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Mountain Ash Education ! Committee.


Mountain Ash Education Committee. On Tuesday, June 6th, Mr. Griffith Evans, J.P., in the chair. Members present: Mrs. W. G. Williams, Messrs. J. Powell, Wm. Davies, G. H. Hall, J.P., Chas. Maddox, James Evans, Noah Bowles, W. Millar, T. W. Jones, David Rogers, Bruce Jones, Dr. R. D. Morgan, J.P., with Mr. Alfred Morgan (Director) and Mr. D. H. Thomas (Director's assistant). War Savings.—Mr. Arthur Marshall, M.P., attended to explain the National War Savings Association movement. Hr said he was, anxious to convene a i.oniei once IcrriUy with the object of stimul it in (iiildrer. t,-) money and invest it in 15113 war certificates. The conference would be addressed by him- self or some other M.P. interested in the work, who would explain the whole financial needs of the Government this time, and suggestions woulu be made how the civilian population coald lend money to the Government at good interest. The Chairman of Council. Mr. G. H. Hall, had kindly prom-^ed to assist in calling a conference of "He Council representatives and other im- portant bodies.—The Chairman stated that lie was sure every member was "a sympathy with all that Mr. Marshall had said, and when the conference came to be held he hoped members xou d attend.—Mr. Marshall having retired, Mr. Hall suggested that a conference be convened shortly. Mr. Rogers moved that a conference be held, and that the arrangements be left in the hands of the Chairmen, of the Council and Education Committee and the Clerk and Director.—Mr. T. W. Jones seconded and the motion was carried. Whitsun Holidays. The Director said he was in receipt of a letter from the Board of Education with regard to the Whitsun Holidays. There was a quotation from the Prime Minister's speech urging the country to make the postponement of holidays as general as possible.—The Director proceeded to say: If I thought it would assist the country in any way Mr. D. Rogers interrupted and was going to submit a motion when the Director again attempted to speak and was pulled up by the chairman.—Mr. Bruce Jones: You wait, Mr. Director. (Laughter.)—Mr. Rogers: I move that only Whit-Monday be granted. We should not encourage the holiday at- mosphere at the present time. Mr. Bruce Jones agreed and remarked that the holidays could be suspended for a fortnight or so. I If the children were granted holidays next week that might induce the parents to go away for two or three days, which would interfere with the output of coal. Mr. W. Millar said it had been stated again and again that children needed holi- days. An extra holiday had been ar- ranged for November each year. He saw no need of disorganising the pres- ent arrangement and urged that holi- days be given as usual. Mr. Bruce Jones seconded Mr. Rogers' motion.— Mr. J. Powell proposed that holidays be held as usual, and Mr. W. Millar seconded.—The latter was carried by 11 to 2. Business V, Pleasure.—A lady teach- er asked for leave to attend a College Reunion at Bangor. Permission was opposed by several members on the ground that this was a pleasure visit, and a motion that the application be refused was carried by 7 to 6.—A mem- ber expressed the hope that they would be consistent/in future, when personal applications were made to school mana- gers.—Mr. J. Powell: Going to sit an examination is quite different to a pleasure visit. We can use our dis- cretion. Mountain Ash Fete.-The Mountain Ash Soldiers and Sailors Sewing Guild, per Mrs. E. Morgan, wrote that it was intended to hold a Carnival on June 29th or July 6th, and asked the Com- mittee to grant the Mountain Ash and Penrhiwceiber Schools a half-holiday on the date.—Mr. Bruce Jones asked why could not the Carnival be held in Whit- sun week.—Mr. W. Millar: It was im- possible to do so. Mr. Noah Bowles moved that the request be granted and this was carried.—There was another letter on the same subject from Mr. E. R. McGregor, asking the Committee to allow the children to perform -Empire and Shakespeare Day, and to purchase tickets for admission to Carnival.—Mr. G. H. Hall said this should be confined to Mountain Ash, because Penrhiw- ceiber had a Sewing Guild of its own.- Mr. Bruce Jones said it was a bad pre cedent to sell tickets in school. Mr. Millar: There will be no pressure at all. —After further discussion it was car- ried by a majority of one that per- mission be not given to Mr. McGregor's request. Medallion Day.—It was reported that the Shakespeare Medallion Day at Mountain Ash and district had realised £36 16s. 4d., and that this sum had been sent to the Lord Mayor. Red Cross.—The Committee agreed to an application to allow the boys in the handicraft centre to make splints for the Red Cross. Resignation.—The Director said that Miss K. Connolly, assistant mistress at the R.C. School, had sent in her resignation. He understood she had taken a post at Aberdare Catholic School. Sunday Schools.-The Nonconformist Sunday Schools of Abercynon, per Mr. T. Joy, asked the Committee to declare a holiday on Thursday, July 6th, the day of their annual Sunday School Treat.—There was a similar communi- cation from Mr. R. Woosnam, on be- half of the Ynysybwl Sunday Schools. —The requests were acceded to. Evening Classes. Miss Harland, Clarence Street School, was elected in the place of Miss Shipton on the Even- ing Classes Committee. The Army.—It was explained that it was now too late to appeal for the ex- emption of the school carpenter. It was further -reported that Mr. Virgil R. Davies, assistant architect, intended joining the colours. Tragic News.—At this stage of the proceedings Mr. W. Millar received news, and announced it to the meeting, that Lord Kitchener and his staff were drowned. The tragic news caused quite a sensation. The Beckerlegge Case. In the minutes was a reference to the deputation received a few weeks ago, asking the committee to reinstate Mr. J. J. Beckerlegge to his position of trained certificated assistant teacher. It appears that at the same meeting the Director also read a petition which had been received, signed by a large had been received, signed by a large number of the inhabitants of Mountain Ash, protesting against the employ- 1 ment in the schools of any male teacii- er, who, being a conscientious objector under the Military Service Act, 1916. had resisted the lawful Authority, and had been dealt with as a defaulter under the Act.—The Committee were informed that since the last meeting a ¡ letter had been received from the Board of Education stating that the Board proposed to take no action with regard to Mr. Beckerlegge's Certificate, and that the question of his employment was a matter for the Local Education Authority. At another meeting held on May 23rd it was proposed by Mr. Wm. Lam- burn, and seconded by Mr. William! Miliar That Mr. J. J. Beckerlegge be not reinstated as a trained certificated assistant teacher until he appears be- fore the Education Committee and satisfies them that he is competent and willing to teach patriotism in a thor- oughly satisfactory manner." As an amendment, it was proposed by Mr. George Henry Hall, seconded by the George Neighbour, "That Mr. J. Beckerlegge be reinstated as a trained certificated assistant teach- er.' "-There voted: For the proposi- tion: Mrs. W. G. Williams, Mrs. T. W. j Millar, John Powell, William Lamburn, James Evans, Thomas W. Jones, Wm' Millar, Bruce Jones, Rhys Dd. Mm- gall, Griffith Evans (10). For the amendment: William Davies, George H. Hall, Chas. Maddox, Noah liowles, George Neighbour, Dd. Rogers. Thos. Jones (7). The proposition was de- dared carried. On the agenda for this meeting (June 6th) was an item: "To consider letter from Mr. J. J. Beckerlegge." Mr. Bruce Jones moved that it be con- sidered in private, but his motion was not seconded. The letter was about to be read in the presence of the Press when Mr. Jones raised a point of order as to whether the motion passed three weeks ago did not cover discussions upon this matter at whatsoever dates. The resolution was as follows: "That this question be considered in private." The chairman ruled in favour of Mr. Jones. » I It was then moved that the other items on the agenda be dealt with I first, before the Press retired. Mr. Jones again opposed, but he was de- ieated. Application.-A letter from Mr. R. S. Hughes, who had joined the Colours under the Military Service Act, asked the committee to grant him half salary during his service in the Army. Pro- posed by Mr. Bruce Jones, seconded by Mr. Wm. Millar, and resolved that Mr R. S. Hughes be informed that the committee regret that their regulations preclude them from acceding to his re- 'I quest.—Carried.


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