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Burning Fatality at Hirwain.

Aberdare County Court.\


Aberdare County Court. Monday.—Before Deputy Judge Lleu- fer Thomas. Administration Order.—James Owe, 92 Wind Street, Aberdare, applied for an administration order. His debts amounted to £ 34. He had five chil- dren, and was suffering from asthma. Applicant offered to pay in full at 10s. I per month.—Order made.—Mr. Wm. Thomas appeared for applicant. Compensation Cases.-Mr Kirkhouse Jenkins appeared for Elizabeth Bowen, 18 Iron Court, Merthyr, in a case of payment out of compensation held in trust by the Court in respect of the I death of her father. Applant was now 21 years of age, and the amount now outstanding was jE:40 lis. lid. The order as asked for was granted.— Margaret Jane Jones, Cardiff Road, Aberaman, v. The Powell Duffryn Coal Co. Plaintiff, the widow of the late Richard Jones, on whose behalf a com- pensation award had been made of C263 18s. in 1907, applied that the remainder should be paid out to her. Mr. Kirk- house Jenkins said that £ 250 5s. 7d. had already been paid. Plaintiff had four children, and the amount asked for was only a small one. The remainder was not worth investing. Funeral ex- penses had been incurred.—His Hon- our, in making the order asked for, said he hoped too much money had not been spent on the funeral. For Groceries Supplied.-W. Davies, Trecynon, was sued by John Lewis, 41 Mill Street, Trecynon, for P,9 lis. Id. for groceries supplied to him. Defend- ant denied liability, and said he had never been to plaintiff's shop for gro- ceries for himself.—Applicant, who was represented by Mr. T. W. Griffiths, said he had supplied defendant with goods during the strike. The defend- ant disputed the fact that the goods had been supplied to him, and said they were for his father. Previous to the strike his transactions with defendant were practically cash.—Asked why he had not sued before, plaintiff said de- fendant had been away from the dis- trict, and his father had been taken to the Workhouse.—Thomas Maddocks, manager of Aberdare Graig Coal Co., said he was at one time manager of the Dyllas Colliery. Defendant came to him and said his "shup" had been stopped. He did not believe his story. so he gave an order to defendant on Mr. Lewis for 10s. worth of goods, and the amount had been deducted from de- fendant's pay. Witness's impression at that time was that defendant owed Mr. Lewis a lot of money.—Defendant said he earned 4s. 8d. per day.—Judg- ment for the amount claimed, to be paid in monthly instalments of 6s.—De- fendant said he could pay 5s. but would have to pay the rest in Swansea. For Coods.-Harry llees was pro- ceeded again by Daniel Moran for £ 1 4s. 3d. for goods supplied. Applicant's wife appeared and explained that the goods had been delivered from the Co- operative Stores in her name for the defendant. On other occasions the de- fendant had paid, but he disputed this account. In answer to His Honour ap- plicant said that she had dividend from the Co-op. on the amount.—Defendant did not appear, and in making an order for the amount claimed, His Hononr advised the applicant not to do such a thing again, although she made a pro- fit in allowing defendant to have his goods on her book. A Malingerer?—James Davies, Oak Road, Cwmbach, claimed the continu- ance of compensation for an injury re- ceived while in the employ of W. P. Powell and Co., Ltd., Hirwain. Dr. Martin Jones sat as medical assessor in this case.—Defendant applied for an ad- journment, as his solicitor was not in attendace. The reason given was that defendant did net have enough money to carry the case through.—His Honour decided that the case must be taken. Mr. F. G. Medealf appeared for the re- spondents.—Mr. Medcalf said the Com- pany admitted liability up to December 30th, up to which time they had paid compensation. They now claimed that defendant was not incapacitated. — Plaintiff said the accident occurred when he was lifting some iron ore. A piece broke in three pieces, and hit him on the shoulder, side and back. He was attended by Dr. Murphy and Dr. Banks. He went back to work on the advice of Dr. Banks, and he worked for three weeks and three days. He was then stopped on the pretext that he had done something foolish. He admitted that the work he was put to was a lad's work. He received 25s. per week for doing it.—Mr. Medcalf asked applicant if he had not been stopped for impertin- ence.—Applicant said this was not so. He admitted that he had been on com- pensation at Cardiff previously for six months. He also admitted that Dr. Banks had told him that a bit of work would do his arm good. He had been employed by the Company three days before the accident took place. Dr. Isaac Banks said he attended the man on Nov. 23rd. He found a bruise on the shoulder, and applicant complained of pain in the side. He told applicant on Nov. 30th that a little work would do his arm good. He was of opinion he could do the work which he was given to do.—Dr. W. G. Williams, Car- diff, said he had examined the applicant on February 10th. He found nothing the matter with the shoulder. He was perfectly able to do his work. He came to the conclusion that the man was a malingerer.—Judgment was given for the respondent Company, with costs on Scale B, if defendant belonged to a TTnion. Tailoring BiII.J ohn Davies, tailor, Aberdare, sued Mrs. Williams, Aber- aman, and her three sons, David, John and Isaac, for the value of certain suits amounting to zelo 4s., supplied on var- ious dates.—Mr. W. R. Edwards ap- peared for plaintiff, and the respond- ents were represented by Mr. W. Ken- shole.—Mr Kenshole put in a pass book containing payments by Mrs. Williams. Mrs. Williams admitted liability for the clothes.—Plaintiff went into the box and deposed to the correctness of the account.—In reply to Mr. Kenshole, he said he had not seen the pass book since October. His son had not taken it away for the purpose of adding some names. He knew nothing of the sug- gestion to insure Mrs. Williams on ac- count of the debt.—Mr. Kenshole ex- plained that the allegation was that plaintiff's son had called for the book and had returned it the next day with some names added. Plaintiff's son. Geo. Davies, who said he called with respondents on behalf of his father, said various members of the family had paid him from time to time. He denied tak- ing the book away. Mr. Kenshole's case was that no credit was given to anyone but Mrs. Williams.—His Hon- i our dismissed Isaac Williams from the suit as a minor, and made an order of 10s. per month on the other defendants for the full amount claimed.

Jewish Ball at Aberdare.


"To H- with Them."I

Britannic Assurance Co.