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Attendance and Medical Committee.

Open Air School.

Staff and Management Committee.j


Inspector Pleased.

Carpenters' and Joiners' -id.

A New Faith.

Value in Aberdare.

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Carnival at Aberdare.

Great Meeting at Mountain…


Great Meeting at Mountain Ash. impression of Sir Edward Carson. Sir Edward Carson, M.P., K.C., proved a huge draw at Mountain Ash on Thursday. The town was all agog. from early in the afternoon, special trains as well as ordinary trains bring- ing people in by the hundreds, making TU,° stl'Gots uncomfortably crowded. I he meeting was timed to commence at 6.45 and the doors open at 6 o'clock. The arrangements for entering the Pavilion grounds were most unsa^isfac- toi-y. An extremely narrow doorway in the wall was the only means of access, and it was through this that a crowd of about 10,000 people had to pass, whether they were holders of balcony or platform tickets. It was rather a rare if unpleasant experience for notabali- ties, whose seats are invariably re- served and whose road thereto is un- impeded, to have to edge their way and to he swayed backward and forward in a rough and uncontrollable crowd, stemmed by about a dozen police offi- cers. But such fell to the lot of scores of ladies and gentlemen last Thursday afternoon. Several batches of people scoured the surrounding wall for another place of entry. One party who held front seat tickets discovered a doorway, and so persistent were their knocking that they beat the door down. A rush inwards followed, but to their keen disappointment the passage was a blind one, and they sorrowfully beat a retreat. A reporter from London—a rather stout gentleman, representing the Press Association, whose head was one mass of perspiration, was highly indignant at having to struggle for 25 minutes to get inside. It was reported that one person lost a bag containing t40 in the crowd which struggled to get inside. The arrangements for entering the Pavilion itself were excellent, and there was no waiting. The scene inside was grand and inspiring. Ten thousand faces eagerly watched the arrival of the hero of Ulster. But other persons were noticed and heartily cheered. Mr Fo-x Davies, the Unionist Candidate fyr Merthyr and Aberdare Boroughs, who arrived with his wife and Mr and Mrs F. N. Gray, came in for a great deal' of attention. At 7 p.m. Sir Edward Carson ap- peared, and the whole meeting rose en masse to greet him, many waving handkerchiefs and flags. He walked on tb the table, and faced the audience in a stoical attitude. Once he essayed to smile in response, but failed. His face bore traces of worry and responsi- bility. He spoke to no one. He ad- justed his pince-nez, took them off and cleaned them, re-adjusted them, and looked up his notes, while the chair- man, Lord Dynevor, opened the meet- ing. When Mr Fox Davies was an- nounced to speak, Sir Edward merely glanced to see what kind of person lie was, and then returned to his notes. His whole appearance, especially his huge jaw and prominent lips, suggest- ed a man of great determination and energy. He was given another great. ovation when he rose to speak. He had a tell- ing address, delivered in a perfect man- ner so far as enunciation and absence of hesitancy was concerned, but he was far from eloquent. He spoke con- vincingly, but he did not thrill his aud- ience. It was the deeds of daring that he spoke of which drew the applause, for he was incapable of moving his audience by the way in which he related them. He was altogether too cold and rigid to be an orator who could make a crowd leap with enthusiasm in spit6 of themselves. His speech was unin- terrupted except for one or two inter- jections at the very beginning. Those who made adverse observations were soon bundled out. When Sir Edward Carson finished, hundreds left the building, but those who remained were rewarded by hear- ing a very aDle and passionate speech by the other advertised speaker—Mr .Tames Chambers, K.C., M.P., of Bel- fast. The meeting was held under the aus- pices of the League of British Cove- nanters, the secretarial work being car- ried out by Mr T. Maund.

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Discussion on Above Reports.'

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Non-Collegiate Teachers' Case.

Car Smash at Abernant.