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Aberdare to Australia.

IThe War.



CODREAMAN. FORD CARS end Vans in Stock.— Parker Bros., Ford Experts. I HEBRON <C.M.). The annual preaching services of Hebron were held <.>n Saturday evening, Sunday, and Mon- day last. The epecial preachers were the Revfc. -Tohe Williams, Portmadoc, ind John Morgan, Llwynvpia. ind John Morgan, Llwynvpia. OBITUARY. Mr. George Davies. 34 Pleasant View, passed away on Friday last, air- r a protracted illness. Deceased, who was 45 years of age, was ihe treasurer of the Aberaman Lodge Federation, and a member of the Work- men's Hall Theatrical Committee. He had also served on the directorate of < Vmbach Co-op. Society and on the Institute Committee for years. He was .1. faithful member of Bethany Congre- gational Church. A widow and two daughters are left. The funeral, which was a representative one, took place on Tuesday at the Aberdare Cemetery. The Institute's huge choir, under the con- duetorship cf Mr. Rhys Leach, sang appropriate hymns en route. The Revs. H. P. Jenkins, Saron, and J. B. Davies. Abercwmboi. officiated. The principal mourners were: First coach, Widow; Mary Hannah and Beatrice Davies, daughters: Mr. and Mrs. David Adam*, brother-in-law and sister; Mrs. K'ichards, sister; 2nd coach, Mr. and Mrs. James Davies, brother and sister- in-law; Mrs. J. Evans, Abercwmboi, and Miss Davie*, Abercwmboi, nieces; Mrs. Benjamin Thomas, sister-in-law; coach, Mrs. James Rees, Ebbw Vale; MrH. Jonah Rees. Bargoed, and Mrs. David Rees, Aberaman, sisters-in-law; Mrs. J. Owen, Abercwmboi, and Mrs. Woosnam; 4th coach, Mrs. Frank Gay, Mrs. Albert Veal, Mrs. Bowen. and Mrs. Charles Davies, nieces, and Mro. Davies, sister-in-law; JflEh coach. Mrs. Isaac, Mrs. Edwards, Mrs. Craven, and Mrs. Lewis Gough; 6th coach, Mrs. John Davies. Mrs. Evan Williams, Mrs William Williams, and Mrs. Rawlings Gentlemen mourners: Messrs. Thomas Davies, brother: Jonah Rees, Bargoed: Ben Thomas, Abercwmboi, and David Rees, Aberaman, brothers-in-law; Wil- liam Rees, Charlie and Danny Davies. George Henry Davies, nephews. The bearers were: Messrs. Lewis Gougn, W. Seymour. J. Griffiths, and Ernest Powell, representatives of the Federa- tion; James Phillips and Tom Jones, representing Bethany Church. Floral tributes were received from: (1) Mr and Mrs. David Adams, sister and brother-in-law; (2) Bethanv Congrega- tional Church; (3) Aberaman Institute Cboir; (4) Committee, Aberaman Federa- tion; (5) Mr. and Mrs. William Henrv George, Cwmbach; (6) Miss Clare navies: (7) Aberaman Theatrical Com- mittee: (8) Neighbours.



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