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Mountain Ash District Council.


Mountain Ash District Council. Annual Meeting. On Tuesday, April 18th. Present: Messrs. Thomas Jones, J.P., Bruce Jones, D. Rogers, T. W. Jones, W. Millar, Griffith Evans, J.P., George Neighbour, James Evans, W. Lam- burn, Wm. Davies, J. Powell, with A. Pincombe (clerk), F, Stock (ac- countant), W. G. Thomas (surveyor) and H. T. Jones (sanitary inspector). Appointment of Chairman. Mr. Bruce Jones was appointed chairman pro. tem. Mr. Griffith Evans proposed, and Mr. T. W. Jones seconded, that Mr. G. H. Hall, the vice-chairman, be appointed chairman for the ensuing year. Mr. Hall thereupon took the chair, and after thanking the members, said he realised the responsibility of the position, and he looked to his col- leagues and the officials for their kind support and co-operation. He would endeavour to be as impartial as possible and to uphold the dignity of the chair. (Hear, hear.) He was sorry that some members, viz., Coun- cillor E. Morris and Councillor Chas. Maddocks, were unable to be pres- ent owing to illness. He was sure they all hoped that the two members would recover sufficiently to resume their public duties soon. Two other members were absent, viz., Major F. N. Gray and Major G. A. Evans, who were still on military duty. The Council might send to them and offi- cials and workmen their good wishes and he hoped that long before his term of office would expire, peace would reign once more. The work of the Council had been interfered with considerably because of the war. Though they had not made much progress a few things had been accomplished. He was not gOlDg"tO follow the example of his predecessor and also the previous chairman in prophesying that we would have water down from Penderyn during his tenure of office. If he did so per- haps their friends the Press would write sweet rhymes on the matter. (Laughter.) Continuing, the speaker moved a vote of thanks to the retiring chair- man for his services during the past year. Mr. Lamburn possessed all the qualities necessary to the mak- ing of a good chairman. He had tact, courtesy and good temper. Mi- Hall coupled Mrs. Laraburn's name with the name of her husband, and added that Mrs. Lamburn and the Ladies Committee had helped her husband in connection with War Funds. It appeared that during Mr. Lamburn's year of office a sum of £679 lis. had been collected. (Ap- plause.) Mr. Thomas Jones seconded, and humorously remarked that he and those who sat beside him were in- clined to look on the other side as the opposition. (Laughter.) In that case they had the retiring chairman and the incoming chairman from the opposition. Mr. Lamburn had car- ried out his duties with great gen- iality, and with that skill which was essential to the proper discharge of the duties of a chairman. Mr. D. Rogers supported, adding that Mr. Lamburn had carried out the duties with complete satisfaction. Mr. Thomas Jones had referred to the members on the other side of the table as the opposition. Well, he '1 (Mr. Rogers) looked across the table for co-operation. j Mr. Bruce Jones: When it suits you. (Laughter.) The motion was further supported by several members, and carried with acclamation. Mr. Lamburn responded, and thanked the members and officials for their help during his year of office. One thing accomplished dur- ing the war was Abercynon Electric Lighting. The Council had had numerous complaints from Aber- cynon from time to time, but a good deal had been done for that place during his year of office. A very ruce Park had been opened at Abercynon and he was glad, when passing that way occasionally, to see the chil* dren making good use of it. The Council had also completed addition- a] water supply tanks for Abercynon. Mr. Bruce Jones: We had been neglected for many years. (Laug"h- j ter.) Continuing, Mr. Lamburn remark- ed that the Council had tried to get water through from the new Pen- deryn Waterworks, but up to now their hopes had not been realised, j When the water would come he j hoped they would celebrate the event, and that someone would be present to WTlte an ode in praise of the Council. j Mr. Thomas Jones: And of the j water. (Laughter.) A vote of thanks was accorded the j I' various Ladies' Committees for their j work during the year. j Vice-Chairman. Major G. A. Evans, t he next j member in point of seniority, was elected vice-chairman, on the motion of Mr. T. W. Jones, seconded by Mr W. Millar. j Mr. Rogers moved, in view of the | temporary absence of Major Evans, that Mr. Noah Bowles be appointed t deputy vice-chairman. Mr. Griffith Evans seconded, and the proposal was adopted. j j, Mr. Bowles thanked the Council for the unique honour conferred on him. Victoria Park. A committee whfch had been ap- pointed to visit Victoria Park, Mountain Ash, reported that Cad- j waladr Street residents had lodged complaints regarding a fence erect- ed on one of the Park boundaries. The residents wanted the fence re- moved so that they might have easy access. into the Park to fetch the children.—Resolved to erect a gate I at that spot. ) No Ulterior Motive. J Mr. P. Reardon, employed by the Council, and secretary of the Munici- '1 pal Employees' Association, wrote referring to a previous letter of his in which he said that the Council) were supplanting him. He now explained that he had no ulterior motive in using that word, and noth- ing was further from his mind than j to think he was being victimised. He had tried to join the Army at the commencement of the War, but failed. The teeth regulation iiavirig now been removed he was able to join. j The explanation was accepted, Mr Lamburn remarking that he was glad Mr. Reardon had sent in this letter. The Hospital. j A claim from a young women who had been employed at the Isolation Hospital, f6r a month's wages in lieu of notice, was referred to the* Hos- pital Committee. Must be Repaired. Mr. W. Probert, Mountain Ash. who had been asked to carry out cer- tain repairs to houses 52a-5Sa Car- j diff Road, Mountain Ash, wrote that j he had carried out all the work ex- cepting concreting the floors, and he j asked permission to hold this work over for a time. The Sanitary Inspector said that a Closing Order had been s rved in respect of those properties five or six months ago, and notice to quit had been served on the tenants. All cellar dwellings must have proper > concrete floors. J Mr. Lamburn wanted" to know whether there were other properties in the town similar to the houses under discussion. Chairman That has been a; rearly considered. Mr. Bruce Jones moved tluv, they reply to the effect that the Council could not accede to his wishes. Rev. Geo. Neighbour seconded. and the motion was carried. Ynysybwl Allotments. It was stated that Col. Jones, land agent, would be prepared to mept the Council to discuss the question of allotments on the Robertstown Es tate. Mr. James Evans remarked that the people who wanted allotments had decided on another spot. The matter was referred to the Ynysybwl members. Allotment or Quarry? The agent of land adjoining Gil- fachrhyd Tanks, Abercynon, wrote asking the Council whether they were anxious to buy land outright tor purposes of allotment ? Mr. Bruce Jones: Is that for gar- dens or quarries? Resolved to reply that the land in question was not required. The Fly Peril. I It was resolved to place posters, advertising the fly peril, in schools and other public places. Mr. T. W. Jones remarked that in Abercynon two or three heaps of ashes Twere allowed to gather at the back of New Street. The tenants close by were pestered with flies. Medical Officer's Report.-Epidemic of Measles at Ynysybwl. Scarlet fever, 6; enteric, 1; diph- theria, 2; erysipelas, 1; measles, 118 116 cases being at Ynysybwl. Mr. Bruce Jones asked if it was abating. Dr. Arthur T. Jones No, it is in- creasing. The "schools are closed. Mr. Bruce Jones asked whether it was advisable to stop the higher standard scholars from Ynysybwl at- tending school at Abercynon. Dr. Jones There is no danger of the disease spreading among elder scholars. Land Idle. Mr. W. Davies suggested that some profitable use be made of the 2 acres of land adjoining the Isolation Hos- 'tal. 1 1 pi -Referred to Miskin and Dar- renlas members. New Appointment. Dr. A. T. Jones remarked that there were between 1,300 and 1,400 births in the Council area every year, and one lady health visitor was in- sufficient for the whole district. Resolved to appoint a second. Conscription and Registration. The Clerk said he was in receipt of a circular from the L.G.B. with regard to the appointment of author- ised persons to visit houses to in- spect registration cards. Mr. Bruce Jones: That is rather a big order. The Clerk said it was not intended to visit every house, but to make sur- prise visits here and there. He sug- gested that he be given power to ap- point suitable persons to do the work. Mr. Bruce Jones moved that that course be adopted.—Carried. Broken Lamps. I The police reported that public lamps had been broken in Ynysybwl. Resolved to prosecute A further resolution was passed that proceed- ings be instituted in all cases in future if the Clerk was satisfied with the evidence to be tendered. The Storm. I j The chairman observed that houses 'I in Morris Avenue, Penrhiwceiber, had tiles off ever since the recent storm. Rain went through into I many bedrooms, and he suggested j shat the Sanitary Inspector write to I "he Building Company, who were the jh. owners of the houses j New Rate. The new district rate is 2s. in the S. the samp as for the last 6 months, j

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