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A3ERAMAN GARDEN SEEDS, Only first prize seeds stocked. Choicest selection at Emrvs Evans', M.P.S., Victoria Square. YNYSLWYD (B.). The Rev. T. Thomas, Cilgurrail, Pembrokeshire, ministered at the above place on Sun- day last. ACCIDENT. — Whilst following his employment as a miner at the Fforch- aman Colliery on Wednesday, David James Richards, son of Mr. and Airs. Gwilym Richards, 11 Henry Street, sustained a nasty bruise on the back through a piece of coal falling on him, narrowly escaping a fractured spine. He is progressing favourably. FU^EKAL- The remains of the late Air. John White, 11 Brook Street. were- interred at the Aberdare Cemetery on Thursday last. The Rev. Mr. Davies, curate, Aberaman, conducted the ob- sequies. The mourners were: Widow; Airs. Jenkins, Conway Hotel, Aber- dare, and Mrs. Bishop, Banwell, Som- ersetshire, daughters; J. William White, T. C. White, and James A. White, sons; Mrs. T. White and Airs. J. W. White, daughters-in-law; Mrs. J- Harrow- smith, Aberdare, sister-in-law; Alessrs. William Davies. Mardy; W. Smale, Hirwain; W. Harrowsmith, Walter Harrow-smith, J. Harrowsmith, H. Harrowsmith, Aherdare; T. Lucas. J. Lucas, and Walter Lucas, Rees Morgan ill)(I C. Williams, Aberaman; J. Wil- hams, Aberdare; R. Rees, Glynneath; J. Smale, Hirwain, and Ted Jenkins, Aberdare, nephews; Willie Oliver, Walter White, Afrs. Davies, Treharris; Mrs. R. Rees, Glynneath; Mrs. Wil- Alrims'. ^>erdare; Misses Cassie and Mary White, Doris and Cassie White, grandchildren; Air. Alorgan, Aberaman; Airs. Sarah Edwards, Alar- dy; Mrs. Alary Jenkins, Aberdare, and Airs. Smale, Hirwain, nieces. Wreaths were sent by Mr. and Mrs Jenkins and family, Conway Hotel; Mr. and Mrs. Alerrett and family. CRICKET. — The Aberaman Ath- letic's 1st team met Resolven at Re- I solven on Saturday. Scores: Aber- aman: J. Brooks, c. Evans, b. Howells, 2; J. Brown, b. Stevens, 10; D. Watkins, c. Evans, b. Clark, 3; J- Havard, c. Steve-is, b. Howells. 2; J. Crumb, b. Clark, 2; Edgar Davies, st. Lloyd, fc. Howells, 9; T. Woodcliff, b. Williams, 20; E. Jones, b. Williams, 14; D. Mor- timer, b. Williams, 0; G. Ingram, c. Williams, b. Stevens, 8; J- AVilliams, not out, 6; extras, 1; total, 71. Re- not out, G; extras, 1; total, 77. Re- sol -/en: Cubbins, lbw., b. E. Davies. 15; Howells, b. J. Williams, 16; Stevens, run out, 4; Rees, not out, 17; Herbert, not out, 2; Jones, c. J. Williams, b. E. Davies, 0; extras, 6; total for four wickets, 60.—Aberaman Athletic'6 2nd team v. St. Margaret's, Mountain Ash, at Aberaman oil Saturday. Aberaman won by 78 runs. Scores: Aberaman: W. Owens, c. Howells, b. Clark, 10; W. G. Williams, b. Clark, 5; Tom R-ees, not out, 62; D. Alorris, c. and b. How- ells, 1; D. Williams, c. Lewis, b. Grant, 8; P- Rylands, b. Grant, 0; Dr. Evans, b. Lew-is, 9; J. Argus, c. Alorris, b. Brooks, 5; W. Crumb, not out, 1; ex- tras, 14; innings declared closed, total, 115; T. Badham and F. Williams did not bat. Mountain Ash: B. Howells, b. Owens, 2; Morris, c Argus, b. R. Wil- liams, 0; Clark, c. Rees, b. Morris, 9; Grant, b. Owens, 0; Brooks, c. Argus, b. Williams, 1; Lewis, b. Owens, 8; Masters, b. Williams, 1; Bethel, b. Owens, 9; Langford, c. Rylands, b. Morris, 3; Simmonds, b. T. Rees, 1; Harries, not out, 0; extras. 3; total, 37. Tom Rees gave a bright batting dis- play, and was ably supported by Dr. Evans, who will prove a great acquisi- tion to the Aberaman Cricket Club. R. Williams and W. Owens bowled very well. '1HE INTERMENT of Mrs. Mary Griffiths, wife of Mr. William Griffiths, w ( wmaman Road, took place on Thurs- day, the 14th inst., at the Old Cemetery, Aberdare. Mr. David Davies, Gwawr, and the Rev. H. P. Jenkins, Saron, con- ,ee ducted the obsequies. The chief mourn- VnTei 1'irst coach, Airs. E. Vick, Airs. 1. Ingram, Aliss Hannah Griffiths, ('iUl8nters; .Tames Griffiths, son; Mrs. B. Davies, Seven Sisters, aunt; Mrs. T. James, Cwmaman, sister-in-law; 2nd coach. Miss Lew-is, Airs. William Gin- gell, Mrs. William Holmes, Crynant; Ntrs. 1. Lloyd, sisters; Mr. Rees Lewis, sZ,ro.tJler' ^rc' coach, Mix. D. W. Griffiths, Airs. T. Griffiths, Mrs. Rees Griffiths, daughters-in-law; Airs. Rees Lewis, Airs. Thomas Lewis, sisters-in- law; 4th coach, Mrs. David Griffiths, Mrs. Anthony Griffiths, sisters-in-law; Mrs. D. Griffiths, Cwmaman; Mrs. T. Jones, Resolven, cousins; Mrs. B. Davies, Airs. T. T. Davies, nieces; 5th coach, Airs. J. Williams, Cwmaman; Mrs. E. T. Davies, Miss M. A. Holmes, Crynant; Miss Lizzie Lewis, and Afrs. J. Brown, nieces; 6th coach, Alisses M. H. Lewis, M. H. Lloyd, S. Holmes, Crynant; Mrs. T. Rosser, and Miss James, Cwmaman, nieces; 4th coach, Mrs. D. T. Lewis, Mrs. J. Lewis, Afrs. D. Lewis, Airs. W. Lewis, and Mrs, G. Lewis, nieces; 8th coach, Mrs. D. Lewis, Brynheulog1; Airs. A. Griffiths, and Irs. D. Griffiths, nieces; 9th coach, Mrs. Davies, Pontypridd; Mrs. Jenkins, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Waterman, Mrs. Williams, friends. Following the hearse: Husband, D. W. Griffiths, J. Griffiths, Anthony Griffith, T. Griffiths, R. Griffiths, and T. Griffiths, sons; E. Vick and T. Ingram, sons-in-law; T. Lewis, brother; William Gingell, W. Holmes, T. Lloyd, G. Griffiths, D. Griffiths, and A. Griffiths, brothers-in-law; D. T. Lewis, J. Ivewis, William Lewis, David Lewis, G. Lewis, D. T. Lloyd. R. Lloyd, J Lloyd, T Lewis, A. Griffiths, D. Griffiths, E. T. Davies, T. Curtis, J. Williams, T. Rosser, W. G. James, nephews. Wreaths were sent by: (1) Husband and sons; (2) Daughters; (3) Airs. D. W. Griffiths; (4) Mrs. Rees and G. Griffiths; (5) Airs. Edwards, Airs. Coole and Airs. Fear. neighbours. t VBERAAIAN FREE LIBRARY. — The annual meeting of the above was held at the Lesser ITill on Friday even- last under the presidency of Air. Wil- liam Davies. The secretary (Air. W. W. Price) the report of the com- mittee's work for the past year. to- gether with the financial statement. There was a slight reduction in the num- ber of books issued. He deplored the hi<*h percentage of fiction as compared with other classes of books. The cata- logue was in the printer's hands, and would h3 ready shortly. It was hoped that it would be the means of increas- ing the library's usefulness in the dis- trict, and with the assistance of the new manager would be the means of pointing out the excellent reading mater-