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Aberdare Police Court.


Aberaman Brakedrivers Heavily…


Aberaman Brakedrivers Heavily Fined. Frederick Fone, brakedriver, was summoned at the instance of the R.S.P.C.A. for working his horse in an unfit state. Mr. W. Thomas defended. Inspector Barrack stated that on the 11th inst. he saw defendant's horse on the stand. He could see from across the street that there was something wrong with it. He examined the horse, and found sores of long standing. The horse was suffering very acutely, and its condition must have been known to de- fendant, because the sores were blis- tered. By Mr. Thomas: The defendant took the horse to the stable at once, when he was told. P.S. South gave corroborative evi- dence. The Bench imposed a fine of £ 3 and costs. Jas. Stephens, brakedriver, Aber- aman, was similarly charged, evidence being given by the R.S.P.C.A. Inspec- tor, who stated that the animal had great difficulty in standing on the road. He drew the attention of defendant to the state of the animal's fore legs, and he replied It is the hard road that has done it." There was fever in both fore feet, and it must have been lame for some weeks. Defendant: It wasn't lame at all when on the street. The Bench inflicted a fine of £ 3 and costs.

Theft of Coal.

Damaging a Fence.


I Damaging a Cow.

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III-Treating Horses.

Trecynon Trespassers.

Is it the Same Club?


Abercwmboi Theft.

"Think it Over."


Serious Charge Against Mountain…

Three Shillings and Sixpence.

Llwydcoed Farmer and His Wife.

-__------._-_.. Cricket.

Miners' Conference at Cardiff


( p and Down th Vaiiey

v Letters to the Editor.j


Is it the Same Club?