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The War.

Fight with Turks.

Back to France.

Aberdare Sergeant Killed.

Aberdare Tribunal.


Aberdare Tribunal. On Friday. Present: Mr. Charles Kenshole (chairman), Mr. Joseph Mar- tin, Mrs. Davies, Messrs. E. J. Jones, D. Tyssul Davies, W. Lawrence, W. M. Llewelyn, Geo. Powell, T. Walter Williams, Evan Jones, E. Stonelake, with Major F. N. Gray, J.P., and | Sergt. Major Johns (military repre- sentatives). Dd. H. Da ties, 32, married, clerk in Poor Rate Office, was applied for by Mr. D. \V. Pfice (assistant overseer).— Postponed 3 months. Wm. Waters, 34, married, 32 Words- worth Street, Cwmaman, quarryman in employ of P.D. Co.—Postponed for 14 days, conditional upon his undertaking during that period employment as tim- ber feller. Roger Yaughan Evans, 24, married, chief clerk in electricity and tramwavs dept. Appealed for by Mr. A. J. Abra- ham, general manager.— Refused. S. J. Chew, 41, single, 37 and 38 High Street, Aberdare, shop assistant in employ of his mother, Airs. Jane (.'hew, confectioner. Had previously passed Cl, and on re-examination was put in Bl.—Refused. Isaac Simmons, 35, married, 2 St. Johns Place, Trecynon, coal merchant and li, itiliei-Tix-o months. E. E. Hek, 36, married, 6 children, 35 Cardiff Street, Aberdare, cabinet maker and house furnisher. Passed below Class A, and referred to work of national importance. James Roach, 40, married, 2 Harlech Place, Aberdare, life assurance super- intendent. Case heard at Liverpool fheadquarters of the company) and temporary exemption granted. Mili- tary representative appeal therefore withdrawn. John Harries, 37, married, 96 Cardiff Road, Aberaman, tram and bus driver in employ of Council.—Refused. Thomas Griffiths, 23, single, 5 Clive Street, Trecynon, hairdresser.—Appeal already refused hy County Tribunal. Mr. David Rees, builder, Trecynon, appealed for John Evans, 36, married, foiemail mason. Also personal appeal. --Postpolle(i 3 months. Geo. M. Williams, 29. single, of 28 Gladstone Street, Aberaman, assistant master at the Ainan Bovf' School.— Rejected by Medical Board. Wm. James Rees, 26, married, car- penter and joiner, son of Mr. David Rees. contractor, Trecynon. Passed C1. Now employed on national work- erection of a Factory in England for the Government. Exempted condi- tional upon his continuing at the same work. Evan W. Hughes, 22, single, Aber- nant Road. Aberdnre. asked for a short postponement.—Granted 14 days. The Star Tea Co. applied for A j f 1 Edwards, 29. married, manager of Aberaman Branch (Pegram's). Passed in.-—Application refused in view of the Government Order re men under 31.— The representative of the firm gave notice of appeal. Mr. Evan Walters, cattle dealer, 20 Abernant Road. Aberdare, applied for Charles E. Moore, 34, single, Slaughter- house Cottage, Aberdare, manager, slaughterman and deliverer of carcases of meat. Man in certified employ- ment.—Postponed 3 months. Robert J. Dickson, :31, married, Bron- deg Terrace, Aberdare. travelling credit draper.—Postponed 2 months. Mr. Joseph Parry, grocer and baker, Abevcwmboi, applied for David Hall, 40, married, 15 Mostyn Street, Abcr- ewmboi, foreman bread-baker.—Three months. Ernest J. Jenkins, 38, married, of 9 Seymour Street. Aberdare, manager of provision department, applied for by employer, Mr. Thomas Lloyd. This man had only passed CI. He had been in the Army and was discharged on medical grounds from an Army Can- teen.-—Postponed 3 luciiths. Mr. G. W. Fletcher, grocer, applied for David Richards, 27, married, of 33 Herbert Street, bread baker. Passed Cl.-Postpoiied 3 months. Mr. R. W. T. Phillips, jobbing builder, Dare Villas, Gadlys, applied for his only son left at home, Nathan- iel (). Phillips, age 18, employed in the business. Three brothers already joined, one killed and another won the D.C.M. There wv.s considerable dis- cussion over this case, inasmuch as this son was the only one left at home, and it was recognised that the family had rendered magnificent service. 'Some members contended that exemption should be granted and the onus of re- fusing thrown on the County Tribunal. On the other hand the Government Order was very definite that exemption was not justiiied in the case of men under 31. It would therefore be simply waste of time to reier the case to the County. Eventually the Tribunal di- vided and the application was refused by a majority. John Hopkins. 38, married, 4 Canon Street, Aberdare, ironmonger. Appeal on business and domestic grounds. Postponed 2 months. F. W. Caunt, baker and confectioner, Aberdare, 27, married, applied for ex- emption. He also applied for two em- ployees, Harry F. Evans, 36, married, bread baker, and Herbert J. Coleman, 31, married, bread baker. The appli- cation in respect of the last named was refused; 3 months postponement granted to Evans, and the case of Mr. Caunt was adjourned to enable him to go before the Medical Board.

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Cwmaman Soldier Killed in…

Col. Powell in Command.

Former Aberamanite Killed.

Photos Found cn the Battlefield.

Aberdare Officer's Callantry.

A Llwydcoed Officer Wounded.

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Stale v. Fresh. Is More Breadj…