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Aberdare Police Court.

Mountain Ash District Council


Mountain Ash District Council On Tuesday, Mr. E. Morris in the chair. The other members present were: Messrs. Thos. Jones, D. Rogers, Capt. G. A. Evans, J.P., Bruce Jones, W. Millar, Rev. E. V. Tidman, Noah Bowles, Win. Evans, G. H. Hall, W. Lamburn. W. Davies, J. Powell, with Mr. J. M. Linton (clerk), Mr. F. Stock (accountant), Mr. W. G. Thomas (sur- veyor). Mr. D. T. Evans (collector), and Mr. H. T. J ones (sanitary inspector). Are Double Fees Legal?—At the last meeting Rev. E. V. Tidman raised a rather important question as to whether it was legal for them as a Burial Board to collect fees in connec- tion with funerals for services not ren- dered. At present people had to pay double fees if they required a Noncon- formist minister to officiate, one fee go- ing to the incumbent of the Parisii. He (Mr. Tidman) questioned the legali- ty of.that, in face of a decision given in the Law Courts some time ago.—The I Clerk now reported that he had very great doubts as to whether they were right in collecting double fees, and sug- gested that counsel's opinion be taken. —Rev. E. V. Tidman contended that the Council had been collecting fees ille- gally for several years. It was illegal for any Burial Authority to collect fees except for services rendered. Recent- ly he had come into touch with certain facts, which showed they were clearly in the wrong. He was not in favour of taking counsel's opinion again; that would be a waste of time and money. The clause in the Act was plain enough, "No fees other than for ser- vices rendered." The Osborne Morgan Act applied to Churchyards and not to Public Cemeteries.—Clerk No, to all burial grounds.—Mr. D. Rogers: All consecrated burial grounds.—Rev. E. V. Tidman Consecration carries with it no privileges whatever; it is simoiy a ceremony.—Mr. J. Powell moved that the clerk's advice be accepted, and counsel's opinion taken.—Rev. E. V. Tidman said he would agree to this, but he believed it would be a waste of he believed it would be a waste of money. But should he (Mr. Tidman) prove to be correct in what he was i ing, what about the fees that had been I collected illegally for the last 7, 8 or 10 years?—Mr. T. Jones We can consider that later.—Mr. W. Lamburn agreed with Mr. Powell's motion to obtain I I counsel's opinion.—The motion was car- ried. I ¡ The Waterworks.—The Council hav- ing complained of the slow progress of Ithe new waterworks, Messrs. Under- I wood and Bro., contractors, replied I that this was due to the extraordinary weather. They were saving no effort in hastening on the work. t Cas for Cooking Purposes -The Sur- j ve.vor reported as follows:—The gas | sold for cooking purposes is consumed j principally when the demand is low, viz., in the day time or during the sum- mer months, and this is the consump- tion which you ought to encourgae as much as possible. As it is impracti- cable to fix a separate meter for the gas cookers on each consumer's premises, I would suggest that the practice which was formerly adopted by you be again considered and that a reduction of 3d. or 4d. per 1,000 c. ft. in the price of gas during the summer months be made to all consumers who use gas for c"oofc> iing purposes. At present the gas is sold at a flat rate of 3s. 6d. per 1,000 c. ft. For the purpose of comparison, 1 have assumed that your former prac- tice was in force for the year ended March 81st, 1912, and have worked out the figures on the basis of 3d. and 4d. per 1,000 reduction, with the result that the gross profit which was £ 3,025 7s Sd. would have been reduced by £ 36 5s. with the first figure, and £ 48 6s. 9d. with the latter figure."—Mr D. Rogers said that the reduction should be greater in order to encourage people to use gas cookers.-Mr. W. Millar was afraid that a reduction during the summer months only would lead to complications.—Mr. J. Powell said that the intention was to win additional con- siimers.-ALIr. B. Jones said he was in favour of making the reduction during the year round.—Mr. T. Jones moved that a reduction of 6d. per 1,000 be made for gas used for cooking from April 1st to Sept. 30th.—Mr. Rogers seconded, and the motion was carried. —With regard to the use of gas for power, Mr. Bruce Jones moved that a reduction of 3d. per 1,000 cubic ft. be made for any amount up to 250,000, and 6d. reduction over 250,000.—This was unanimously carried. Mr. W. Millar said that the Mountain Ash Palace were contemplating having gas installations as a stand-by, in the event of a break-down in the electric plant, which would render the place in dark- ness and endanger the public safety. (-d He had been informed by the manage- ment that the Council had made a. de- mand for £ 25 per annum for connect- ing the Palace with the gas main. As this was, in his opinion, an exorbitant sum, he proposed that the charge be simply for the gas consumed.—The Sur- ve-lor was authorised to connect the Palace with the gas main, provided they required gas for lighting purposes only. Application for an increase. Mr. Powell, head clerk in the accountant's department, applied for an increase of salary.—Mr. Stock, the accountant,




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Mountain Ash District Council