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81 *--< CWMBACH.


81 < CWMBACH. OUTING.—Bethania Sunday School children journeyed on Monday to Barry Island, when a most enjovable dav was spent. A SMOKING CONCERT was held at the Duffryn Arms on .Friday last to present Mr Thomas James, foreman smith at Llettyshenkin Colliery, on the occasion of his marriage. Mr D. C. Jones, Royal Oak, presided. The fol- lowing took part:—Messrs T. L. Bebb* Cefnpennar; David Jones, R. L. Butler, William Richards, Nathan Mathews. Mr William James, smith, handed over on behalf of the workmen to Mr Thomas James a silver tea-pot. He wished Mr James long life and happiness. Mr James responded, and thanked all for the kindness shown to him. Con- gratulatory speeches were made by Messrs D. Jones, D. C. Jones, and \V. Jones. SMOKER AND PRESENTATION. On Tuesday evening at the Royal Oak Inn a smoking concert took place, the occasion being to present Mr Richard Thomas, School Row, a winder em- ployed at the Lettyshenkin Colliery, on his retirement. The chair was occupied by Mr Jonathan Ward. The chairman stated that he had known Mr Thomas for the last few years, he being em- ployed as a pitman in the same collierv. He wished him a long and pleasant re- tirement. A pianoforte solo was given by Air Noah Fletcher. Songs by Mr J. Bevan, Mr Sam Hibburn, Aberaman, and Mr Howell Williams. Selections on the bones by Mr Joseph Webb. Songs by Messrs T. L. Bebb, Noah Fletcher, T. L. Janies, and Dan Palmer. Selec- tions on the gramophone by Mr Evan Miles. Song by Mr Joseph Ellery, Cefn- pennar. Mouth organ solo by Mr Nathan Morris. Songs by Messrs D. C. Jones, David Jones, Nathan Morris. and D. G. Pugsley. The accompanist was Mr Dan Palmer, and the secretary of the movement was Mr John Sweet. P.S. Kear, Cwmbach, then presented Mr Richard Thomas with a handsome walking-stick, suitably inscribed as follows: Presented to Mr Richard Thomas by his fellow-workmen. July loth, 1913." P.S. Kear remarked that he knew Air Thomas for the last six years. and spoke highly of him. Mr Thomas had been employed under the P.O. Com- pany for the last 38 years, and for 22 years as a winding engineman. During the 22 years not a single accident had happened in the shaft during his con- trol of the engine. He (the speaker) would like to see the time coming when the P.D. Company and other large companies would see their way clear to give remuneration for long service t* trustworthy servants on retiring.-My Thomas Davies wished Mr TTiomas every happiness in the evening of his life.—Air David Jones, Green Villas, in eulogising the recipient, said he wan expressing his own feelings and also those of all the Letty Shenkin warkmen. —Air Fred Jones, winder, also expressed a similar feeling.—Mr Thomas, re- sponding, said that he would always re- member the kind feeling shown to him by his fellow-workmen on his retire- ment, and cherish the valuable presentd given him.—Mr D. C. Jones. Mr Scho- field, and Mr Howell Williams also spoke. A vote of thanks was proposed to the chairman by Mr Howell Williams.