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PONTYPOOL MONSTRE FETE. WHIT MONDAY & TUESDAY. Special Engagement of Mons. Henri Salmeti The Champion of the Air, the "Daily j Mail" Flying Man, and First-Class Programme of World- famous Artistes, including DON PEDRO, "the modern Blondin"; the famous Sie Tahar's Arab j Troupe; Elleemore Troupe of Sensational j Trick Cyclists; Balloon Ascent and Para- chute Descent, etc., etc. ON MONDAY Athletic Competitions and HORSE! COMPtTIT: ONS for .£120 in prizes. Horse Competitions include Trotting j (. £ 17 in prizes), Galloway ( £ 19), and Jumping (X14). Amongst the Athletic Events are :— 120 yards, 220 yards, 440 yards, and 880 yards flat handicaps, open £ 9 5s. in prizes each event), three miles flathandi- cap, open (10/10/6), and 220 yards boys' race. Whit Tuesday orse Competitions. £ 160 in Prizes and Two Silver Challenge Cups. CompetitioBS include hack, mare or gelding for saddle purposes, £ 9 9s. in prizes heavy and light hunters, £ 9 9s. each class best pair, ii4 -Is.; Jumping open, £ 23 2s.; Jump- ing, not exceeding 15 hands, ES 7s.; tandem g14 4a., and trotting, £17. Best Show Ring in the Country for Horses. Farther particulars from Secretary, Mr S. J. WILSON, Town Hall, PontypGol. XBTOP ONB MOMMNTI W OH. D1AS DOCTOB! JT MUST MY DABLLNQ Dili I THRUM IS VIST LITTL1 80P8 BUT BY Tudor Williams' Patent Balsam of Honey. WHAT IT 181 Tudor Williams' Patent Balsam of Honey Ie an estteno* cf the puren and meal efficacious herbs, gathered on the Weick Hills and Valley* in the proper season when their rirtnee are in foil perfeetioa. and combined with Pure Welsh Honel. All the ingrediente are perfectly pirt. WHAT IT D0181 Tudor Williams1 Patent Balsam of Honey Cures Coufha, Colds, Bronchitis, Asthma, Whooping Cough, Croup, and all disor- ders of the Throat, Chest, and Langs. Wonderful Cures for Children's Coughs after Measles. It is invaluable to weak- chested men, delicate women, and chil- dren. It succeeds where all other reme- dies fail. Sold by all Chemists and Stores in Is., ta. fd., and te. Id. bottles. Sample Bottle sent by poet for U. tdh. Ie. id., and 5s. Great saving by purchas- ing larger sise bottle. WHAT IT HAB DONN roji OTHW. A Stipendiary and Magistrate in the County of Glamorgan remarks:- I feel it my duty to inform yon that 1 have been using your Tudor Williams' Balsam of Honey in my family, which is a large one, for many years, and have proved its great value, having used noth- ing else for Cough during Whooping Cough, and Bronchitis, and can highly recommend it to all parents for such complaints. YOU NMD NOT BUFFER I Disease is a sin, inasmuch that if JH act rightly, at the right time, it can to a great extent be avoided. Here is a pre- ventative. The first moment you start with Sore Throat, take a dose of Tudor Williams' Patent Balsam of Honey. It has naved thousandal It will save yos. It is prepared by a fully qullia" chemist, and ie, by virtue of its composi- tion, eminently adapted for all oases H Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis, Asthma, etc. it exercises a distinct infiuence upon the mucous lining of the throat, windpipe. and small air vessels, so that nothing but warmed pure air pasBee into the lunge. THE CHILDREN LIKE IT. It's the product of the Honeycomb chemically treated to get the beet results, DON'T ACCEPT BUB8TITUT18. THE Y ABE FOR ITI So different from most Medicines. Nice to takel Cures Quickly. For vocalists and public speakers it has no equal, it makes the voice as clear as a bell. St. David's School, Llandyssui, S.O. ^ar Sir,—Allow me to inform you that excellent results have followed lie ase of your Baloa- of Honey in our family. I beg to enclose Is. for a bcø. Please send at once.-Yours faithfully. D. LUTHER JOHNSON. Rhospengwern Cottage, Llangollen, a. T Sept. », mi. f?1 wn sending Is Id for P»f^tr 6 of JSUT Williams' Patent Balsam. The other has done a lot of good, and I think another bottle will cure ihem of Whooping Cough, from^ which they are auflenng rery I shall fery my best to tell others o| your Balsam of Honey, as I ambits sure it is splendid medicine, but no one # m °?r town ot LWollen. forward a Is Sd bottle by retura of post, for which I enclose postal order. -1 remain, yours respectfully, (Mrs.) R. PBICB. Manufacturer: TUDOR WILLIAMS Analytical and Consulting Chemist ABEBDAB1. LADIES BLANCHARD'S PILLS unMvmlled for all Irregularities &o., they rriniflh afford relief and never fail to alleviate all nuffoW«^ Tb ey supersedePennyroyal,PilCochia,BittwAmiii5« Tb ey supersede PennyroyaL PilCochia. allianchard's are the best of all Ptlta for WMIM Sold ia boxes, I/li. by BOOTS' Branches, mod all Chemists, or post free. same price, from LBSLIB MARTYN, Ltd.. diemijts. 34 DALSTON LANE. LONDON Free sample and valuable Booklet postfrnll








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