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"C'ti:f"{-¡\:<; "¡"f,i't¡}'-j'f- <ir > /.}' ):'i;fr::(t: A Wonderful Remedy for Constipation Money back if not satisfied IF you suffer from constipation, biliousness or stomach disorders—if you have a headache or a bad taste in your mouth when you wake in the mornings-try Rexall Orderlies, a really wonderful remedy. They are a laxative confection, very pleasant to the taste and gentle in action. They correct irregularity and so prevent the many serious ailments that start with constipation. I Zl> Remember, you cannot work or play well if you have this trouble. It hurts your efficiency- a very serious thing in these days of severe Z5 competition. Why not start using (Trade Mark.) "ORDERLIES" (The Laxative Confection) to-day ? Start using them on this understanding —if they do not stiit your condition and give you relief, we will return your money in full. You can buy them for 7 £ d., 1/- and 2/ Orderlies" are one of the famous Rexall Remedies of which there is one for each of the common human ills and every one is sold on this ob I x mmmm GUARANTEE The United Drug Co. and The Rexall Shop, selling this preparation, guarantee it to give you satisfaction; if it does not, go back to the shop where you bought it and get your money. It belongs to you and we want you to have it." This guarantee means just what it says "Money back" if not satisfied. Another thing-we have no secrets from you. Every (J Rexall Chemist has the formulae of Rexall Preparations. Ask him what any of them f contain. He will be glad and proud to tell you. Rexall Preparations are the best that money and brains can make we know it, will if you try them. Remember that Rexall goods are onlv for sale at the Rexall chemist shop, of which there is one in almost every community. The Rexall Chemist in ADerdare is EMRYS E. EVANS, M.P.S., Dispensing Chemist, CIO Victoria Square, Aberdare. 7;ih; f:< .), 't:J>' :t,/( rt'!( 'c;J-r7'*¡:t. Hr ,i' >, .f:i?IJF: 'J OJ —SUUJUU

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