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Business Corner. HINTS TO SHOPKEEPERS. If you are about to take a place of business you should consider it from many points of view. If you have small capital and no intimate knowledge of any business, and you are about to em- bark in the exchange of commodities for cash in order to obtain an honest livelihood, unless you start with proper precautions and judgment your capital will be expended without adequate re- sults. Rent and taxes will accumulate; the stock will lie dead or become de- teriorated, and the consequence will be loss and ruin. It is just the same in the case of a larger capitalist. For it is probable that on commencing business he would speculate more of his money in larger stocks; would incur liability of heavier rent and the attendant taxes; the wages of assistants and servants would be greater; and should the returns not come speedily similar consequences to those in the case of the small capi- talist would sooner or later ensue. Localities.—Before entering upon a speculation in shop-keeping, consider well the nature of the locality in which you propose to carry on the trade; the population; the habits and wants of the people, and the extent to which they are already supplied with the goods you propose to offer them. Small capitalists have the tendency to rush into new neighbourhoods with the expectation of making early connection. Low rent also serves as an attraction to these localities. General experience tends to show that the early suburban shop seldom succeeds. In these districts you will find shops opened, even while the streets are unpaved, and while the roads are as rough as country lanes. The few inhabitants of these localities have frequent communication with adjacent centres of business, and have their chief wants supplied by such. So the newly- arrived shopkeeper has to depend largely upon the fprgetfulness of his neighbour, who omits-to bring something from the cheaper and better market, or upon the changes of the weather, which may sometimes favour him by rendering a trip to town" exceedingly undesirable. You should remember that While the grass is growing the steed is starving," and thus while the new districts are being peopled the funds of the small capitalist are gradually being eaten up. You should be very cautious in opening in suburban districts. It seems, there- fore, desirable for the small capitalist rather to run the risk of a more ex- pensive rent in a well-peopled district than to resort to places of slow and un- certain demand. The welfare of the small shopkeeper depends entirelv upon the frequency with which his limited stock is turned over and replaced with new supplies. Of course, there are many advantages that can be looked upon in opening up in business in a suburban district. Competition is less severe, and rents and rates less burden- some, and yet there are many pre- cautions which it will be well to ob- serve.

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