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Record Attendance.

Welsh Summer School.

The Dental Clinic.


The Dental Clinic. The Remedial Work Sub-Com- mittee, with Mr. G. H. Hall in the chair, reported as follows :— Train Fares of Scholars. —Pro- posed by Rev. E. V. Tidman, second- ed by Mr. Bruce Jones, that we re commend the Education Committee to instruct the Director of Education to write to the Board of Education, pointing out that the committee's ap- plication for the Board's sanction to the expenditure during the year end- ing 31st July, 1913, of a sum not ex- ceeding £1.0 was intended to apply to all scholars coming from a distance and not only to necessitous cases; that, if this sanction be not given, the committee will be obliged to con sider the advisability of establishing Dental Clinics at Abercynon and Ynysybwl. "Payment for Dental Treatment.- Proposed by Mr. Bruce Jones, seconded by Rev. E. V. Tidman, that we recommend the Education Com- mittee to defer the recpnsideration of the question of the payment for Dental Treatment to a date in Sep- tember, and that in the meanwhile the Director of Education be in- structed to keep a record of (a) children whose parents are notified that their children need dental treat ment, (b) children who attend the Dental Clinic for treatment, and (c) children who have to attend the Dental Clinic more than once to have carried out that dental treatment which was discovered as necessary t at the previous medical inspection." Mr. J. Powell asked why this ques- tion was deferred. Mr. Hall replied that they had not sufficient experience yet to justify in altering the regulations.

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Dental Treatment.

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