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Mountain Ash District Council


Mountain Ash District Council On Tuesday, Mr. E. Morris, J.P., in the chair. The other members present were Messrs. Thos. Jones, D. Rogers, Bruce Jones, W. Millar, Griffith Evans, Noah Bowles, T. W. Jones, G. H. Hall, W. Lamburn, W. Davies. Capt. G. A. Evans, J.P., Rev. E. V. Tidman, with Mr. J. M. Linton (joint clerk), Mr. F. Stock (assistant), Mr. W. G. Thomas (sur- veyor), and Mr. H. T. Jones (sani- tary inspector). Theatre Licenses. Theatre licenses were renewed to Rees Williams, Ynysybwl Institute; David Poke, Penrhiwceiber; John Curnow, Mountain Ash, and John Griffiths, Abercynryi. Shops Act. This item was on the agenda, but the Clerk said he had nothing fresh to report. Rev. E. V. Tidman: Have the newsagents made any further appli- cation ?—No. Rev. E. V. Tidman: Then the mat- ter must be left in abeyance, I sup- pose. Fire Brigades. Mr. G. H. Hall moved: "That a sum equal to one-third of the amount to be paid to Mr. R. L. Berry for his services in connection with the Mountain Ash, Abercynon and Ynys- ybwl Fire Brigades, be paid to the person in charge of the Penrhiwcei- ber Fire Brigade." Mr. Hall ex- plained that they had an efficient fire Brigade in Penrhiwceiber, and It was only fair that the person who had trained them, viz., Mr. T. J. Brver. should be remunerated for his work. The Brigade had been in existence for 11 years, and they had saved the Council a good deal of money. He moved that zCl3 6s. 8d. w1 paid. Mr. Noah Bowles seconded. If this Brigade had not been trained, the Council would be put to addi- tional expenditure now. Mr. D. Rogers suggested giving an honorarium for past services, but the ierk was afraid this could not be done. After further discussion Mr. Hall's motion was carried by 10 to 3. Trade Union Rate of Wages. Mr. Rees Llewelyn, district secre- tary of the Municipal Employees' Association, applied for increase of ^'ages for three masons, two car- penters, three gas fitters, one Painter, and two blacksmiths by pay lrAent to them of the full trade union *ate of wages for their respective trades. Mr. Llewelyn wrote that the men employed by Mountain Ash Council !I'ere badly underpaid, and in some instances were 7s. a week less than Neighbouring1 districts. The three tiiasons received 36s., 34s., and the third less, whereas the trade union tate was 39s. 6d. per week. Car- Penters receive 32s. instead of 39s., and gas-workers 33s. instead of 6d. the painters 31s. instead of 6s. lod. and blacksmiths only 30s ljistead of a larger sum. The Muni- ClPal Employees' Society wanted to ^aise the standard to the trades *Hion rate. The men had been em ployed for years below what they ought to get, and he trusted that the Council would favourably consider the application. w Mr. W. Millar moved, and Mr. T. P ■ Jones seconded, that the applica- tion be referred to committee.—Car- ried. Mr. Bruce Jones suggested that the Surveyor obtain the amounts Paid in other districts. The Surveyor promised to obtain his information. land Valuation, etc.—Government Want Assistance. p -The Inland Revenue Authorities at Cardiff wrote asking the Council to gant permission to the Surveyor to pve evidence concerning the cost of laying roads, etc., there being a dis- pute between them and Messrs. lXon. Capt. Evans and Mr. W. Millar op- Posed the request, the former re- marking that Council officials should ?°t compete with outside men who ^ad to find money to pay salaries to sUh officials. Hey. E. V. Tidman said that if that Principle was to be adopted it ought 0 be adopted to all. Mr. Uogers maintained that the ^tfc'vevor was not in competition with side professional men in this mat- • ei As the district surveyor he was In. a position to know more about the cos of laying roads and preparing estiuiates for same. This case was llot on all fours with the request 1"4de some time ago to allow the I Purveyor to prepare a plan in connec- tioll with the Miskin manslaughter ^oseeution. Mr. W. Millar said that it would efttail work for the surveyor, such as hl'eYing and taking levellings on e ground. apt. Evans said that the people SVuld attend the Council Office here. -hat would be better than sending ~he Surveyor to London to give evi- dence. lr. Noah Bowles said the request made by Government officials ^nder the Finance Act, and the ^°uncil should give them every distance. The Clerk pointed out that the evi- flence was required in order to deter- mine the amount that Messrs. Nixon have to pay. Mr. Noah Bowles: Who is there lat can give this evidence more cfearly than our surveyor ? No out- ride person can supply this inform- ation. Mr. W. Lamburn observed that *hey should deal with the question ln a public spirit. The land question 'onld be dealt with soon—(Mr. Tid- man Hear, hear.)—and the value of land would have to be assessed, therefore they should give every j^sistance to the Government and help them on as quickly as possible. There was a duty devolving on the Council, and he moved that the re- quest be granted. Mr. W. Davies seconded. Mr. G. H-Hall and Rev. E. V. Tid- man supported. Capt. G. A. Evans moved that the request be not granted. If they wanted information they could come and get it. Rev. E. V. Tidman remarked that if the information would be supplied. provided the Inland Revenue Authorities cared to attend the office, that would meet the case. Mr. Lamburn then withdrew his motion, and it was resolved that a reply be sent offering to furnish any information when they visited the Council Offices. Stocks and Stores. The Stocks and Stores Committee reported as follows :— "It was reported that there were two 10 light meters unacftounteckfor in the old meters account for e year ended 31st March last. The accountant stated that, if the meters were not forthcoming, there was no alternative but to show them as a loss in the accounts or else to debit them against the person who last had charge of them according to the writ- ten records, and who had failed to give further account of them. One of the missing meters was traced at stock-taking on Tuesday. July 1st. 1910. It had evidently been in stock at the 31st March last, having been taken out of premises on 16th Oct., 1912; but it was not entered in the records as being in stock at the 31st March last, hence the discrepancy in the meters account. At the time of going to print, there is still one meter unaccounted for." Capt. Evans wanted to refer the matter back to committee, and Rev. E. V. Tidman said the feW members of the Stocks and Stores Committee had had enough of the matter. Mr. William Davies said the Coun- cil should do something to prevent a repetition, and receipts should be given for meters in each instance. Rev. E. V. Tidman said that re- port after report had come showing inattention to duty on the part of Mr. Isaac. He (Mr. Tidman) con- sidered that these items were an in- dication of something that must be put right. He would further like to know whether these things (now un- der discussion) had happened subse quent to a certain action taken by the Council. Mr. Stock said they had happened before then. Capt. Evans: Then why make a big fuss over this thing? The matter them dropped. Assistant's Salary. D. Emrys Griffiths, second assist- ant in clerk's and accountant's de- partment, asked for an increase of his present salary of zC52 per annum. Mr. Griffith stated that he had been on the same salary for 3 years. Capt. Evans said there was sore need of devising some scheme where- by there would be promotions sys- tematically with consequent in- creases of salary. Mr. W. Millar thought this appli- cation a deserving one. This young man was very energetic, and not a "elock-watcher." Mr. T. W. Jones moved that an increase of 5s. a week be granted. Mr. W. Davies seconded, and Capt. Evans supported. The motion was unanimously agreed to. Free Meals. The Director of Education wrote asking the Council to pass a resolu- tion authorising him to supply to the Board of Education for sanction to expend out of the rates during the current financial year a sum not ex- ceeding a half-penny rate for pro- viding meals for necessitous school- children. Mr. Wi Lamburn moved, and Mr W. Davies seconded that that be done. Mr. Thos. Jones asked how much had been spent last year. Mr. Stock said the whole amount was nearly spent, owing to the na- tional strike. The motion was agleed to. Trades Union Lend Money to Municipality. It was resolved to sign cheques for £ 58 4s. Id. and zC70 19s. 5d. in favour of the Amalgamated Society of Engineers in payment of principal and interest due. Where is the Increment? Bills* were presented for £!4'- IDs. in connection with the purchase of land (Cwm Farm) from Col. Vaughan Lee. Mr. Bruce Jones: What about the increment duty ? Clerk: Oh, the Council doiiot pay that. Mr. Bruce Jones: Don't they. i i-i deed ? It is already put in the price for the land. (Laughter.) Refuse Tip at Carnetown. The Surveyor mentioned that it was intended to tip refuse within 200 feet of houses at Carhetown Mr. Bruce Jones remarked that the time was about ripe to have a refuse destructor. Mr. W. Millar Where will you put the refuse after you destrtfy it: Mr. Bruce Jones: Generate elec- tricity with it to light the whole of the district. < Mr. D. Rogers: I am glad to see you in suck a reforming mood. Mr. Thomas Jones said the tip would be too near the houses. The people might apply for an injunction. Mr. Bruce Jones Push it farther over. 100 yards or so. I move that the Surveyor look for another site. Mr. T. W. Jone.s seconded.—Car- ried. Penrhiwceiber Brigade ort their Dignity. Mr. Webb, the secretary of the Penrhiwceiber Fire Brigade, wrote protesting against the rude remarks passed by some Councillors at their last meeting. The Brigade had been in existence for 11 years, and they would prefer a word of appreciation to being made fun of. (Laughter.' Mr. Bruce Jones Why wasn't that letter read before we decided to give thenizCl39 Capt. Evans: Who is the culprit ? Chairman: I take it there is no further comment on the letter. An Ambiguous Phrase. In reply to a communication from the Council regarding heavy traffic near the Pavilion, Mr. E. T.* James, on behalf of the Pavilion Co., wrote promising to place the complaint be- fore the Company's next meeting. The letter concluded: "In the mean- while I presume we are allowed to remain.—Yours truly, E. T. James, on behalf of the Pavilion Co." Rev. E. P. Tidman wanted to know what the last sentence meant. Had there been any suggestion that the Pavilion Co. must remove? The Clerk did not. understand the question, and referred to the Coun- cil's letter of complaint. No enlightenment came from any- where for a time, until Mr. G. H. Hall hazarded the opinion that it might be an original way of ex- pressing the hackneyed phras-- "Allow me to remain, yours truly, etc." A Member: Rather an ambiguous phrase. (Laughter.) At a Cost of 92,000. Proposed Park for Abercynon. The Abercynon members, who had been delegated to discuss ways and means of obtaining a Park at ALeJ- cynon, now submitted their report, and recommended that £2,000 be offered for 10 acres on Goitre Coed Estate. Mr. T. W. Jones said it was the I only place they could find at Aber- cynon. Mr. Thos. Jones Why do you want 10 acres? We had to do with four acres at Penrhiwceiber. Capt. Evans What do Abercynon want—Pleasure Grounds or Recrea- tion Grounds ? If the former, it will have to be laid out pretty, pretty. Mr. Bruce Jones said that what they wanted was a place for the children to go to from the street. They didn't want a band-stand as an ornament, and baths which would be pulled down in less than 12 months. Mr. Noah Bowles did not consider there was so much need for a Park at Abercynon as there was in other parts of the district. Mr. T. W. Jones: You don't know Abercynon. Mr. Noah Bowles: You have nice country walks down there, and plenty of open spaces where you can breathe God's free air and come back with good appetites. Capt. Evans: Hallo What is the text ? (Laughter.) Mr. W. Lamburn: Recreation. (Renewed laughter.) Mr. Rowles said there was need of such a place ot Miskin. Mr. Bruce Jones said there was great need of so'me such grounds at Abercynon. The Carnetown chil- .dren ha.d nowhere to, go. ('apt. Evans: They are having a refuse tip in that part of the district already. (Laughter.) Mr. Bruce Jones: And you call that a recreation ground do you 'I Mr. D. Rogers: That will be as good as the Ffrwd Brook. Mr. G. A. Evans No, not quite so good. Mr. Rogers: And yet you are not willing for us to take stones away from there. Mr. Bruce Jones said that Ynvsv- bwl. Mountain Ash, and Penrhiw ceiber had their Parks. Mr. W. Davies said he did not know where Mountain Ash Park was. It wasn't much of a thing. There was only a small space for recreation, with two or three swings there for children. He would like to see a Park in every Ward—a Park of 3 acres. Capt. Evans And a cow. (Laugh ter.) Mr. Rogers Mr. Davies is a follow- e" of Jesse Collins. After further discussion Mr. Bruce Jones moved that they ask for 7 acres for £ 1,400. This was seconded. Mr. Thomas Jones moved that they do not ask for any space at present. the time being inopportune. Capt. Evans seconded.' Mr. Bruce Jones' motion was car ried by 7 to 6. Mr. Millar: You have a Park al- ready at Abercynon ? Mr. B. Jones: Where is that ? Mr. Millar: Carnepark! (Laugh- ter.) C.M. Church Vestry Baptised. j The authorities of Noddfa Welsh C.M. Church. Mountain Ash, claimed damages for the flooding of their vestry owing to the bursting of a water lalll, The Surveyor stated that it was true the place had been flooded, and the Council men had attended to the pipe. The Clerk was directed to report on the liability of the Council. Stop Water Once More. The Surveyor reported that he had carefully considered the water supply of. the district, and he recommended that the water be cut off from 11 p.m. to 8 a.m. every night in Mountain Ash, Penrhiwceiber, Tyntetown, and Ynys- boeth. and that a warning be issued to the inhabitants of Abercynon and Ynysybwl against wastage. After some discussion it was resolved to cut off the supply between 8 p.m. and .*) a.m. instead of 11 to 8. Carnetown Water.-Colliers Unwashed for Three Days. Mr. Uruso Jones referred to a letter which appeared in the Press dealing with the scarcity of water at Carne- town. The state of things there did not reflect credit on the Council. A large portion of the place had been without water for the last 8 or 10 days, I and the people had had recourse to springs near Farm Wood and the Wooden Bridge. The Surveyor reported that Cardiff Street, Abercynon, Nos 29--61, had been without water for three days last week Hill Street for three days; Aber- dare Road. 11 houses, for 3 days. Mr. W. Lamburn: Can such a body as the owners of that property levy a water rate, unless they give an ade- quate supply Capt. Evans They don't levy a rate, but they charge for water. Mr. T. W. Jones said he had nothing to do with the business, but he would like to point out that there had been a serious leakage. When that was re- paired there was a supply of 600 gallons per hour. T8e Carnetown Co. would have to cut off the supply from all other houses except their own. Mr. W. Lamburn It is very queer that this leakage was not found till now. Mr. Bruce Jones: I know of some workmen who have not washed for three days owing to shortage of water. Mr. W. Millar: That is not so bad as people in Lancashire, who only wash once a year, that is when they go to Blackpool. Capt. Evans suggested that the Sur- veyor communicate with the Company and report to the next Council meet- ing. Mr. D. Rogers remarked that it was high time to deal with this question, or the Council would have to deal with something far more serious. In reoly to Mr. Lamburn, the Clerk said that if the Council were satisfied that there was an inadequate supply, they could take certain steps. Mr. Bruce Jones suggested that sam- ples be taken of water at the springs. It was possible that typhoid would break out. Mr. Millar: I am very doubtful of that spring near the Swing Bridge. A motion that the Surveyor com- municate with the Co. and that samples, b" taken was agreed to.

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