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Aberdare District Council.

Consent of the Treasury.

No Seconder.

Workmen and Officials. — Councillor…

Fire Brigade Committee and…


Tramway Extensions and the…


Tramway Extensions and the Cash. ( Mr T. Walter Williams suggested that the Clerk be instructed to apply to the Treasury for permission to bor- row money for the promotion of the Parliamentary Bill. The Council re- quired the consent of the Treasury for that purpose. Unless they obtained such consent the cost of promotion might have to come out of the rates. The last Tramway Bill cost t,5,000, and this one might run to t4,000, Clerk I raised that very point with my Parliamentary agents, and they strongly advised me to do nothing of the sort. There won't be the slightest I difficulty in getting the money. That I point has already been settled by the two Houses. Mr T. Walter Williams: What ob- jection can there be? The ratepayers will be highly indignant if we make an extra 8d. rate. And it will be too late if the Treasury raises the point. Clerk: An officer has said that everv- thing will be all right. Mr T. W. Williams: Is he one of the Lords of the Treasury? The Clerk would not say who he was. The Chairman said they could not do better than leave the matter in the hands of their Clerk. The Clerk repeated that the Parlia- mentary agents were quite satisfied there would be no difficulty. It would be foolish for the Council to begin rais- ing difficulties. Mr D. R. Llewelyn It would be better for the Council to raise difficulties now than for the Treasury to raise them later on. Chairman I think we better go on. If we write to the Treasury we may not get a reply for a month/and the Bill comes on next month. Mr D. R. Llewelyn What is the posi- tion now ? Clerk The Bill has passed the first reading.

Road Improvements.

Buying Horses.

Electric Light Works.

Postal Half-Holiday.

Cheap and Nasty Advertissment.

Aberdare County Court.

Administration Order Refused.

Paid Out.


Soldier's Compensation Claim.

iHis Wife's Debts.

Sued for Prize Money. TL

Compensation Cases


---.-----------Abercynon Police…


Sacred Recital at Aberdare.,

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--Mountain Ash Youth in Trouble…


Glyn Neath Flower ShoW.