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Thursday, March 6th 1913..


Thursday, March 6th 1913.. This is a photo of Mr. Alfred Hollins, the world-renowned blind organist of Edinboro', who is giving a Recital at the above chapel on March (5th. This is the iirst visit of a really great organist to Aberdare, and the friends at Bethania are to be greatly compliment- ed on their enterprise. Mr. Hollins has given recitals in all the chief towns of Austral- ia, South Africa and America, as well as the British Isles. Appended are some press notices of his Australian and South African tours. "Australian Star," Sydney, says:—"The great player who is now 'showing off' the largest organ in the world is a man of splendid surprises. That is to say, his taJent soars above the printed items on his pro- gramme. To do this an organ- ist mllst have the 'bump' of invention and improvisation largely developed. At his opening recital on Saturday night, Mr Alfred Hollins stag- gered all the organists who were present by the boldness and brilliance which character- ised his artistic elaboration of the simple 'Annie Laurie' theme which was set him on the big instrument by Mr. Arthur Mason. Last night, in .LL -l" _1_c MR. ALFRED HOLLINS. tne presence or an auuience m 4,000 (including M. Paderewski), Mr. Hollins again made the improvisation the finest feature of the recital." "Cape Town Argus," S. Africa, says: "Never perhaps has a larger audience gathered in this building, and several hundreds failed to gain admission. Great enthusiasm prevailed from he- ginning to end, and Air. Hollins had to respond to the demands of his hear- ers again and again. This brilliant musician has opened the eyes of many people here as to the possibilities of the organ few organists have so splendid a command over their instrument as he. To executive powers most unusual he adds an intenseness of sympathy, and a delicate musical perception, which combine to place him in the front rank of living organists. The vast audience was electrified." This is enough we believe to show that Aberdare and district music-lovers are in for a rich musical treat.







"The Chocolate Soldier."