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-------___-----The War.

Calfaria, Aberdare. !


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Local Weddings.

Bute Cottages Sale Void.

IAberdare County Court.

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IWeek's Mission at Aberdare.


I Week's Mission at Aberdare. Striking Sermons by Rev. H. Elvet I Lewis. The week's mission, conducted by I Rev. Elvet Lewis, M.A., London, at. Tabernacle, Aberdare, was continued on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. On Thursday afternoon he delivered a Welsh sermon to a crowded con- gregation. I There was again a very large gathering on Thursday evening. Miss Alice 8. Williams' Girls' Choir sang yery nicely Prayer for Peace. The ;Jev. luvet Lewis' text was Look- '■Ig v. Jesus." Heb. 1-2. 2. This meant, he said, not a casual look, but a steadfast look unto Jesus. In the previous chapter, the writer of the book (wP could not say whether it was written by a man or woman) re- called the great men of the Old Tes- tament—Moses and theprophet;, but vViien nit; or hail Come to ilic glory of Jesus, he stood and called upon his countrymen to look unto Jesus. In the grand procession from Abel to Christ, everyone of them passed from our view except Jesus. He stayed with us. What about the great ones of the earth dur- ing the Christian era ? If the writer of Hebrews had lived now, would he find someone to overshadow and supersede the loving Jesus ? Possi- bly the writer would think of that fragile but brave-hearted man. the Apostle Paul; then Augustine, who saved the Christian Church when the Roman Empire was falling to pieces. Francis of Assisi. JSavonarola, Martin Luther, John Wesley. David Living- stone and General Wra. Booth. What would the writer have said of these? True they were great men, but they all belonged to Jesus. In the midst of clash and tumult, of in- tellectual conflicts :p¿ doubts, we must come to see more than ever that the one hope of the world was Jesus. Did anyone think that if a man was a scholar there was no need to save him ? That if he knew the classics there was no need to pray for him ? The greatest scholar that Wales had known for the last 50 years-Sir Edward Anwyl—was one of the humblest Christians and the truest he had ever seen. "Let me appeal," continued the preacher. to some of you who have been to college or the university. When you fed tempted to think that only people who do not know things, are Christ- ians, think of Sir Edward Anwyl. Henry Drummoiiu was another great scholar. Adored by the stud- ents Drummond was not ashamed to stand on the same platform as D. L. Moody and join in singing "Rescue the Perishing." During the week solos were ren- dered by Miss May Hopkins, Mr. W. J. Harris, Miss Rita Jeffreys and Master Glyn Saunders, and a I duet by Miss and Mr. Morgan. The following assisted in the de votions during the week Revs. Goo. Windram, J. Robertson. M.A.. D. Silyn Evans, II. Barraclough, J. L. j Jenkins, and T. Madoc Jeffreys, the pastor of the church. The meetings have been eminently successful a well attended. Mr. E- Moses was at. have been eminently successful a well attended. Mr. E. Moses was at. the organ.

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