel.—At Nazareth C.M. the Rev. W. D. Morris, Cwmaman, preached. ST. El, VAN'S. On Sunday morning Helmore's Te Deum and Woodward s Benedictus were sung. The liev. D. J. Wills and Rev. C. G. Wright officiated. At the evening service Barnby's Can- ticles were sung. The Vicar officiated and preached. CARMEL (B.). The preacher at -Carmel English Baptist Church on Sun- day was the Rev. J. Arthur Jones, Bangor. In the morning he took as his theme two texts apparently contra- dietory, viz., "That which is crooked cannot, he made straight (Eccles. 1. 15) and™ "The crooked shall be made htraight" (Isaiafc 40. 4). Mr. Jones re- marked that. these two texts represented two opposite views of life; namely, that of the pessimist and that of the optimist. We saw these different outlooks on life among the leaders of thought in our days. Compare the respective theories of Carlyle and Tennvson for instance. In present day literature what was termed realism tended to despondency. But real Christians could not be other than op- timists, believing that the crooked could be made straight. W by 1 am an optimist was the theme of Mr. Jones address. INTERMENT. — On Thursday last the funeral of Idris Dallimore (12), of 72 Monk Street, whose sad death we reported last week, took place amidst manifesta- tions of deep sorrow at Aberdare Ceme- tery, when the Rev. D. Silyn Evans. Siloa, officiated. The bearers were his schoolmates, viz.: Gwyn Davies, Idwa Davies. Jack Stevens, Evan Boon, Fretl Nieholls. Willie Nicholls, Jack Rosser and Sam Stokes. In the cortege were a large number of boys under the direction of 1fr." Richards, their teacher. The mourners were: Father; James Dalli- more, Clifforl1 and Harry, brothers; -lir. and Mrs. S. J: Davies, Mrs. A. M. lullard and Nellie Dallimore, sisters and brother-in-law- Mr. and Mrs. D. Evans Nlr. and Mrs. D. L. Eynon, Mr. Thorn is8' A? ■' v°W011' ^erndale; Mrs. T Evans, Grovesend, and lr, Davies Na-ntyinoel, aunts and uncles; Tom and Walter Bowen, Fern- fa le, W L. Evans and Fred Drain, cousins; 31rs. Preston, Mrs. Rees, Mrs. IJ 1 ,e, Mrs. lhomas, aud Mrs. Davies, enclawdd, aunts. A\ reaths were sent hy: (1) Sarah Jane and Jared; (2) Aunts and Uncles; (3) Cousin Mary Jane and Fred; (4) Cross from Mr. and Mrs. James Morgan. Sprays from: Aunt Harriet and cousins; Jackie Gower, Cousin Willie, Glyn and Morfydd John, Mr. and Mr*. Brown. The funeral ar- rangements were carried out by Messrs. John Howard Morgan and Co., 3et Clifton Street.






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