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..--. Abercwmboi Notes.

Cwmaman Minister Honoured





ABERDARE. toS? s jfg -™,wwTif £ Ashton, Manchesier, on Friday, May for &ve5iles- at thT^apt^st V¥,h,rf £ S- cerdd Cynon), Cwffich. (Pen" ABERDARE. toS? s jfg -™,wwTif £ 8th, at 7.30, at the Hi*W & Girls- Sclool. IK*, known member ot' the Manchester City Council, where she has done excellent work. She is an atttractive speaker, and a strong advocate of woman suffrage. All should endeavour to hear her. Admission free. SERIOUS ACCIDENT. Mr. David Davies, Hawthorn Terrace, met with a severe accident on Saturday. While following his work as sawyer at Cwm- aman Colliery his hand came in contact with the saw, and his thumb and fore- finger were cut right off. He was taken to Aberdare Cottage Hospital, and attended to by Dr. Cory and Dr. Holmes. He is still at the hospital, and though slightlv better suffers badly from severe shock. Mr. Davies was always considered a very careful work- men, and has followed the occupation of sawyer for 30 years—10 years at Cwmaman. DEATH AND INTERMENT. Mr. John Jones, 23 Tanybryn Street, passen- ger driver on the T.V.R.. passed away on Friday, of double pneumonia. The j deceased was a native of Abercynon, where his family are well known. He was a very staid man and a good con- versationalist. The interment took place on Tuesday at the Aberdare New Cemetery, the 'Rev. James Griffiths, Calfaria, officiating. The following T.V.R. employees acted as bearers:- Mr. D. Walters, stationmaster; In- spector Roberts, Messrs. W. Rees, timekeeper; Rhys Davies, Penderyn; T. Morgan, retired driver; Tom Rees, driver; William Edmunds, fireman, and David John, driver. There were also present several T.V.R. loco. and traffic employees. The mourners were: Mrs. Jones, widow, and children, Jessie and Jacky; Mr. Evan Jones and son, Abercynon, brother and nephew; Mrs. Thomas and Misses Thomas, Aber- cynon, sister and nieces; Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Jenkins, father and mother- in-law Messrs. Sam Jenkins and Leonard Jenkins, brothers-in-law; Mr. and Mrs. D. S. Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Hughes, Penygraig; Mr. Dan Hurton, Ferndale; Mr. and Mrs. Evan Fisher, Merthyr; Mr. David Jenkins and Miss Nellie Jenkins, Troedvrhiw; Messrs. John Davies, Hirwain; Silas Evans and David Evans, Trecynon; Tom Evans, grocer, Aberdare; Mr. Abraham, Mer- thyr. Wreaths were sent by: T.V.R. Loco.; T.V.R. Traffic; Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Rees, Gore House Hotel, Swan- sea; Brother and nieces, Abercynon; Widow and children; Bertie and Harry, 'nephews. AN ELECTRICAL EMIGRANT. An excellent free and easy entertain- ment was held at the Castle Hotel on Tuesday evening to give honour to Mr. George Sutcliffe, of the Aberdare Elec- trical Co., Ltd., who is about to depart for British Columbia. The speech- making was opened by Mr. A. E. Bel- sten, Managing Director of the Aber- daro Electrical Co., Ltd., who, in a pleasant address, eulogised the manner in which Mr. Sutcliffe had served his firm, and remarked that the success of a business concern was always con- siderably enhanced by men such as Mr. Sutcliffe, in whom they found the unfailing energy and ability conducive to increased business and social inter- course. As a visible mark of apprecia- tion his fellow-workers and friends had subscribed towards a little presenta- tion, and on their behalf Mr. Belsten presented Mr. Sutcliffe with a Gladstone bag. Mr. Belsten wished Mr. Sutcliffe and family every luck and prosperity in their new surroundings.—Mr. Sut- cliffe, in his speech, expressed his sin- cere thanks for the presentation, and said that he would value the gift, not only for its intrinsic value, but more particularly for the kind thought which prompted the presentation, and for the recollections it bore Vf his many pleas- ant associations in Aberdare.—Speeches conveying the good wishes of the staff of the Electricity Department were made by Mr. A. J. Abraham (general manager), Mr. W. T. Hilder (outside superintendent), and Mr. G. D. Morgan (chief clerk), who in a pleasant strain wished him God-speed, and assured him that he took with him the best wishes of the staff in his new sphere of ac- tivity.—Mr. Tom Rees (proprietor) also gave expression to the qualities and abilities of Mr. Sutcliffe, and joined with the others in their good wishes.— Mr. Williamson, manager of the New Theatre and Hippodrome, introduced to the gathering Mrs Cassie Walmer and Mr. Kelly, who gave songs and dances. Mr. Llew Jones, Carl Rich- ardson, the local Cowboy Aspirant; Messrs. Tom Elliott, G. Rundle, R. S. Belsten, Tom Rees, A. E. Belsten, Owen Jones, and G. D Morgan also sang. Duets by Messrs. W. T. Hilder and Rees B. Jones and Tom Rees and Llew Jones. Messrs. W. T. Hilder and Rees B. Jones ably presided at the piano. The facilities afforded by the host for furthering the enjoyment of those present were much appreciated.


Aberdare Cinema.

Aberdare Empire.

Calvaria, Aberdare.



Labour Day at Mountain Ash.




Clywedion Dyffryn Dar.