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..--. Abercwmboi Notes.

Cwmaman Minister Honoured





Aberdare Cinema.

Aberdare Empire.

Calvaria, Aberdare.


Calvaria, Aberdare. Thursday night, at Calfaria xiall, Calfaria Band of Hope Choir gave a performance of the Temperance can- tata, Five Steps to Honour and Five Steps to Ruin" (J. Cook). The chair was taken by the Rev. James Griffiths, who showed to the large audience how the choir and the artistes would deal with the different steps to honour and ruin. The building of the various steps was done deftly by the respective youth- ful builders. The opening chorus, Childhood's Tears," was given by the choir. Recitation, What are theyf" by Una Williams. Maldwyn Jones and Florrie Pugh recited verses from the Book of Proverbs. Miss Bes- sie Lloyd rendered a contralto solo, | Save the Boy." Myra Wheeler gave a recitation, Have courage to say No." Gwyn Henton David and Olwen Roderick now recited Scripture. The j choir then sang the chorus, "The Bible." Gwladys Jones recited Thev | that seek me early shall find me." Joshua Price, May George, Thomas Ed- wards and Winnie Williams each recited verses from Proverbs. Ellen Druce re- cited How did they all begin." Solo j by Maggie M. Phillips, Twas drink that spoiled my boy." Recitation bv Olwen Druce, Where there's drink there's danger." George Bowen and Irene Knight recited, and the choir j sang the chorus, "While topers must j keep drinking." Speech by Richie Williams. Willie Richards and Doris Edwards recited, and the choir sang J Eden at Home." Mr Ben Pugh then sang a solo, "Carry me back to my mother's home." Thomas John James mother's home." Thomas John James and May James recited from Proverbs, and Elsie John recited Thrift and Health." The choir then sang Never say Fail," and Joseph Lewis recited "Be in Earnest." Ivor Thomas and Alice Roderick recited Scripture, and the choir sang "Is the conflict strong within theer" Miss Maggie Rees re- cited "Dishonesty," and Ivor Thomas and Irene Morgan portions of Scripture. Emlyn Evans recited "Give a helping hand," and the choir followed with Have pity on the poor." Merfyn Davies and Eunice Davies recited Scrip- ture, and Annie Price "The Downward Path." Chorus, Tramp, tramp, tramp," by the choir. Idris Williams and Peggy Frost recited Scripture and the choir sang "Live for something." Nancy Rees recited "Hymn of the True Man." The choir followed with Who is a brave man." Emlyn Druce recited "The two roads," and then came the final chorus, Blessed is the man." Great praise is due to the chil- dren and also the artistes for the man- ner they performed their work. The singing of the choir was of a very high order throughout. Mr David John Pugh, the conductor, deserves credit for the high standard of the singing. Mr David Richards (Nevern) had taught the reciters well, and it was he that acted as prompter for the evening. Professor Tom Davies acted as pianist and Wm. Hy. Pugh as organist. The chairman dwelt on the readiness of Pro- fessor Tom Davies to help every good cause. The doorkeepers were Messrs. R. J. Walters, J. D. Price, Thos. Wheeler and Rees Price. The officers of the Band of Hope are: Chairman, Mr Daniel Griffiths; treasurer, Mrs. John Lloyd; secretary, Mr Wm. Jas. Davies; assistant secretary, Mr Philip Jones. i The duetists in the last chorus were as follows Soprano, Miss Ellen Druce; contralto, Miss Maggie Rees tenor, Mr David Jones; bass, Mr John Lloyd. The event was splendidly organised by Mr W. J. Davies, the energetic secretary.



Labour Day at Mountain Ash.




Clywedion Dyffryn Dar.