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__1_--------MUSICAL HONOURS.







AbEHOARE. JAY'S easy payment system is easy for you. SEION (W.). On Sunday morning last Mr. Jobson Edwards, Abercynon, occupied the pulpit. In the evening the Rev. H. O. Hughes preached from Matthew 19. 27. PERSONAL. Mr. Austin H. Lewis, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis, 61 Bron- iestyn Terrace, has completed his B.A. degree. He has taken first-class honours in Economics, and is the top student in this subject in the Welsh University. ST. ELVAN'S. -On Sunday morning the Te Deum was sung to Helmore's setting and the Benedictus to Dykes in F. The Vicar preached. At the evening service the Canticles were sung to Tallis. The Rev. C. G. Wright officiated and preached. MUSICAL SUCCESS. At the recent examination of the London College <ji Music Miss Edna Caldwell, Mardy Lodge, passed the primary grade, gain- ing first class certificate, by obtaining 95 marks out of 100 maximum. The examiner was Mr. G. D. Rawle, Mus.Bac. (London). She shows great promise, and is a pupil of Miss Brittain, L.L.C.M. CLOTHING CLUB. On Thursday evening a supper and smoker were held at the Conway Hotel in connection with the Conway Clothing Club. A sumptu- ous spread had been prepared by Host and Hostess Jenkins. Harmony was contributed by Messrs. Eddie Vater, Sam Sweet, Tom Edmunds, David Howells, Tom Owen, and Alfred Davies. Mr. Abednego Lewis was the chairman. Mr. Evan Rees presided at the piano. TRINITY. The familiar command- ment in 1 Thes. 5. 17, "Pray without ceasing," was the text of a sermon preached at Trinity morning service last Sunday by the Rev. J. Griffith Jones, M.A., Barry. He explained that the spiritual injunction embodied in the text meant that one's whole life should be lived in a spirit of prayer. Prayer was the sincere desire of the heart, uttered or unexpressed. ENTERTAINING THE WOUNDED. —Mr. and Mrs. Jackson, Seaton Carew, entertained the wounded soldiers from the local Red Cross Hospital to tea on Tuesday at their gardens at Glanant Meadows. They were assisted by Mrs. T. E. Smith, of the Hospital Staff; Mrs. David, The Garth; Mrs. Harless, Ivanhoe, and Mrs. J. W. Hek. Deck chairs were lent for the comfort of the soldiers by several ladies from Abernant Road. After enjoying a real good tea the boys played cricket and other games until the Cynon Valley Band, under Mr. Jesse Manley, arrived and entertained them with a nice programme of music. The only regret of the Host and Hostess was that the bovs had to leave so early. ENGLISH WESLEYAN. — Special services were held at Green Street Weslevan Chapel on Sunday. In the morning a very stirring sermon was preached by the Rev. A. W. Wardle, Swansea. The afternoon service took the form of an open Brotherhood meet- ing, at which the Rev. Ernest Smith presided, and Mr. Wardle delivered an appropriate address. In the evening the Rev. A. W. Wardle preached from Luke 18. 18, on the words of the rich young ruler, "What shall I do to inherit eternal life," which, observed the preacher, if translated into the language of modern times, would read, "What shall I do to be a man?" The Master, said he, mentioned some of the elements that constituted true manhood. To be religious did not mean to subscribe to religious creeds. One might subscribe to every credal tenet and not possess a grain of religion or even humanity. We might keep all the ten command- ments. and be considered very decent, respectable people, and yet not be men or women in the true sense of the words. The rich young ruler possessed all the amiable virtues but not the heroic ones. Many a one had given his life and all that'was dear to him, in the present war, for an ideal, although he might not have been in private life what this Spung man was. The religion of Jesus Christ was heroism all round.^ There would be no more nambv-pambyism in religion-- was heroism all round. There would be v no more nambv-pambyism in religion-- no more glory songs. Henceforth it would not be "glory for me but self- sacrifice.—Mr. J. Ruston conducted the choir, and Mr. Lionel Langley was oi-g.,inist.-On Monday evening the Rev. A. W. Wardle delivered a most eloquent and instructive address on "Diamonds from the Depths." Mr. D. Hannah, J.P., Penarth, presided.






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