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Aberdare District Council.

Consent of the Treasury.

No Seconder.

Workmen and Officials. — Councillor…

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Postponed. Fate of Bowling Greens and Tennis Courts. In the report of the Parks and Ceme- teries Committee it was stated that the Surveyor produced sketch plans for the proposed Bowling Greens, Tennis Courts and Pavilion. The Clerk now stated that he wanted a resolution authorising him to apply to the Local Government Board for sanction to borrow monev to construct the Bowling Green, etc. Mr D. E. Davies moved a resolution to that effect, and Mr. IIItyd Hopkins seconded. Mr T. Walter Williams: I move that the matter he postponed for the present. 1 was going to include the proposed re- creation grounds, of Abercwmboi and Cwmbach as well, but we are dealing now with the Bowling Green. I do not question the necessity of doing this particular work, and I thoroughly ap- prove of the project, hut owing to the grave condition of the country at the present time it is inexpedient to pro- ceed with it. Personally I have con- siderable doubt whether the Treasury will grant us power to raise the loan at the present moment. Of course if we fail to get the loan this resolution will mean that we shall construct the Bowl- ing Green, etc., out of the current rate, and the ratepayers will not approve of that. Clerk The resolution does not convey that. Mr T. W. Williams: I take it we shall go on with the scheme whether we get the loan or not. Mr E. Ogwen Williams seconded the motion to postpone. He added that he had previously expressed his views on this matter. If they failed to get the loan it was probable the members would try to go on with the scheme and pay for it out of current account. That was what had happened the other day, when they failed to get a loan. Mr. E. Stonelake: Hear, hear. It was the smartest thing we ever did. Mr. Ogwen Williams I wish to ask the Clerk whether he has had a letter from the Treasury regarding loans. Clerk No. The Sheffield Corporation are now applying for £10,000 for the opening of a Municipal Golf Course. Mr Illtyd Hopkins pointed out that all the Council were now doing was to ask the L.G.B. for sanction to borrow. Messrs. T. W. and Ogwen Williams were assuming too much in saying that the scheme was to be carried out whether they succeeded in borrowing or not. He thought it was a very clever attempt to defeat the motion. He did not think the Council would go on with the Bowling Green and Tennis Courts if they failed to borrow the money, but it would be early enough to speak of that if and when they obtained a blank refusal from the L.G.B. Mr David Davies: That is my opin- ion, too, We are simply applvmg for the loan; that is all the resolution im- plies. Mr. Stonelake questioned whether Mr. T. Walter Williams' amendment was in order, but the Chairman ruled it in order, and the Council divided. For postponing: 10 voted; for apply- ing immediately, 8. Mr D. Davies That will be for an indefinite period, now? Clerk Any member can bring the matter up after three months' time.

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Postal Half-Holiday.

Cheap and Nasty Advertissment.

Aberdare County Court.

Administration Order Refused.

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Soldier's Compensation Claim.

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Sacred Recital at Aberdare.,

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Glyn Neath Flower ShoW.