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TRECYNON. SCALDING FATALITY. On Satur- day morning, before Mr. R. J. Rhys, coroner, an inquest was held touching the death of James Ernest Welsh, 44 Harriet Street, the three-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Alfred Welsh. It appears that on Wednesday morning the mother, Mrs. Welsh, was preparing the day's washing, and had taken a boiler of hot water from off the fire, and placed it by the door. Deceased ran into the house and fell into the hot water. The little lad was severely scalded about the buttocks, left side of chest, and also on the arms. Nurse Morgan, who lives close by, rendered first aid, and Drs. Banks and Neilson were immediately in attendance. The child died on Friday morning. A verdict of Accidental death" was returned by the jury, and the coroner expressed sym- pathy with the mother. The interment took place on Monday at the New Cemetery, the Rev. Evan Thomas, St. Fagan's, officiated. Beautiful floral tri- butes were given: (1) Mrs. James, Bridgend Inn; (2) Mr. and Mrs. Mor- gan, grandparents; (3) uncles; (4) aunts; (5) cousins; (6) parents. The mourners were: Father; Messrs. A. Welsh, grand- father; John House, uncle; E. Davies, David Long, D. Morgan, uncles. Much sympathy is felt for the family. AMBULANCE PRESENTATION. — The members of the Trecynon AinbuJ* once Class wound up the session with a meat-tea and presentation meeting at Miles' Restaurant &n May 15th.. Mr. E. D. IfUiIiptíreys, scoutmaster, Tre- I Cyiion, took the chair, and opened the second part of the proceedings with a bright and humorous speech. He also read letters of apology for being absent from Messrs. H. Rake, M.E., Trecynon, and W. H. Davies, M.E., Cwmdare. Mrs. (Dr.) Wilson was presented with a beautiful salad bowl by the members of the class. Mr. James Berry, in hand- ing over the present on behalf of the class, referred to the great services which Dr. Wilson had rendered to the ambulance cause in Trecynon for years. In spite of pressing professional duties the doctor had found time to attend the classes, and every pupil could testify to his invariable kindness and considera- | tion as a teacher. His loyalty to his classes and his efforts on their behalf II had made them love him, and they sincerely hoped his services would not be lost to them in future years. He had much pleasure in handing over that token to Dr. Wilson as a mark of their I appreciation of his services. Mr. D. G. Davies added a few remarks as a mem- 'I 'ber of the class for the last session.— Dr. Wilson, in responding, said he was very sorry Mrs. Wilson was unable to be present with, them that evening, but he wished to heartily thank them on her behalf as well as his own for their kind- ness to them. What he had done in the past amongst them had been a source of I pleasure to him, as he had always been greatly interested in ambulance work. Referring to what Mr..Berry had said, while he thoroughly appreciated a pressing invitation to become honorary surgeon to a neighbouring brigade, he felt that Trecynon had the first claim to his services, and he had, therefore, decided to accept the invitation of the Trecynon Brigade. This statement was heartily acclaimed and followed by the singing of For he's a jolly good fellow." He trusted that all the mem- bers of the brigade would do their best to make the brigade a strong and active one in the future. The following per- sons were presented with the prizes won by them in Dr. Wilson's recent competition: -The Rake Challenge Cup won by Mr. Harry Rees; handed over by Mr. H. Wheeler, superintendent of Trecynon Ambulance Brigade. Mr S Cole, Penywain, distributed the follow- \rgi~r Kr book, Mr- R- Llew Davies; (2) Medals, Messrs. William Morris George, W. Lloyd, D. W. George, and Geo. For- ward. Several humorous songs and re- citations were given bv members of the class, while the doctor obliged with a rendering of "Clementine." Mr. Morgan -Davies made an admirable accom- panist.





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