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Scraps. I • BY "THE SCRIBE." It was reported in the "Leader" last week that a window in Darren- las, Mountain Ash, had been smashed, and the reputed perpetra- tors are of course the suffragettes. They are here, there and everywhere, and tl^ir works follow them. Thirty years ^o every damage done to pro- perty was attributed to the Fenians. To-day the Suffragettes are the scape-goats. But have the militant ladies in- vaded Aberdare? A day or two ago the plate-glass window of an Aber- dare tradesman was smashed, and on the wreckage was inscribed con- spicuously the notorious legend, "Votes for Women!" Peace reign- eth in the Mount just now. Probab- ly the outragettes have departed for Aberdare. If so, then, in the re- versed version of the hackneyed phrase so familiar at send-off meet- ings, "Aberdare's loss is Aberpen- nar's gain." Those wood blocks of the Aberdare Council by the Council for the Coun- cil are responsible not only for waste :)f money but waste of time as well. The completion of the tramways will be greatly delayed owing to the tre- mendous time taken to break up the road in the vicinity of the Town Hall in order to get a solid foundation for bhose chunks of silence. In the course of excavating the pick wielders have evidently knocked igainst some gas pipes, if my nose misleads me not. The escape of gas )utside the Council Chamber is greater than ever it was inside. Since the members of the Council tvant silence perfect silence for their monthly vocal competitions at the Town Hall, could not some of the rooms in the rear be utilised for that purpose ? It is now clear that the iofcal cost of laying the wood blocks will exceed a thousand sovereigns. Surely a new hall of silence for the special benefit of our peace-loving ;ity fathers could be erected at half bhat figure. I take it that the Aberdare and District Chamber of Trade are pur- suing their very practical protest against this latest phase of "munici pal extravagance." The city fathers are determined that they will not listen to the voice of the people Whether an appeal to a higher court will have any effect remains to be seen. "More members more jaws" saya Councillor A. P. Jones. Yes, and more jaws means more noise than ever inside the Council Chamber- Surely our Councillors need not fear the competitive din outside. It would be interesting to know the feeling of the Aberdare Trades Council on this momentous matter of the moment. So far that body has been as silent as the District Coun- cil's wooden blocks. Before now the Trades Council has been very out- spoken on matters of municipal economy. But now, when there is such a reckless waste of the public money the Council- is mute and its members mandateless. It is true that some of the Labour Members on the District Council have voiced the people's protest in the matter, but the Trades Council as an organis- ation gave no lead. We in Aberdare and district kick against the opening of Halls on the Sabbath, but even if it came to Sunday cinemas, it would not be so bad as in America. The following par appears in a Dakota newspaper "The Pingree Invincibles will play the Windsor Cleveland base ball team at the latter city Sunday. A close game is anticipated." To what "base" uses, etc. Just now Aberdare suffers from nothing worse than Sunday sweets and Sunday weddings. Of these we have an abundance. But one never knows what comes next. The newspaper referred to has an article entitled "Popular Pastor re- considers his Decision of Leaving Here," while as a sub-heading we find the line "The Base-Ball Line- up." Well, they do mix things up in I America, do they not ?

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