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IMountain Ash District Council


Mountain Ash District Council On Tuesday, Mr Griffith Evans, J.P., iti the chair. The other members pres- ent were: Messrs. Wm. Davies, G. H. Hall, Chas. Maddox, James Evans, Evan Morris, T. W. Jones, Noah Bowles, D. Rogers, Bruce Jones, Major F. N. Gray, J.P., Capt. G. A. Evans, .J.P., Dr. R. D. Morgan, with Mr Arthur Pincombe (clerk), Mr F. Stock (accountant), Mr W. G. Thomas (surveyor), and Mr H. T. Jones (sani- tary inspector). Worst Station Approach in South Wales. Disappointment for Abercynon. The Clerk read the following:- I have received from the Board of Trade a copy of Colonel Druitt's report on the above subject. After reviewing the history of Abercynon Station and its approaches, and setting out at some length the evidence given at the in- quiry on behalf of the Council and the Taff Vale Railway Company and others, and commenting thereon. Colonel Druitt concludes his report with the follow- ing paragraphs, viz.: "After inspect- ing the locality and taking everything into consideration, I think that another means of access from the east to the west side of the railway and river would be a great convenience and boon to the inhabitants, and that advantage could b3 taken of this to give a much more convenient and direct access to the station from the south-west portion of the district. This could be done cheap- ly by extending the existing footbridge at the north end of the platform across to the west side of the railway and pro- viding a flight of steps down into Station Road. But this would involve the unnecessary ascent and descent of seme li5 ieet, and would provide no con- venient method, of dealing with heavy baggage, mails, etc. A more satisfac- tory way is to drive a new subway from Station Road from a point between Gertrude Street and Catherine Street to the Ta if Vale premises with two lamps, one leading to the Booking Office and the other to the Taff Vale Company's existing pathway leading from the subway and river bridge to the present foot over-bridge. I under- stand this is quite possible, if the foot- path in Station Road is lowered so as. to give sufficient headroom for the sub- way under the railway. But to be really effective, this subway should be at least 12 feet in;width and 8 feet in height. Evidence was given at the meeting that the present subway under the Merthyr lines being only 8 feet in width is too narrow, and that there is much jostling between miners return- ing from work and people going in the opposite direction. The main subway would be about 35 yards in length, and it would be rather an expensive work to carry out. No estimates have at present been made either by the Rail- way Company or the Urban District ] Council. With regard to the allocation of cost between the two, parties, I may say that Section 16 (1) of the Railway and Canal Traffic Act of 1888, referred to by the Taff Vale representatives, does not apply in this case, as this sec- tion only empowers the Board of Trade to allocate the expense of new railway works between a Railway Company and a Local Authority, when such works are ordered by the Department in the exercise of statutory powers. In this case, the Board of Trade have, 1 under- stand, no statutory powers. But both parties have agreed that the whole question of the provision of a new sub- way, and the allocation of the eost of construction, should be referred to the Board of Trade, whose decision shall be final and binding upon both parties. I therefore recommend the Board of Trade to decide that a new subway shall be built, as described above, the Urban District Council to do what is necessary in the way of lowering the footpath in Station Road, and the Railway Com- pany to give the same facilities for all persons crossing from one side of the valley to the other to use the subway and the Company's premises, including the footpath and bridge over the River Taff, as they have already given for the II existing footpath and subway. Taking into consideration the large number of persons who will use this subway though not proceeding to or from the station, and the generous facilities afforded to the public by the Railway Company, as regards the use of the footpath and river bridge belonging to them, I think that a fair division of the j cost of the new work will be: One third to be paid by the Railway Company, and two thirds by the Mountain Ash I Urban District Council." I Major F. N. Gray regarded the re- port as very unfavourable to the Coun- cil, and moved that the matter be de- ferred sine die. He understood that the Council were not bound to go on with it. Mr Bruce Jones: We understood that the Inquiry was to allocate the cost of carrying out same, under Section 16 of the Railway Act. Now Col. Druitt stated that that section did not apply in any shape or form. It appeared to him (Mr Jones) that the Inquiry had been held under false pretences. Dr. Morgan seconded Major Gray's motion that the question be adjourned sine die. Mr Bruce Jones objected to that course, and added that the matter affected Abercynon, and Abercynon people could not rest satisfied with the present state of affairs. No one could be expected to be satisfied with such an approach, and he moved that the letter be referred to committee to con- sider what action should be taken. Mr Chas. Maddox seconded. Major Gray said that there were other places quite as awkwardly situ- j ated as Abercynon Newtown for in- ) stance. I Mr Bruce Jones replied that Newtown could not bo compared with Abercynon, which had a population of 12,000. Abercynon had the worst railway ap- proach in South Wales. Several members thought it hard that the Council were called upon to pay two-thirds and the T.V.R. Co. one- third. Mr Bruce Jones said that Col. Druitt had suggested another scheme, viz., the extension of the existing footbridge, that would only mean C200 or R300. Major Gray said he had no objection to that. He would withdraw his motion and allow +he matter to go to com- mittee. This course was agreed to, the com- mittee being composed of the Abercynon members, together with Major Gray, Messrs. James Evans, E. Morris, W. Davies and G. A. Evans. Mr Bruce Jones suggested that a copy of Col. Driiitt's arbitration be sent to Mr Keir Hardie. Mr Chas. Maddox He has had it. Proposed Ambulance Station. The L.G.B. wrote with regard to the proposed provision of an ambulance* station, and suggested that the Coun- cil might get over the difficulty by hir- ing an ambulence when required from St. John Ambulance Brigade. In reply to Mr Rogers the Clerk said there had been a deputation before the Council asking the Council to erect a I station on Navigation Grounds, oppo- site Mountain Ash Institute. Major Gray asked what did they pro- pose putting there. There was a good deal of provision in the district al- ready. There was an ambulance at every colliery, and it was never refused when asked for. Capt. Evans: The Workmen's Club have another. The Clerk said that the Ambulance men wanted a place to house their equipments. Major Gray said he understood they had the Drill Hall. Mr Bruce Jones moved that the matter be referred to the Mountain Ash members. Mr James Evans seconded. Capt. Evans said that possibly the Red Cross Society would require some- thing similar. If so, it ought to be a combined affair. Mr Bruce Jones: They should be separate, I should think. Mr Jones' motion was agreed to. Restoring Road Surfaces. Mr Arthur Seaton, contractor, Ponty- pridd, who is engaged in laying down pipes in the roadway in connection with the Mountain Ash Waterworks, replied to a complaint sent by the Council with reference to restoring road surfaces. Mr Seaton stated that he was not the first to break the contract, but he did not wish to quibble and he was pre- pared to carry. out the terms of the contract. Mr Hall How long will it be before the contract is completed. The pipes lying on the roadside are a great nuis- ance, and have caused many accidents. Some of the pipes have been lying about for three months. We ought to ask Mr Seaton whether it is not possi- ble for pipes to be stored elsewhere pending the time they are actually re- quired. The Clerk promised to do this. Abercynon Recreation Ground. Messrs. Williams and Prichard, soli- citors to the owners of the Bonvilstone Estate, wrote that they were prepared to permit a pathway alongside the T.V.R. to enable persons to go to the proposed Abereynon Recreation Ground. The letter was referred to committee. ABERCYNON ELECTRIC LIGHTING STATION. The Clerk said he had seen Mr. John Morgan, agent to Mrs. Bradley, land- owner, with regard to a site on the river-side near the subway for an elec- trie sub-station. Mr. Rogers said it was news to him to know that Mrs. Bradley was the owner of that piece of land. It was road-siae waste which ought to be vested in the District Council. Mr. Bruce Jones: Who is the owner of the Basin site? Clerk: We wrote Mr. W. R. Danee, solicitor,, Pontypridd, with regard to it, and he said he could not go into the matter without payment of a fee and the fee of the surveyor. Mr. Bruce Jones: We had a letter from Mr. W. R. Davies saying he was very much surprised to know that he had any land at Abercynon, and he would be glad to know where it was. Dr. Morgan: Is he prepared to pay a fee for that? (Laaghter.) The Surveyor said that Col. Morgan had two sites at Abercynon, and he was directed to write Col. Morgan for terms. INCREASE OF WAGES. E. William Jones, assistant electrical engineer at Ynysybwl, applied for an increase of salary. Mr. Rogers said that applicant had been carrying out some installations for him, and he was a very good man. He moved that his wages be advanced from 30s. to 35s. a week. Mr. James Evans seconded, and bore out what Mr. Rogers said. Dr. Morgan was rising to support when Major Gray asked: Has he been doing work for you, too? (Laughter.) A great deal of cross-table talk en- sued while Dr. Morgan remained on his feet. At last he shouted, "We are not discussing the Ulster I question at all. I support the motion." (Laughter.) The motion was unanimously agreed to. SHOPS' ACT. The Clerk said that the various alter- I' ations made in the Shops Act, 1912, Closing Order, No. 3, had now been con- firmed by the Secretary of State. Captain Evans: I was a supporter of the Act at first, but I am sick and tired of it now. How much of it is left? We are nearly revoking the whole lot of it. t Member: What about the grocers? I Mr. B. Morris: It's a good Act for the grocers. Dr. Morgan: Isn't it a dead letter? I Major Gray: It's dying, doctor. Mr. W. Davies: Dying very hard. STREET IMPROVEMENTS. The question of apportioning the ex- pense among the tenants of Bush Road, Miskin, where private street im- provements have been carried out, was referred to committee. Mr. Noah Bowles moved that private street improvements be carried out from Albert Street to Clarence Street, Miskin, and this was referred to the same com- mittee. "DISGRACE TO CIVILISATION." A woman in Tyntetown sought the permission of the Council to have the sole right of "pickings" on the Coun- cil's refuse tip near by. It was pointed out that the woman was neglecting to send her children to school, and had been fined for negli- gency in that respect. Mr. Bruce Jones thought it was a dis- grace to civilisation that women should be picking refuse from these tips. It might lead to an epidemic. Mr. Hall moved that permission be granted provided that the woman did not send her children there. The meeting divided, and it was carried that permission be not given. Mr. E. Morris: You are depriving the woman of an honest living. Mr. T. W. Jones: What about the health of the district? It was also resolved that she be stopped picking on another refuse tip when the proper period expired. Major Gray: Is she an annual tenant? Chairman: She pays Is. a year. The Surveyor strongly recommended the abolition of all picking on their tips. Mr. Bruce Jones: Will you grant special permits for ratting? (Laughter.) PENRHIWCMBER ELECTRICAL STATION. • Mr. McLeod, electrical expert to the Council, recommended a site near Pen- rhiweeiber T.VJR. Station for an elec- trical sub-station.—Referred to com- mittee. REPORT WANTED. Mr. William Davies asked the sur- veyor to report on the condition of the footpaths in Fox Street and Kingcraft Street, Mountain Ash. MUNICIPAL EMPLOYEES' WAGES. The following appeared in the min- utes Proposed bv Mr. N. Bowles, seconded by Mr. b. Rogers, that the maximum rate of wages for the best and most capable workmen, in the opinion of the surveyor, be (a) for roadmen and district men, 4s. lOd per day, and (b) for general labourers, 5s. per day.- Proposed by Mr. Bruce Jones, seconded by Mr. David Rogers, that the applicar- tion for further advances in wages for gas fitters, blacksmiths, and gas stokers be considered at the next meeting of the Council, and that the surveyor be asked to have the figures of other Urban Dis- tricts ready by that day.

"Change" at Aberaman.

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