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Finance Committee.


Finance Committee. The above committee reported as fol- lows:- Salaries.—The Clerk laid before the Committee the applications of Messrs G. D. Morgan, W. T. Hilder, and W. J. Williams, for increases in their salary, and conveyed to the members the following recommendations of the Tramways and Lighting Committees thereon:—That the salary of Mr G. D. Morgan be increased from 40s. to 50s. per week; W. T. Hilder from 40s. to 50s. per week; W. J. Williams from 52s to 60s. per week. The Clerk also laid before the committee the application of Mr Evan Walters, the shorthand typist in his department, for an increase in salary. Resolved to recommend that Mr. Walters' salary be increased from 20s. to 25s. per week. Forecourts.—Resolved that this com- mittee consent to the payment (out of the L500 provided in the estimate for contingences) for the acquiring of the forecourts of Nos. 70, 71, and 72 Cardiff Road, Aberaman and the work in con- nection, therewith.—Resolved that the Chairman of the Council, Chairman of the Roads Committee, and the Sur- veyor, again endeavour to arrange terms with Mr R. Morgan for his inter- est in the forecourts of Nos. 13, 14 and 15 Cardiff Road, Aberaman.


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