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Building Trade Dispute. With regard to the dispute between employers and operatives in the area of the Aberdare District Council a meet- ing of the Western Conciliation Board was held in Bristol on Monday, when it was decided that the joiners obtain an advance of d. per hour on May 16, 1914, and another I.d. on January r 1915. The present agreement is to fer- ivinate in May, 1917. Labourers wiR also obtain ^d. advance and will be pro- vided with a code of rules on May 16, 1914, and are to give 6 months notice in November, if any further, advance is demanded. The case for the employers was presented at the Board by Mr Julian, Pontypridd; Mr D. Tyssul Davies, Trecynon, and Mr Gwilym Davies (John Morgan and Son, Aber- dare, Ltd.). The case for the oper- atives was put by Mr T. Lewis, secre- tary. Messrs. David Lewis, president; Enoch Jones, vice-president; Mr James, of Merthyr, organiser; Mr Patrick Clarke and Mr Merritt wf-re called to give evidence on behalf of tber joiners and labourers. On Wednesday evening, at the Bute Arms, Aberdare, a meeting of the Building Trade Feder- ation was held, when the above report was presented and ratified. It was de- cided to make a strenuous effort to get all engaged in the building trade with- in the pale of the Union. The Aber- dare district is organised almost to a man, and it is understood that employ- ers and employees are on amicable terms.