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Aberdare District Council.

Consent of the Treasury.

No Seconder.

Workmen and Officials. — Councillor…

Fire Brigade Committee and…


Tramway Extensions and the…

Road Improvements.

Buying Horses.

Electric Light Works.

Postal Half-Holiday.

Cheap and Nasty Advertissment.


Cheap and Nasty Advertissment. Echo of the No Quorum Meeting. Mr T. W. Griffiths referred to the previous meeting of the Council, when they failed to get a quorum, and the meeting was abandoned. He was afraid there was a misunderstanding about the time the meeting was held. He had taken the time to be 5.30, and he arrived at 5.2(5. When he entered the room he found to his dismay that the meeting was convened for 5 o'clock, and that they had not been able to proceed, and through the members who had arrived before him and the Press he had ob- tained a cheap and nasty advertisement. (Laughter.) It was rather awkward to hold some meetings at 5.30 and others :'tt 5, and members were apt to confuse the time. Chairman: We have a resolution on the book that the Council meetings be held at 5. W e used to hold the meet- ings at 11 a.m., then at 3 p.m., then at 4, and now for some time it has been 5 o'clock, to suit the convenience of cer- tain members. It is very hard to meet the convenience of everybody. Mr W. Haggar: I was one of those who obtained what my hon. friend calls a cheap and nasty advertisement." (Laughter.) However, I am used to that kind of thing. As Shakespeare said: "It toucheth me not." With regard to the meeting last Monday, 1 am very sorry for u'hat happened, and it was the first meeting I missed since the electors did me the honour of mak- ing me a member of this Council. How- ever, it was due to a misunderstanding. On that day I was conferring with my worthy friend, legal adviser, etc., etc. (Mr T. W. Griffiths), and he says to me: "Going to the meeting to-night?" r^says 1. Half-past five," says he. Right you are," says I. (Loud, laughter.) And that was how it hap- pened, gentlemen, and I hope I stand before you faultless. (Laughter.) I feel inclined to support Mr Griffiths in advocating that all meetings be held at a fixed time. There is nothing like it, and there would then be no misunder- standing. The Chairman said it would be neces- sary to give a notice of motion to change the time. No further action was taken.

Aberdare County Court.

Administration Order Refused.

Paid Out.


Soldier's Compensation Claim.

iHis Wife's Debts.

Sued for Prize Money. TL

Compensation Cases


---.-----------Abercynon Police…


Sacred Recital at Aberdare.,

[No title]

--Mountain Ash Youth in Trouble…


Glyn Neath Flower ShoW.