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-----Aberdare Police Court.


Aberdare Police Court. Wednesday, April 12.—Before Messrs. R. A. Griffith (Stipendiary), J. H. Powell and Owen Powell. Midnight Dance at Hirwain. The licensee of the Assembly Rooms, Hirwain, applied for an extension of time for Easter Monday (April 24th). The licence held by applicant stated that the hall must be closed at 10 p.m. It was intended to hold a dance on April 24th, and the application was to remain open till 1 o'clock midnight. The application was granted. Cood Friday Performances. Applications were made in respect of the music licences of local places of amusement. It was necessary to ob- tain the magistrates' consent to open on Good Friday. The Bench granted the applications. Drunks. Wm. Saunders, in Victoria Square, 13s. David John Holmes, in Glan Road, Gadlys, 13s. The War and Ejectment Orders. An application was made for an eject- ment order against a tenant in St. John's Place, Trecynon. The notices served on the tenant were not in order and the application was refused. Stipendiary (to the owner of the house) By the way, why do you want to turn the tenant out? Is she in ar- rears ? Witness: Yes, 12s. arrears. Stipendiary: Oh, that is very small. Witness: It is a small house, and the family is a large one, and a nuisance to the neighbours. Stipendiary: That is no excuse for putting a man out. Witness: They are too many in the house. Stipendiary That won't do. Turned in for a Drink. Edgar Prothero, Harry Hurt and Wm. Barry, Aberdare, were summoned for leaving their horses and carts un- attended in Cardiff Road, Aberaman. P.C. Morgan said that at 2.1"> p.m. on March 29th he saw three horses at- tached to carts standing outside the Castle Hotel, Aberaman. Witness waited outside for 1D minutes, and eventually went inside. He there saw the defendants and asked them why they left their horses unattended. Prothero said "1 only went in for a drink." Barry said: "1 am very sorry," and Hurt said: "It is all right. You know me." Barry said he simply went in to exe- cute an order, and the day was so ex- ceptionally dusty that he was nearly suffocated and took a drink. (La-Ligli-, ter.) Clerk: Why not leave someone n charge of a horse? Barry: The door was open and i had an eye on the horse. Defendants were fined 9s. each. Unattended. John Reynolds, Aberdare, was order- ed to pay 12s. for leaving horse and cart unattended in Cardiff Road, Aber- aman.—P.C. Rowlands proved the case. indecent Language. For using indecent language in Lewis Street, Aberaman, Wm. James Owen r I was ordered to pay 9s. P.C. Morgan spoke to defendant, who replied, Very sorry, it slipped out." Defendant's father appeared and said that he never heard his son using bad language at any time. Unlicensed Dogs. < Edgar Payne, Aberdnre, 7s. 6d.; Polly John, Cwmbach, 2s. 6d.; Caroline Leslie, Cwmbach, 2s. 6d.; and Mabel Jones, Cwmbach, 2s. 6d. Working an Unfit Horse. Alfred Gardener was brought up for cruelly illtreating a horse by working it in an unfit state. P.C. Banks deposed that on March 27th defendant was in charge of a hor^e, attached to a coal cart in Gadlys Road. Witness noticed that the horse was m pain, and asked defendant to stop, h'e refused at first, but witness stopped hua and proceeded to examine the norse. There was a bad wound under the collar and another on the shoulder. De- fendant told witness that Mr. Davies. Trecynon, the owner of the horse, had not seen the horse for a fortnight. Stipendiary: Why is the owner of the horse not summoned? Super. Rees: That was the reason, sir-the owner had not seen the horse for some time. The Bench imposed a fine of 40s. Arrears.—The Board of Guardians I sued John Williams, New Street, Godre- araan, for £ 1 6s. arrears. Mr. LI. Richards, warrant officer, said that this case was adjourned a few weeks ago, since which time the man had paid £ 1. Witness now asked for an order to pay the balance of 6s.—The Bench made n order forthwith. Buffs in Court. Echo of an Aberaman concert. Wm. P. Todd and Thomas Todd (brothers) and Wm. Price, all of Tre- cynon, were summoned at the instanco of the Aberdare District Council, for using offensive language in a tramcar. —Mr. W. R. Morgan prosecuted for the Council, and Mr T. Marchant Harris defended. Mrs. A. Harris, tratoi conductor, said that on April 6th the tram left Aber- aman terminus at 10.10 p.m. Nine young men boarded the tram at Aber- aman, and booked for Trecynon. When near the Plough they started singing and shouting. She asked them to be quiet, but they persisted in keeping a row, and also 4ped had language. A lady got out at the County School halt because of the conduct of defendants and their friends. Cross-examined by Mr. Harris: One of the men sang and another recited. Some of the defendants swore in Welsh. Mr. Harris: Do you understand Welsh?—Just a little. Mr. Harris: What is (I hen" in Eng- lish?—Old. Mr. Harris: And what is hell in Welsh ? Mrs. Harris: Must I say that?—Yes. Mrs. Harris: Uffern. (Laughter.) Stipendiary: Her Welsh is perfect. (Renewed laughter.) The next witness was Daniel P. Gos- ney, car conductor, who said he boarded the car opposite the Queen's Hotel. Mrs. Harris told him of the conduct of defendants, and he spoke to them. They used bad language to- wards him. At the Cross Inn Halt he asked their names, and Price refused it, but gave it later. Geo. Parker, driver of the tram in question, deposed to warning the de- fendants. He heard the defendants making an unusual noise all the way.








-----Aberdare Police Court.