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ABERAMAN. SPECIAL SHOW of New Season's Goods at Lewis's, the Boot Specialist, Opposite the Post Office, Aberdare. Boots, shoes, and slippers in endless variety. DON'T FORGET.—Professor Dux- bury (elocutionist) at Green Street Chapel. Aberdare, on Sunday, March 16, at 11, 2.30, and 6. Also Monday at 7. FOR ASTHMA, bronchitis, tight- chest, difficulty of breathing, try Emrys' Cough-Ease. It cuts the phlegm and clears the tubes. MISSION MEETINGS. Mr W. T. Lee, representative of the National Christian Evidence Society, London, concluded his mission meetings at Saron Hall on Thursday and Friday evenings last. The subject on Thursday was Spiritualism and Communion with the Dead." The Rev. E. C. Camble, Beulah, presided. The Rev. W. T. Francis, Gwawr, presided on Friday evening, the subject being Traps to catch flies." Questions were invited each evening. ENGLISH WESLEYAN CHURCH.— The anniversary services of the above church were held on Sunday last. The Rev. Herbert Benn occupied the pulpit in the morning and evening. The Rev. T. J. Pritchard, Aberdare, president of the Welsh Wesleyan District, preached in the afternoon. On Monday afternoon the annual tea was held. The following ladies were the trayholders:-Ati-s Wil- liam Collier, Misses Gwen and Gertie Collier, Mrs Harlow, Mrs Philpin, and Mrs C. Vater. Cutters: Mrs Green- halgh and Mrs Giles. Water attendant, Mr T. Davies. Doorkeeper, Messrs Alec and Herbert Vater. After the tea a mis- cellaneous entertainment was held, the Rev. Herhert Benn presiding. The fol- lowing programme was gone thro-Ligh: Duet, "The last rose of summer," Mrs Hill and Mrs Greenhalgh; recitation, R. G. Beynon; solo, Miss A. M. Dando; recitation. Miss Elsie M. Lee; quar- tette, Toothache," by the members of the Sunday School; recitation. Alec Vater; solo, Miss E. 0. Prestwood. The Rev. H. Bonn gave an excellent re- citation. Reading, No Gambling," T. G. Lee; solo, Miss B. C. Prestwood; recitation, R. G. Beynon; reading, Miss G. Collier. Messrs W. A. Beynon and T. Davies were the accompanists. SHOP ASSISTANTS' UNION. On Wednesday evening the new chairman, Mr T. J. Lewis, Cwmbach, presided. On the proposition of Mr Handel Harris, seconded by Mr .1. 11. Job, it was de- cided' that a presentation be made to the former treasurer. Mr David John, Cwmbach, for the excellent sen i< es he has rendered the branch, and a com- mittee was appointed for the purpose. The report of the auditors, Messrs E. Thomas and Ben Rees, was adopted. The sick visitors' report was given by Mr Thomas M. Lloyd. With regard to the Trades and Labour Council the delegates were instructed to support the candidature of tho following mem- bers for the District Council:—No. 2 Ward, Mr E. Stonelake; Ward No. 4, Messrs David Evan Davies and David Davies, Cwmbach; Ward No. 5, Mr John Evans, Abercwmboi. For the Guardians, Ward No. 2, Mr John Prowle; Ward No. 3, Mr Morgan Williams, Abernanto; Ward No. 4, Messrs John Hughes, Cwm- bach, and Meth Davies; Ward No. 5, Messrs David John Phillips and William Thomas. It was resolved that Messrs T. M. Uoyrl and David Richard Phillips be delegates to the Trades and Labour Council for the ensuing year. A long discussion took place on the Shops Hours Act, it being stated that the regulations of the Act were not ob- served in many establishments.




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