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Visit of the Crand Lodge of…


Visit of the Crand Lodge of Wales. The present week is an auspicious one fo, th ann'l S °f G?od TWlary locally, Joi the 41st annual session of the Eng- lIsh Grand Lodge of Wales is held, in the town. The proceedings were opened on Saturday night when a meetino- was held at Carmel Hall. The rp Dart-611'andm<R1G' Tpresided in the first pait, and Bro. Len Cook n p T ta th»Re<;«Ption Committee; m the latter part. The I {. >v T SouSsS th^ ^0d Temijla;>- ofc Welsh neonlSrr?y ln VVales- The and ritS? 5aino likinS for formula •f it ntto there was a great deal wa~ c* „ to this movement. This that wa,nge'>> 'n of the fact cim !aiuS adhered to Roman Catholi- afw w -S a i- 1,ts array ritual, leng „ i „ s English neighbours had seced- c+.. i i WiaST to say that they had Tu a lodge at Cwmdare. The chief speaker of the evening was Mrs. Jennie Walker, the famous Tem- perance orator and traveller, who has just returned from a tour in Canada, where she has been engaged in organ- ising work, in which capacity she is an adept. Sister Walker held that J^ood Templary was the bulwark of lemperance. The hindrance to pro- j gress was not the ritual of the move- ment or any method of working, but the deadly apathy which universally existed. Canada was now making gieat strides in temperance legislation. Local veto, which was a sound Good lempJar teaching, was receiving gener- at recognition. Unselfish labour was the embodiment of the ideal of Good lemplary. Dwelling on. Gospel effort Mrs. Walker held that Christianity and Temperance were so interwoven as to he inseparable. Every Christian should be a total abstainer. She con- cluded with an appeal to workers to proceed with this labour of love. Their object should be not to get what they could but to give what they could. Councillor J. Hocking, G.S.J.W., Maesteg, afterwards spoke. The Good Templars, he said, kept an open door to all comers. Bro. Hocking related some amusing experience he had had with grumblers who had worked their j way into their circles, and gave hints as to how to deal with them.

Juvenile Demonstration.I

Monday's Proceedings.—Reception…

Aberdare Minister's Objection

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