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The War.


The War. Pte. C. Thickens, Miskin, of 15th Welsh, who was killed in action. I Corporal W. Davies, 12 Victoria Street, Miskin. With the Salonican Army. Mr. Willie Mackintosh, secretary of the Highland Place Church Soldiers' Com- forts Fund, has received a very inter- esting letter from Private Evan Evans. son of Mrs. Evans, Catherine Street, Aberdare. Private Evans was at one time engaged at Messrs. Hodges and Sons, Aberdare. After acknowledg- ing the receipt of a parcel he goes on to say Socks are always very handy, because once the old ones become holy we throw them away. We are t&uglit a good many things in the Army, but darning socks is not one of them. Our Division was in France for 2 months and we spent the best part of that time in the trenches. Our Battalion was, however, very lucky, only lost three killed and three wounded. Then one day we were ordered to move, and after- three days in the train, passing through lovely scenery, we boarded a fine tran- sport to Salonica, pursued part of the way by a German 'submarine. I was disappointed with the town. The roads were bad, streets dirty and shops evil- smelling. and the people were the most cosmopolitan I ever saw. I was glad to leave the town, and we marched up the hills. It was a tiresome march, but the men were as happy as sandboys. Now we are making roads for transport an 1 digging trenches—hard work, but we are becoming experts with the pick and shovel. The food supply is very good. Things are quiet just now, but no doubt they will get warm later on."

Letters to the Editor.

,Aberdare Tribunal.

I Rev. D. E. Roberts Presented.II

Trinity, Aberdare. !


Soldier's Enquiry.

Clywedion Dyffryn Dar.


Rheumatism—Kidney Trouble


Madame Clara Butt at ! Mountain…

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-..::R---.---": "The Masqueraders"…

ICwmdare Notes.