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Merthyr Board of Guardians. On Saturday, July 1st. Present: Mr John Prowle, in the chair; Mrs. Maria Richards, Mrs. Lydia Price, Mrs. H. E. Wills, Mrs. M. T. Williams, Mrs. M. A. Edmunds, Revs. LI. M. Williams, D. L. Jones, Messrs. T. D. Williams, Mor- gan Williams, John Davies, John Hughes" Rees Rees, Thos. Morgan, D. J. Phillips, Wm. Thomas, Evan Davies, Wa Lie:1 Lewis, W. LI. Jones, Stafiron Bolwell, John Davies, John Edwards, Charles Fenwick, John Lloyd, Patrick Mansfield, Henry Owen, A J. How Held, Wm. Jones, Samuel Morgan, J. God- frey, Joseph Price, Morgan Thomas, James Davies, with Mr. F. T. James (clerk) and Mr. D. G. Jones (assistant clerk). More Farm Land.—The Farms Com- mittee recommended that the Clerk make enquiries as to whether there was any additional land available in the neighbourhood of the Industrial Farm, Trecynon, which the Guardians could obtain on rent or lease. Rate.aided Institutions. —Members' special attention was called to the de- cision of the War Office, given in the course of a letter dealing with a specific local case. The latter stated De- pendents' allowance is not issuable to pei •sons in rate-aided institutions ex- eept in cases where the soldier made regular payments before enlistment for the dependent already in such an insti- tution." College bf Nursing.—Mr. J. ,Prowle and Mr. T. T. Jenkins were elected as representatives to attend any meetings or conferences which might be held in connection with the College of Nursing. A Bull.A discussion arose con- cerning the provision of boots to chil- dren who were settled in the Machyn- lleth Union.—Mr. John Davies spoke in favour of granting boots, and men- tioned that in his capacity as attend- ance officer he knew of children who were unable to attend school because they had no boots.—Mr. Staffron Bol- well supported, and said that it was their duty as Guardians to see that the children had proper education and that they had boots to get education in. (Laughter.)—Ultimately the Clerk sug- gested that he should communicate with the Machynlleth Union and ask for their instructions as to whether the Merthyr Board should pay 6-d. a week extra, or provide boots.—This course was adopt- ed. Va.ccination.A letter from Mr. John Davies, vaccination officer, Aberdare, in reply to complaints made by a visit- ing inspector, was referred to a com- mittee.—Guardian John Davies said he had had some insight into the work, and Mr. Davies had a good answer to the criticism.—In reply to the Clerk's letter the vaccination officer for Gelligaer stated it was not his practice to take proceedings against people who neglect- ed to have their children vaccinated.— Mr. Cledwyn Davies, vaccination officer for Merthyr and Cefn, wrote that he had not taken proceedings against any- one, neither had he had occasion to do so. Exemption certificates were so easily obtained that parents took ad- vantage of same. Certificates of ex- emptions were increasing.—The Rector asked for a return, showing the per- centage of vaccinations and exemptions. Trecynon Red Cross.—Mr. Rees Rees asked if there was any communication re the amended agreement with the Red Cross Society.—The Clerk replied that he had sent a draft to Mrs. Williams, one of the commandants of the Hospi- tal, but had not yet received an answer. —Mr. J. Prowle said that the Red Cross Committee had met the previous night, and had decided to send a reply to the Board. It was stated that the time was not opportune to enter into a new agreement, because of the uncer- tainty of the action of the War Office regarding the furnishing of the build- ing. Not from the Kaiser.—The Clerk re- ported the receipt of a letter from the Local Government Board pointing out that the money paid to British born wives and children of interned aliens came from the British Exchequer and not from Germany or Austria. (Laugh- ter.)—Rector: Probably that bit is for the information of those wives who might be going about saying that the money comes from the Kaiser. (Re- newed laughter.) The Auditor.—The Rector moved: That the Clerk be instructed to for- ward to the Local Government Board (with a view of having the same con- firmed) copies of all minutes of the Guardians authorising the payment of expenses of members delegated to at- tend central committee meetings, con- ferences, or visits to institutions where inmates from the Union are maintained, in order that unnecessary and vexatious interference by the auditor may be avoided." He added that there was an impression abroad that members were continually under the burden of a sur- charge. When 'a few members were surcharged for expenses incurred in at- tending conferences, committees, etc., the newspapers blazoned forth: Guardians again surcharged," and certain names were used. It was not only unkind but it was unjust that they should be singled out for attacks. There was a resolution on the books providing a scale of allowances for mem- hers when they went outside the Union to attend to some work. If that scale was too high or illegal, let the Local Government Board say so, in order to obviate the ridicule which was heaped on them.—Mr. Wm. Jones seconded.— Mr. Walter Lewis declared that public men would always have mud slung at them, and some of it was sure to stick. —The motion was carried. Salaries.Nli-. J. Prowle submitted the following motion That the Fin- rnr-o Committee deal with the question or temporary increases of wages and salaries, and submit a recommendation stoting the particulars of such to the Board."—Mr. Prowle remarked that they were the only Board who had not defilt with their staff consequent upon the new conditions imposed by the war. —The motion was seconded and agreed to.. Assessment.—Mr. W. R. Jones, ac- countant. Aberdare, wrote asking the Board to receive a deputation from ihe Licensed Victuallers, who were making a request for 25 per cent. reduction in j their assessments owing to the loss in business following upon the restricted hours.—It was agreed that the Assess- ment Committee would receive a depu- tation of three. The Clerk reported I that Mr. D. R. Llewelyn, Aberdare, had withdrawn his appeal for a reduc- tion in the assessment of Dullas Col- liery, Llwydcoed. An application was made in Quarter Sessions on behalf of the Board for the confirmation of the existing rateable value of 7d. per ton for large coal and 3d. for small. Costs had been incurred, and £ 120 would be paid to Mr. A. Fox Tallis, Newport; Mr A. T. Richards, Cardiff, and Messrs. W. Rhyde and Sons, London. The Chairman remarked that these costs would be recovered from Mr. Llewelyn. I

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