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Merthyr Board of Guardians.


Merthyr Board of Guardians. On Saturday.—Present: Mr Charles Fenwiek, in the chair, and Mr J. Prowle (vice-chairman)), Mrs A. N. Jenkins, Mrs Maria Richards, Mrs Lydia Price, Misg Hettie Jones, Mrs Williams, Mrs H. E. Wills, Revs. A. E. Sutherland, William Thomas, D. L. Jones, W. A. Jones, Messrs David Edwards, David Jones (Hirwain), John Hugh, ,m>.es Rees. Thomas Morgan, D. J. Philips, Wiliam Thomas, Evan Davies, Samuel Davies, W. LI. Jones, Staffron Bolwell, John Davies, Patrick Manefield, Henry Owen J. Aurelius, Samuel Thomas, A. J. Howfield, T. T. Jenkins, William Jones, Edwin Thomas, Samuel Morgan, John Harris, David Evans, William Davies, Joseph Price, Morgan Thomas, and Roger Vaughan, with Mr F. T. James (clerk), and Mr G. A. Cook (as- sistant clerk). TRAINING SCHOOL CONTRACTORS. At the last meeting fault was found with the oonfcnaetors of the Training School, Trecynon, for the slow progress made, and Messrs John Morgan and Son (Aberdare), Ltd.. now replied stating that 15 men were employed on the job at the building, and 8 in the shop pre- paring material for same. They fur- -r ther wished to point out that the delay in the work had been partly caus- ed by the long illness aud the subse- oent death of Mr Roderick, the man- aging director. The weather during the early part of the work had also been exceptionally bad. The letter referred ,lar8P amount of work that had n nU ^18factorily carried out for the the firm, and added that thp* tsP now able to speed up with Ali- School contract. im>- t 0(^er*ck, the architect, report- to testifvtw5^' said he was pleased satist'aettJ^ contractors had made week Pr^ess during the past so, taking into con- The CWv Whits^ holidays. sion the discus- sion would be well toJ! kad i?me «bev- .ice for a whik 'S™ th,ngS Mr Rees Rees: There is a lot of truth m what they statp in thetr letter. GRANDFATHER LIABLE. Was a ^engthy discussion as 'against ETSSi' bewwVaifd-that »«f age. "d<Hne that he »sM i, i'?" ""egested that he he Mr Pry a ,week. motion +« +' i supported the known S take Proceedings. He had for acre J Where no consideration at all, so why should He (Mr Pvlr01^ s^own in this case. Rhillipg) had an inkling that Oppoewl taking proceedings be-. He ha»i 6 im,an turned in certain circles. 2™. stated distinctly that he paid lroa-n ^ear with board to his houee- trueer' this now proved to be un- The Clerk said that in the case of a grandfather the magistrates required Tery strong evidence. He would sug- gest that proceedings be abandoned for the present, and that the man be asked Pay 3s per week> This course was ultimately adopted by a majority of 4. THE RIGHT TO GET M"O" '^ie Master reported that the baker employed at the Workhouse t™e ed from his leave of absence th| influence of drink He had cautione on eeveral occasions. The Chairman suggested that matter be referred to the House Com fllilTO6 Mr J. Prowle: Relegate it to the ladies. They can give him a fine lect- ure. Mr Sam Thomas: Has not a Jf perfect right to get drunk *hen dutv? Mr Prowle: Yes, but he has no right to return here in that state. ttouse The matter was referred to the Committee. INDEBTEDNESS OF VARIOUS PAR- ISHES. The Chairman explained that on the last poor rate the various Par1 ^ber- the following sums to the TTm° ^erthyr> dare, £ 2000; Gelligaer.. £ 417; < £ 3000 Penderyn, £ 297; Bbig .'„ The and Vaynor, £ 465; total, JBlprec<jpt Guardians owed on the Cou^i y clerk £ 11.000, and he suggested that write to the overseers of tlie tteir parishes calling upon them to P dues, so that the Guardians "li- able to pay the £ 11,000 without incur ring an overdraft. nwk said In reply to a question the Bank there was a credit balance m .f X6,417. REFUSED TREATMENT. A phthisical ease was brought to the notice of the Board in which it was stated the subject, who was in receipt t mit relief and was the father of a ? family had refused treatment at Ito? t S iud al*> "fused to go to iTnion's sanatorium at Pontsarn. Mr John Prowle thought this was a in which proceedings might be m- touted aSnSf the man for ■«« w children unnecessarily to aan^er. The Clerk He won't go into the sana- ihe cierK. ur treatment, torium, he won t taKe >oui was dedde^toVffe/rpla^ce ik the house to the man. WATER SUPPLY AT ABERCWMBOI. The following letter, received from the ■Aberdart surveyor w^s jead^at Children's Homes Committee. Dear Sir,—I am sorry that I not meet the deputation Guardians yesterday nor to-da understand that they wish to see> me in reference to the water supplj Coktage Homes, Abercwmboi. last fortnight the water supply > much improved through et^ tfoned some pipes in the school. As in to vou yesterday on the ph°n > Coiiocil have decided to ™«ea» th"^ mains all the way from Comme g Street, Aberdare, to Abercwm^i- e ^ntrac|d for thus work has been let and the work will be the course of a tew weeks, as we get the pipes. I may also stato that the supply from Merthyr will be av ail able next August, and with this swppi> there will be an increased pressure throughout the wnole of the lower part of the district. Will vou kindlv make this known to your Committee Meeting to-morrow ?—Yours faithfullt, OWEN WILLIAMS. It was resolved that no further action be taken in the matter for the present. FARMS COMMITTEE-A PROTEST. The above Committee reported as fol- lows:—A Special Meeting of the Farm Committee was held .at the Training School Aberdare, on the 2nd June. Pres- ent: Mr Hfcnry Owten. Chairman, Messrs Ree# Rees and A. J. Hownead. Head telegram from Mr John Prowle stating that the Labour members pro- tested against the conduct of the Chair- man in convening this meeting. The Chairman explained that he had convened the special meeting as he considered the business of an urgent nature, and that he was not aware that the Labour members had a Conference at Cardiff. The Committee considered whether it would be in the interest of the Board to Tack the whole of the Land this year, rather than to lay a part of it out for Hay. Finding that previous arrange- ments had been made, they deferred consideration of the matter until the next ordinary meeting. Mr Henry Owen,, referring to the above report, said: "Mr Prowle has impugated my conduct in calling a special meeting of the farms committee on Tuesday last. I may say that I was not aware that there was a Labour con- ference at Cardiff on that day. and I think it is time that the board should know who is the leader of the Labour party on this board, so that we shall be able to consult with that gentleman -vs to the convening of meetings. J called this meeting on urgent business. 1 had no intention of slighting the Labour party. The sending of the telegram was, therefore, nothing but a waste oi money." Mr John Prowle: 1 don't want to enter into a wordy debate. As soon as Mr Owen became chairman of the farms committee he did nothing but ftnd fault. What I protest against is that he came there and started bossing our staff like a Czar of Russia. (Laughter.) Mr Owen: I have not been finding fault with anything but things as they are. The Chairman (Councillor Fenwick): Whatever Mr Owen has done I think he did it in the best interests of the board. Evidently Mr Owen did not know there was a standing committee on the same evening. The minutes of the special meeting of the farms committee were finally adopt- ed. WOMEN ONLY. It was reported that at a meeting of the House Committee, only 3 guardians were present, vie., Mrs Richards (in the c-hair), Mrs Edmun3s and Mrs Williams. Another Committee Meeting was held on Friday evening, when there was not a single male member present. NOTICE OF MOTION. The Chairman moved "That the Guardians hereby consent to the hiring of all that piece or parcel of land, con- taining by admeasurement 4848 square yards, or thereabouts, situate at Pont- jnorlais, adjoining the Workhouse In- firmary, in the Parish of Merthyr Tydfil, which piece of land is more particularly delineated and edged pink on the plan annexed to the lease, for a term not exceeding 90 years, at an annual rental not exceeding £"28. The said land to be appropriated for such purposes relating to the relief of the Poor as the Guard- ians may, with the consent of the Local Government Board, direct." The motion was agreed to. SPECIAL COMMITTEE re IN- CREASED REPRESENTATION. The report of the Deputation appoint- ed by the Committee to interview the Merthyr Town Council was submitted by the Rev. Ll. M. Williams, Mr Owen, and the Chairman, from which it was under- stood that the Town Council would be prepared to support the Guardians in their application for increased repre- sentation. From the Statistics submitted by the Clerk, it appeared that as regards the Parish of Aberdare, the following was the number of Population per Member according to the existing Representation based upon the estimated Population at the present time: -LI-A-vdcoed Ward, population 8,873; members, 3; popula- tion per member, 2,957. Gadlvs, 9,247; 3; 3,082. Town, 9,322; 3; 3,107. BIaen- gwawr, 9,125; 3; 3,041. Aberaman, 16,217; 3; 5,405. The Committee having'discussed the elaims of the various Parishes as in- dicated by the figure-s set forth above, unanimously decided to adjourn further consideration of the subject until a re- ply has been received from the Merthyr Town Council to the application submit- ted to them by the Deputation appoint- ed by the Committee. The Chairman was authorised to convene the next Meeting on hearing from the Clerk that such reply has been received.

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