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Marwolaeth Mr David Thomas,…

Sporting Notes.


Sporting Notes. BY "OPTIMIST." A new law has been made by the Football Association with reference to coupon betting during the forthcoming season. This law decrees that an official of an association or club, a referee, linesman, or a player who has taken part in coupon betting in football re- sults shall be permanently prevented from taking part in football or football management. I Football clubs must now insert a clause in their agreement with players to the effect that the agreement will be terminated upon it being proved that a player has taken part in coupon foot- ball betting. I do not agTee with the foregoing rule adopted by the F.A., and what is more this rule will be found unwork- able before the end of next season. Betting is extensively carried on every- where, and the result of this will be that players and officials will do their betting in private in the future. I would suggest that a special school for the training of gymnastic teachers should be established in this district, when both the ladies and gentlemen could undergo a course of practical and I theoretical instruction. Such schools hILve already been established in various parts of Germany. The art of rowing and swimming could be included as I subjects in the curriculum, and the local Park Pond could be made good use of, especially in the summer. To learn the art of life-saving is of immense importance. I feel sure that such a pro- ject would meet with the approval of a host of teachers in this valley. I I learn that a great effort is being made to place the Mountain Ash Rugby Football Club on a satisfactory financial basis, and the debt on the organisation has been considerably reduced during the past few weeks. The club will make a bold bid to keep the flag of Welsh Rugby Amateurism flying over the whole of the valley, and in this they will cer- tainly secure the support of the Welsh Football Union. I have often noticed the absurd man- ner in which U pushers-off have been allowed to follow their cvcling favourites over the mark at various sports, and especially at sports meetings held in this town. This should be put a stop to. At a certain sports meeting not very far from this place one rider, who got what is known as a "running- shove," was disqualified by the judges after he had won his heat. The same method could be adopted locally. I think it is very unfair to the competitors when special privileges are granted to any attendant or backer of any rider. Of course, in the excitement of the mo- ment there are many little faults that are overlooked by the starter. Representatives of the Press are over- looked at the local Athletic Grounds. They have to sit on the hard and un- even boards, which are both uncom- fortable for the body and make it diffi- cult to write. Visiting knights of the pen are often shocked to find that we have no press box on the field. Mr Tom Lloyd, secretary of the Aber- dare Motor Cycle Club, accomplished a trip to Coventry and back in record time. Leaving Aberdare at 3.5 a.m. on Thursday morning, he reached Coventry at 7.15 a.m. He started the return journey at 6.40 in the evening, and ar- rived home at 11.15 p.m., thus covering a distance of over 380 miles. Mr Lloyd had to take the longest route to avoid toll gates. Those who enter races promoted chiefly for motor cyclists are not so many as one would imagine. To merely n announce the result, the name of the winning machine, and, similar details is insufficient. The judges at such meet- ings should make a general criticism that deals with faults and gives all credit to improvement. So the Aberaman Albions will again run their football club next season. Mr Ben Kent, who was mainly instrumental in establishing the team, has been again elected secretary. I would advise the club to make a bid for the use of that excellent field opposite Club Street. The Brothers Ivor and Tom Meredith, two well-known local sportsmen, are making a bid at establishing an up-to- date physical culture club for Cwmbach. I feel certain that the club will be most strongly supported. What has become of the effort once made in the town to establish a Y.M.C.A.? The promoters had suggested the formation of a gymnastic or ath- letic club. What a glorious oppor- tunity lost! The Aberdare Church Cricket eleven secured a decisive victory over Aber- cynon on Saturday last under the aus- pices of Division 1. of the Glamorgan League. The Darians, moreover, signalled- their first appearance this season on the Athletic Grounds with a win-which may prove a happy augury for the club in general. The homesters won by 24 runs, the scores being Aber- dare, 67; Abercynon, 43. A feature of the game was the brilliant form shown by Ward Davies for the Darians, who succeeded in compiling the top score of 26 runs, not out. He is a very cautious batsman, and he is also very successful in every otter form of sport. Tommy George, our demon bowler, succeeded in doing very nicely, taking 6 wickets for 8 runs. However, several of our local cracksmen suffered hard lines that day in being either caught or bowled quite ) unexpectedly. The locals have a most versatile wicket-keeper in the person of Woodcliffe, a new comer. The home pitch was in splendid condition that day, and the climatic conditions were ideal. A little more nublic support is all that is now required. Abercynon also gave a good account of themselves—especially in fielding. Her- bert Davies, their left-handed bowler, was in grand form; yet he found the local batsmen equal to the occasion. At least, he failed to dispose of Ward Davies, try as he would. The visitors' batsman with the ruddy locks did very well in compiling a total of 16 runs. On the whole it was a pleasant game to watch, and quite worthy of a good gate. The Churchmen won the league cup last year; will they also annex this season's trophy? I hope so. In the person of Mr J. G. Havard, the Churchmen have a most able and efficient captain, whose advice, both on and off the field, is sought for, and whose opinions are greatly respected. He is the very life of the club (who are, by the way, a pretty lively lot). Mr Havard is, perhaps, better known in football circles, having acted as a first- class referee during the past few years. A member of the South Wales Referees' Association he is quite at home in ex- plaining any of the intricacies of the laws of the game, and on the field rules with the proverbial rod of iron. He has introduced several players into the town team, and has been a clever player himself. Pigeon-flying appears to be a favourite pastime with a good number of the voung men at Abernant, where a series of "sweeps" are held. There are quite a large number of birds always avail- able in this district, and preference is given to the Homer and the Red-Checker variety. This (Thursday) afternoon the mem- bers of our motor-cycle club will make a long run from the Square to Porth- I cawl. Many of the riders are enthusi- astic golfers, so the trip will prove of dual importance to them. Who was the local enthusiast who sustained a puncture with his light- weight motor-cycle at Rhigos on Wed- nesday evening and was obliged to push his machine home all the way ? Is it true that he had also fallen by the wayside?" The sympathy of the members of the Motor-cycle Club, as well as of a host of friends in town, will go out to Mr Frank Hek in his bereavement through the death of his mother. History repeats itself. The Aberdare Town Football team have been drawn to play Mardy in the preliminary round of the English Cup Competition. Last year the match took place at Aberdare, but this season the game will be played at Mardy. Lat year the Darians succumbed to a one nil defeat. I wonder whether they will turn the tables upon the Rhondda- ites this time ?

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