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..--. Abercwmboi Notes.

Cwmaman Minister Honoured



CODREAMAN. WE HAVE a choice lot of new Wash- ) ing Crepons and Sponge Cloths in all widths. See Windows this week.—J. M. Evans, London Warehouse, Aberdare. OBITUARY. On Friday evening last little Penry Thomas, aged 3 years and 7 months, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Thomas, 12 Pleasant View, passed away. On Monday the mortal remains were interred at the Aberdare Cemetery. The Rev. E. W. Llewelyn, Libanus, officiated. Mourners: Messrs. Joseph Thomas, father; William Thomas, grandfather; William J. Thomas, Ferndale; Tom Morgan, Car- diff Road; Joseph Williams, Aber- cwmboi, and Uewelyn Jones, Violet Street, uncles. Beautiful wreaths were sent by: (1) Mr. and Mrs. D. Vaughan Jones, London, uncle and aunt; (2) Idwal and Ceinwen, brother and sister; (3) Neighbours and friends; (4) Uncle and cousins, Abercwmboi; (5) Miss Richards, headmistress, Aman School; (6) Miss Jones, assistant mistress; (7) Mrs. Davies, Pleasant View; (8) Master Merfyn Price; (9) Mrs. Venables. PREACHING SERVICES. The annual preaching services of Hebron C.M. Church were held on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday last. The minis- ters were the Revs. J. Puleston Jones, M.A., the famous blind preacher, and J. Roberts, M.A., Cardiff. On Satur- day evening the Rev. J. Puleston Jones took his text from Romans v. 19; Sunday morning, Rev. J. Roberts, •j"™, x- 28;. afternoon, Mr. Jones, Matthew xxn. 8; evening. Revs. J. Roberts and Puleston Jones, Hebrews xiii. 8, and Revelations v. 5, 6, 7 re- spectively Monday afternoon, Mr. Ro- berts, Matthew xvi. 34, 25; evening, Mr. Roberts, John v. 20. and Mr Puleston Jones, Isaiah Iviii. 3. The Saturday evening and Mondav after- noon services were commenced by the T- Thomas, Noddfa, and J. Myddiai Joints, Cwmbach, rBSDectivclv The Rev. J. Lewis, pastor, conducted the services, The precentor was Mr. William Rees, whilst Mr. Evan Jones, A.L.C.M., presided at the organ.




Aberdare Cinema.

Aberdare Empire.

Calvaria, Aberdare.



Labour Day at Mountain Ash.




Clywedion Dyffryn Dar.