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IFree Library Committee Criticised.

j Chairman's Reply.


Chairman's Reply. Replying to the criticism, Mr A. P. Jones said that people who ought to attend the Executive Committee never did so, and the work was left to four or five persons. He did not pretend to bc an authority on Welsh literature. though he could speak and read Welsh. He had always been prepared to he led by any authority in this matter. The committee had a right to expect more encouragement. The late Mr Griffith George had gifcsn a great deal of assist- ance, and E-i) haxl the Rev. J. M. Jones, and the late Mr D. M. Richards. On the whole they had had very little sup- port from local ministers and clergymen —the very people who ought to take an interest and attend. He had paid a great deal of attention to juvenile literature, for a very large number of children came there. They had also catered well in mining and kindred sub- jects. What was meant by "the majority" was the majority of borrow- ers, and this majority was made up of boys and girls, hence his interest in the juvenile department. He had felt all along that it was a mistake to have so many libraries in the district. One Central Library with branch reading rooms would be far better. As it was the bulk of the money went in adminis- tration. The actual cost of administra- tion in Aberdare town was t361 and if it were not for the fact that they had a balance in hand from the previous year all the money they could spend on books would be tll. Continuing, Mr. Jones said it would be very nice to have a 2d. library rate, but other things were going up, such as the education rate. The salaries of teachers were going up by £ 1,000 a year, and a Id. rate only produced £700. In Cardiff and Swan- sea a Id. rate would bring in anything from £3,000 to £ 4,000. Mr. Geo. Powell thanked the chair- man for his explanation, and Mr Og- wen Williams gave notice to move a re- solution dealing with the election of committees. Mr Williams added that all the criticism had reference to the committee and not to any of the offi- cials.


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