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ABERDARE. SUDDEN DEATH. We regret to state that Mrs Morgan, wife of Mr M. W. Morgan, tailor, Mouk Street, passed away suddenly on Tuesday, as the result of a paralytic seizure. Iii connection with the Aberdare Town Tennis Club a "ale of work, organised by the ladies of the club, took place on the grounds at Robertstown on Thursday. There was a very large attendance despite the rain. Tea was given free by Mrs George. Bron- wydd, Llw.nko{,ll. A good sum was therehy realised for the Iwndit of the club's funds. Mr Haley, the Welsh Lawn Tennis Champion, and a team from Cardiff gave a splendid exhibition of tennis on the grounds. Mrs George was heartily thanked for her generosity, and Mr Haley and party for their en- tertainment. CARMEL (B.). The preacher at Car- mel English Baptist Church on Sunday was Mr T. J. Lewis, son of Mr T. Lewis (Ap Lewis), eheekweigher, Ponty- pridd. Mr Lewis, junr.. is a student at Cardiff' Baptist College, and has just ac- cepted an invitation to the pastorate of a church at Abergavenny. His text on Suuday evening was taken from John xx. 19, wherein is recorded Jesus after his resurrection visiting his dis- ciples at the house where they had as- sembled with closed doors. Some critics held that the appearance of Jesus under such circumstances was impossible. But oftentimes the impossible became possible, and the incredulous had been forced through sheer conviction to be- come believers. Science had gone as far as to admit that there was an ethereal body to which no material substance was a barrier. There was in the text a spiritual reality. Note the appearance of Jesus Christ despite material hin- drances. We were often thoughtlessly closing the door against the advent of Jesus Christ into our hearts. This closed door was the tragedy of many a life. Jesus Christ made his- way past all intellectual and moral barriers. CO-OPERATIVE STUDENTSHIP. From the report of the examiners we glean that the following students of the local classes held by the Aberdare Co- operative Society, Ltd., passed the ex- aminations of the Co-operative Union held in March last: —Co-operative Book- keeping, Honours stage, pass with dis- tinction, Samuel Davies, secretary of the Ynysybwl Co-operative Society; pass, Theophilus Thomas, Jenkin Street. Aberdare. Advanced stage, pass with distinction, David Bowen, Aberdare, and T. E. Prosser, Gadlys; pass, Dan Ed- wards, member of the Aberdare Manage- ment Committee; Emrys Prosser and





-_.._--_.---__-5th Battalion…


Cymanfa at Hirwain.

--_-__-__-_----The Second…

Local Will.






----------SCENE IN TRAIN.


---___n_-Aberdare Empire.

IAberdare Cinema.

Haggar's Coliseum, Aberdare.