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PKNRHIWCEIBER POST OFFICE AND HALF HOLIDAY. Sir,—May I say a word or two on the matter that was dealt with at a meet- ing held at the Workmen's Institute, Penrhiwceiber. on Friday evening last, to hear the half-yearly report by Coun- cillor Hall and Guardian D. Davies, namely the half-day holiday granted by the Postmaster General to all the Post Office Staff. Nothing was said with regard to the outside work, only sub-postmaster and his assistants. I may point out that at present the sub-postmaster at Penrhiwceiber works 16 hours per day and (5 hours on Sun- day, making a total of 102 per week, with nightly telephone calls to attend to. The assistants work 12 hours per day—taking meals on duty, and have to work one hour after 8 p.m. The workmen present at the meeting dealt with the matter in a very reason- able spirit, wishing that other people might enjoy what they enjoyed them- selves, if no inconvenience would be caused to anybody thereby. Tele- grams could be received from any sub- scriber's 'phone or the 'vhone at the Workmen's Institute, and a competent operator would be kept on duty. The half holiday was unanimously voted for. But a letter was read by the chair- man from the Chamber of Trade oppos- ing the half holiday, but giving no reason whatever for doing so. Who are these people that constitute the Chamber of Trade? Do they fairly represent the tradespeople of Penrhiw- ceiber? Are they all tradespeople? Merely visiting shops to gossip does not make a tradesman. We have them trying to set back the hands of the clock by opposing the half-day holiday (enjoyed by themselves) to these hard- worked Post Office workers, who get no rest except a few hours on Sunday. Moreover, some of the opponents of the boon of a weekly half-holiday to these sweated public servants are of the class who hold up their hands in horror if they see such -people taking a drive on Sunday. I am afraid that envy is at the root of it. If I have a grudge against anyono it would be cowardly on my part to use any society as a means to pour vengeance on him. The question is often asked who is the ruling power in this society? Is it not a fact that our present post- master was the means to have the post office opened on Sundays for stamps only aRd a despatch. No one but a fool would expect more on Sunday. Yet there are among those who oppose this half-holiday people who have actu- ally asked for postal orders on Sunday. —Yours, WORKMAN.

Trinity, Aberdare.,



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