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Newsagents and Shop Hours…

Penrhiwceiber Post Office…

Mountain Ash District Council…

Penderyn Waterworks.

"Model" Byelaws.

Streets Taken Over.


Seats in Streets.

Brook Stream Stones.

Fire Brigades.


I Desecrating Craves, etc.


A Fencina.

Appointment of Medical Officer…

National Children's Homes.

------Sale of Newlands, Aberdare.


Educational Notes and I Comments.I


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The Demonstration. I


The Demonstration. I Mishtor Iditor,— Shure, an' its in the town of Moun- tain Ash ye should have bane on Thursday of iasht week; it was a grate daye. Before Oi commence to spake about it, sor, Oi musht saye that Oi arrived back to Cadwalader Strate on V\ ednesday from the town of Swansea, an' Oi injoyed misilf thire, an' Oi had grate fun, an' Oi shall tell ye all about it next week; an' for the prisint Oi musht wroite about that big word on the top of the paper. Oi was sitting down hav- in' some fish an' chips for tea whin Oi heard the band play. "An' says Oi to Biddy, "what's up f' "Don't know,' says she, "go down an see." So Oi did for once take Mishter Asquith's advice an' walked to the bottom of Fountain Strate to "Wait an' See." At lasht the band came along, and thire was a grate crowd on the side of the road watch- ing thim. Says Oi to a gintleman ¡ sthanding nixt to misilf, "An' what I is the matter? Its the bhoys of the Church of England, an' the ladies, too," says Oi. "Yes, an' the ladies, too," says he, "demonstrating I against the Disestablisment an' Dis- endowment Bill." "Thanks," says Oi. Begorra, an' thire was a crowd, sor, an' they had thire banners, an' shure thire was one it was a trate it hit the nail on the head roight enough. Its spuds ye are at New- town, mi bhoys. Oi noticed one thing, sor; it was a procession of men an' women. Oi don't shuppose thire were forty boys an' girls under 14 years of age thire at all, at all; an' takin' into consideration the weather it was grate. Bedad, an' Oi have knocked about a little bit, an' Oi musht say that in the town of Mountain Ash they say the Church is the church of the rich an' not of the poor. Shure, an' the answer was to be found in that demonstration. Are the bhoys from the smith's shop rich? They wire thire. An' are the bhoys of the carpenter's shop rich ? They were thire. Are the bhoys from the Yard rich at all, at all ? An' Oi noticed almost iveryone of thim had a badge, an' Oi have seen one of thim since thin, mi bhoys, an' they are viry nice. Oi musht say, sor, the same as 6i have said before, Oi don't understhand one set of so-called Christians at- tacking the other. Oi musht admit Biddy says Oi don't know much, but Oi do know this that it would be much better if the attacking party were to teach in their places of wor- ship good sound 0hristian principles, instead of trying to create a faleing of hatred an' malice which Oi say musht surely follow, an' Oi am cer- tain that is not a faleing which should exist betwane two Christian bodies foighting for the same com- mon cause against the same common enemy, an' hoping for a bright an' happy hereafter. By what Oi under- sthand, the duty of a minister of re- ligion is, an' no one knows better than those who profess that office to- day, their duty is "The salvation of souls." an' not to try an' pick ivery little flaw in the past lives of their co-religionists. Try an' make yer pulpits a place wherefrom the Word should be explained in its fullest sense for the bettering of mankind, an' not make as many are in the prisint day, political platforms. What Oi am, does not matter; who Oi am is the same; but what won- der is it the Athiest scoffs an' sneers, the waver is still an' will continue to waver betwane two opinions. Shure, sor, an' is it any wonder that many turn round an' say afther all is said an' done, Christianity is only a myth. It is no wonder at all. at all. In conclusion let mi say Oi was glad to see the bhoys turn out so sthrong, an' ready to defend what they beleive to be roight. An' Oi am certain that if the attacking party were attacked in the same way (an' it may be their turn), don't ye think, sor, they would fale it very much the same ? Oi think they would, so in conclusion let mi advise thim, "Do unto others as you would be done unto."—Oi am, sor, your obadiant servant, PATRICK RAFFERTY.

Association Football.'