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[Aberdare Tribunal.: I-:


Aberdare Tribunal. On Monday, May 15th, bet ore Mr. C'has. Kenshole (chairman). Mrs. Davies. Councillors T. W. Williams, W. ¡ y M. Llewelyn, E. Stonelake. W. Lawr- ence, Joseph Martin, Wm. Rees, E. Jones and George Powell, with W. R. Morgan (clerk) and A. Wat-kins (deputy clerk). Major F. N. Gray was the military representative, and Mr. John Howell and Mr John James, Aberaman, attend- ed to give advice in agricultural cases. j Trecynon hairdresser appealed on domestic and conscientious grounds.— Postponed one month to get ready. Carpenter's apprentice, employed by John Morgan and Son, Ltd. Applicant and employers made applications, and j lie was granted postponement till Aug, 15th. j Aberaman grocery haulier, appealing j on exceptional domestic grounds, tota: exemption. Grocer's assistant, Cwmbach Co-op. Society, sole support of widowed mother, postponed three months. AY. P. Powell &nd Co., Ltd., applied on behalf of three workmen, and post- ponement was granted for G months. Marine stores proprietor applied on behalf of his manager. Application re- fused. Aberdare electrician applied for an employee. Refused, application being made too late. This also applied to an Aberdare coal merchant's employee. Boot repairer in employ of Cwmbach Co-op. Society, postponed 5 months. Butcher and slaughterman, Hir- wain, postponed one month to get ready. Head warehouseman, Cwmbach Co- op. Society, postponed 2 months. Violinist employed at Aberdare Hip- podrome, appealing on domestic grounds, postponed 3 months. ¡I Aberdare printer, supporting widowed mother, postponed 6 months. Bread baker, employed by grocer, Abercwmboi, postponed 3 months. Carpenter and joiner, employed by Trecynon builder, postponed 2 months. Three house-coal hauliers, Abercwm- boi and Aberaman, postponed 2 months. Travelling draper and outfitter, Aber- dare, postponed 14 days. Kiln stoker employed by P.D. Co., applied on domestic grounds, post- poned 6 months. Manager of wholesale stationery de- partment. Application made by his employer. Postponed one month. I Departmental manager for R. H. Miles and Son, Aberdare, postponed 3 months. Architect and surveyor, application made by his father, postponed 6 months. Aberdare Central librarian,, postponed one month to enable arrangements to be made by the Council. Dental manager, Aberdare, postponed G months. Traveller to G. W. Fletcher, grocer, Aberdare, postponed 3 months. Bread- baker and other assistants also em- ployed by Mr. Fletcher, postponed 3 months. Aberdare undertaker, application refused. Foreman bread baker to Mr T. Lloyd, grocer, postponed 3 months. Foreman bread baker to Mr. D. Rees Jones, postponed 3 months.

The War.

Letters to the Editor.

Aberdare Minister and " Claptrap."

. Death of Mr. John Plews.

._---_._-_-.--SALEM, TRECYNON.I

----Rheumatism—Kidney Trouble

Cymanfa Ganu.