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Mountain Ash Police Court.


Mountain Ash Police Court. Thursday, April 27. Before Col. Morgan (chairman), Aid. William Jones, Mr. Thomas Jones, Mr. Griffith Evans, and Mr. Geo. H. Hall. New J.P. Mr. Geo. H. Hall was sworn in as a Justice of the Peace by virtue of his office as Chairman of the District Council. Drunk and Disorderly. > Lewis Roberts, in Penrhlwceiber Road, Penrhiwceiber, 9s.; Llewelyn Griffiths, in Miskin, 13s.; John O'Connell, in Miskin, 13s. Geo. Tanswell, in Oxford Street, Moun- tain Ash; 13s. A Miskin Scrap. John Thomas and William Teague were summoned for obstructing Bailey Street, Miskin. Mrs. Teague appeared for her husband. P.C. Kingdon's evidence was that on Saturday, April 22, both defend- ants were fighting and a large crowd had gathered. He separated them. They didn't take their coats off-. Fined 15s. each. Too Much Trouble. Thomas Lewis, Bryngolwg Farm, Darran Las, was summoned for keep- ing five dogs without licences. P.S. Hill stated that defendant's dogs were entitled to exemption, but he had not applied for exemp- tion. Defendant told the officer that he had applied to the Post Office for forms, but was told that they had none. Witness spoke to Mrs. Owen, postmistress, who told him that they had never been without forms. All the staff were questioned, and none of them had had any application from defendant. Mr. Elias It was too much trouble for him to apply. Fined 20s. A Night Assault. David John Jenkins. 8 Bronallt Terrace, Abercwmboi, was summon- ed for assaulting Tudor Knowles, hairdresser, of Abercwmboi, and liv- ing at 16 Rock Street, Mountain Ash. Mr. T. W. Griffiths, Aberdare, pro- secuted, and Mr. T. Marchant Harris defended. Prosecutor stated that on Satur- day, April 15th, he closed his shop at 11, and he and his sister walked towards Mountain Ash. When they got near to the keeper's lodge they met defendant and another man. De fendant came up to him and said: Tudor, you tell Fred Clarke to meet me on the b- mountain and I'll have a smack at him." Witness re- plied that Fred Clarke had nothing to do with him. Defendant there- upon rushed at him and struck him several blows in the face. Witness only put his hands to his face to pro tect himself; he did not strike back. Defendant then pulled his false teeth out and challenged him to come on the road to fight, but he refused. Witness and his sister walked on into the Mount and reported the matter to Police Inspector Davies. Pearl Knowles, sister to prosecu- tor, corroborated her brother's evi- dence. Defendant (in the witness box) dence. Defendant (in the witness box) swore that he had been badly treated by prosecutor and his wtIole family. I On the night in question he was go ing home with a man named Rupert Crook. It was Knowles who struck the first blow, and he simply took his own part. Rupert Crook corroborated de- fendant's evidence. The Bench, despite the conflict of evidence, believed the prosecutor's story and fined defendant 20s. or 11 days imprisonment. A Birmingham Pickpocket. Frederick Cale, bookmaker, 24 Lower Essex Street, Birmingham, was charged with stealing three 21 treasury notes from the person of John Rowlands, 24 Ivor Street. Tre- hafod. Mr. Harold Lloyd, Cardiff, de fended. Rowlands' case was that he came to Mountain Ash on Easter Monday with a friend. When they got out cf the car he felt something at his pocket. He put his hand there and found that his pocket book had gone, containing the notes. He turned to I his pal and said, Bob, this b- has got my pocket-book," and he then caught hold of prisoner, who said It wasn't me, search me." Pris- oner then bolted, but was eventually j captured. He gave witness three « notes back, but he couldn't say I whether they were the notes that were in the pocket-book. Prisoner also offered to give him £ l to buy another pocket-book, if he wouldn't give him in charge. He refused that. Robert Hy. Evans, Cilfynydd, cor- roborated. h. Samuel Archibald Biddle, Mer- thyr, stated that he was on a visit to his parents at 1 Aberdare Road, Mountain Ash. Prisoner on Monday morning came rushing into the shop, jumped over the counter and asked ror water, and then for a cap, and was refused. He then bolted through the back. Witness was on his heels. He clambered over the T.V.R. rails, but Rowlands caught him. P.O. Jones stated that he was called to the Taff Station, and Row- lands gave prisoner into custody. When he had cautioned the man he charged Alin with stealing the notes. Prisoner cried bitterly and asked for pity for his wife and four children. Prisoner's evidence was that he j came to visit the Aberdare Races. :'w He was perfectly innocent of taking j the notes he didn't want them. He had 231 on him. He ran away be- < cause the crowd became hostile. He hoped the Bench would take pity on him. I The police said that prisoner's re- cord was a bad one, but he had kept straight for 12 years. Fined £10 or one month. i

"Go," not "Come." !

I.L.P. Meeting at Aberaman.

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Induction Service.I

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Tabernacle, Aberdare.

IMountain Ash Easter Vestry.


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