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Aberdare Sergeant Killed.

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Cwmaman Soldier Killed in…


Cwmaman Soldier Killed in Action. Thfln? is, :l pl>«)to of the late Pte. Butler, the 30 vear old p l° ;l"d Mrs .lohn Butler, If, "J,11 Kow, Cwmaman. He enlist- ?u ~IU' -n<1' li)14- iU1(i «"as «ttaehed to the 9th Welsh Kejrt. He had been th a^c,> f' months. He had been (j rough several engagements in Flan- rs> and had'heen wounded tliree times P to being mortally wounded on t|" ^h inst. he sustained wounds {.t -Battles of Loos and the Sunniic. Vn. Was' f'ivil life, employed in the Hainan Collieries. and wis a very font! Sl)<>rtsm:,n aIU' especially good <1 il^ei' 's l'omnuk's iUK' °ftk't'rs ]]is as the Uovvipg letter from his Commanding U ulcer shows: — 9th Welsh Regiment, B.K.F., France, 16th April, 1917. Gear Mrs. Butler,—It is with much that I have to inform you of the 7th °' your son from wounds on the inst. He was wounded on the night April 5th, having been hit in the lIolDach by a bit ot a shrapnel shell. rre was taken out of the trenches with least possible delay, but in spite of ery attention he died in the Field ^Qibulance, and was buried in the ^etnetery at Bailleul. Your son was of the best conducted and bravest soldiers in the company. He cont- ended the respect of the men and the a(imiration of his officers. 1 knew him Well, and he was the last man I should are to lose. Indeed, I feel a personal "?rrow in his loss. Please accept my _^Jcere sympathy in your bereavement. jT^our sincerely, T. Sugrue, 2nd Lieut., Company. je^PPended arc extracts from other Dear Mrs Butler.—I write with real ^topathv to tell vou of the death from rounds of vour son. Private Butler, m f !s >r»3rd C'C.S. He passed away peace- Iully on Saturday afternoon. I buried •f°Ur son this morning with a comrade ^0lo his own regiment, in the presence v c'np of his sergeants who was woundedpj j'"1 .Vour son. He is decently buried f„the English Cemeterv here.—Yours aithful]v, (Rev.) J. R. Beresford, C.T.F. North Midlands C.C.S. Sv^ear Madam—Accept my deepest v. apathy with you in your great sorrow. 5'Verything possible was done for your *°n' but all in vain, and he passed lH>.aeefu]|v in-av vesterdny afternoon. e was too ill to send any message by Inc", but T thought it might comfort you Vlltfle to know that we looked after for the last few hours.—A ours laithfully, Sister J. H. Gandtris.

Col. Powell in Command.

Former Aberamanite Killed.

Photos Found cn the Battlefield.

Aberdare Officer's Callantry.

A Llwydcoed Officer Wounded.

Stale v. Fresh. Is More Breadj…



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Stale v. Fresh. Is More Breadj…