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Cwmdnre Notes.



ABERCWMBOI'S PROTEST. AGAINST LOSING ITS ONLY MEDICO. On Monday night a crowded meeting was held at the Workmen's Hall, Aber- ewmboi. Mr. Samuel Davies was chair- man, and Mr. W. R. Griffiths, who had convened the meeting, was appointed secretary. He explained that on Friday last Dr. Horgan was called up to serve the colours. And inasmuch as J Abercwmboi was a village of nearly 5,000 population, it was considered that the residents ought to protest against their only resident doctor being taken awav. Abercwmboi was also without a chemist shop, and Dr. Horgan, who had a panel of over 1,100, had to do his own dispensing, apart from attending to the families of workers. Already over 400 from the village had joined the colours, and the doctor has to attend to their families. Surely a neighbourhood like this, in which all the men were work- ing as miners in the interests of the state, should not be deprived of its only medical man. Messrs. G. T. Hughes, Cwmaman, and A. Wheeler, Mountain Ash, of the British Workers' League, were present, and offered their services in endeavour- ing to secure total exemption for the doctor. The following resolution was moved by the Rev. J. B. Davies: "At a duly- convened meeting of the inhabitants of Abercwmboi held on Monday, April 23rd, it was unanimously agreed that we protest against the attempt to deprive the village of its medical practitioner, by calling him to join the Army, know- ing as we do that that would land us in a most serious predicament. We lodge our appeal on the following grounds: — (1^ Dr. Horgan is the only resident doctor in the place, and has on his panel over 1,100 members. (2) There is no chemist shop in the place, and he. tlwrpfore, has to do all the dispensing, j (3) Inasmuch as this place is a colliery 'district where serious accidents con- tinually occur, these patients would be seriously neglected. (4) Taking the doctor away may possibly cause in- dustrial trouble." This was seconded by Mr. Henry Williams, and supported by members of the audience. It was resolved that a copy of the resolution be sent to Mr. John Hodge, M.P.. Minister of Labour: Mr. C. B. Stanton, M.P-. and to the Central Medical War Committee. London. Also that a deputation, consisting of the Secretary. Mr. Meredith Evans, Mr. Wil- liam Evans and Mr. John Warren, should meet Major Gray at Aberdare to discuss the matter. A working C'om- mittee was also appointed, in addition fo the four already named above:- Vice-chairman, Rpv. M. Jenkins: treasurer, Mrs. Parker; Mr. Samuel T) a vi ps, fiss S. D. Davies, Councillor J. Evans, Messrs. Dan Isaac, D. Bowen, G. T. Hughes, and A. Wheeler.


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