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Calvaria, Aberdare.



MOUNTAIN ASH POLICE COURT. On Thursday, April 30th, before Mr. R. A. Griffith (deputy-Stipendiary), Col. M. Morgan, Major F. N. Gray, Captain G. A. Evans, and Councillor Griffith Evans. NEW MAGISTRATE. Councillor Griffith Evans, the new chairman of Mountain Ash Council, was sworn in as a magistrate. DRUNKS. Richard Jarman, in Jeffrey Street. Mountain Ash, lOe and costs; William Legge, in Henry Street. 5a and costs; William Taylor, in Henry Street, 188 and ooets; Thomas Davies, in Oxford Street, 10s and costs; Thomas Jones, in Penrhiwoeiber Road, 5s and costs; Jeremiah Foley, in Miskin Road, 10s and costs; Patrick Sullivan, in Miskin Road, on two occasions, 10s and costs for each offence; John Howells, in Penrhiwceiber Road; William Thom- as, in Penrhiwoeiber Road, on a Sunday; Robert Gudge, in Aberpennar Street; James Kedley, in Commercial Street, Mountain Ash; David Howells, in Ox- ford Street; John Harris, in lfiaVin Road; Frederick Prichard, in Penrhiw- ciber Road, 10s and costs each; Wil- liarfl John Williams and Thomas Thom- as. in Station Terrace, Penrhiwceiber, on a Sunday, 15s and costs each; Job Davies, Woodfield Terrace, Penrhiw- ceiber, on a Sunday, 15s and costs; Barry Collins, in Penrhiwceiber Road, 10s and costs; John Morgan, in High, Street, Mountain Ash, an old offender 20s and costs. MRS. HENNESSEY ONCE MORB.- WHITSABLE OYSTERS FOR MAG- ISTRATES. Elizabeth Hennessey, Lgainst whom there were several previous nviction8 for drunkenness, was sum- moned for being drunk and disorderly in Commercial Street, Mountain Ash, on March 28th. Two constables gave evi- dence of having seen her very drunk. S>he was using filthy language to the landord of the Bruce Anns, bhe was represented by Mr. S. Miipton. Defendant repeatedly inter- rupted the witnesses and Mr Shipton, and called one of the former a liar. stipendiary: Be quiet, you are doing Kreat harm to your case.—Mrs Hen- nessey I can't help it, sir.—Inspector Davies was called, and he said she had behaved very well for some time until a month ago. While the Bench were de- liberating Mrs. Hennessey made run- ning comments concerning various people, including her husband and the landlord of the Bruce Arms. D- it." she said, "I was not going to take an insult. I am not a d- fool now if I have been one. I am equal to the whole lot of them.Col. Morgan: Is there any ground for what you sav that she is leaving Mountain Ash? — Mr. Shipton Yes, arrangements are being made to send her to Whitstable to some friends for two or three months. Mrs. Hennessey: I wouldn't mind if it was to-morrow. I want some Whitstable oysters badly to pick up my strength. I am run down and very weak. She was asked to give an undertaking to be- have herself until the arrangements were complete for her to leave the town. This she promised to do. —Sti- pendiary: Then we'll adjourn the case for an indefinite period.—Mrs. Hennes- sey Thank you, very much. I'll make you a present of a bag of oysters from Whitstable when I get there, and you Inspector Davies, and you Col. Morgan. (Loud laughter.)—Mrs. Hennessey then left the Court. UNDER AGE.—Mary A. Rathmell, Mountain Ash. was summoned for sell- ing cigarettes to a boy 14 years of age. -P,C. Pugh gave evidence. Mrs. Rathniell's husband appeared, and wished to know why he had not been summoned instead of his wife, because his name was over the door.Case ad- journed to make enquiries. STREET BETTING. Thos. Sim- mons, Philip Street, Mountain Ash, and Benjamin Llewelyn, Miskin, were charged with frequenting Miskin Road for the purpose of taking bets.—P.C. Berryman said that on April 17th he saw Simmons take slips from Llewelyn. When he arrested them both had bett- ing papers and money.—Llewelyn was fined SSt and costs, and Simmons JBt and costs.


Labour Day at Mountain Ash.




Clywedion Dyffryn Dar.