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A Twice-Told Tale.


A Twice-Told Tale. Good news bears repeating, and when. it is confirmed after a long lapse of time, even if we hesitated to believe it at first hearing, we feel secure in ac- cepting its truth now. The following experience of an Aberdare woman is confirmed after two years. On July 15th, 1909, Mrs. M. Abbott of 34 Meirion Street—near the Park Schools—Trecynon, Aberdare, said:- "The pains across my back and loins were so severe at times, that I was un- able to chop a bit of wood or get up the coals, and it was agony to stoop or kneel at work. I had to get through my work as best I could, often feeling more fit for bed. What caused the trouble I do not. remember, but for ten years or so I was hardly ever free from it. I have had to give up work, much against my wish. My rest at night was broken, and in the mornings my eyes were puffy. The water was altogether out of order, being. cloudy and scalding. I had had medical treatment, but with no benefit, then I was induced to try Doan's backache kidney pills. I had relief from the first box of pills. As I continued with them my health im- proved gradually, and by the time I had taken four boxes, I felt quite well again. I could eat better, and sleep better, too, and felt altogether better than I had been for some considerable time. I al- ways speak well of Doan's pills." On Oct. 18th, 1911--over two years later-lrs. Abbott said: "I still enjoy pretty good health, and never have the backache like I had before taking Doan's backache kidney pills. 1 never like to be without them in the house." Price 2/9 a box, 6 boxes 13/9; of all dealers, or from Foster-McClellan Co., 8 Wells Street, Oxford Street, London, W. Don't ask for backache and kid- ney pills,—ask distinctly for Doan'sr backache kidney pills, the same as Mrs. M. Abbott had.

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