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Aberdare Chamber of Trade.

Post Office.

,National Insurance Act.

C.W.R. Company.

Shops Act.

Sections of Traders.

Street Traders' Bill.

Town Tenants' League.

Loss of Members Through Death.

County School Scholarship.


South Wales and Monmouthshire…

Mutual Plate Class Protection…

Royal Visit.


Royal Visit. The Chamber did all it possibly could to assist the High Constable in his onerous work in connection with this event, the Ceremonies at the Park and at the Square being unqualified suc- cesses. The occasion is so recent that it is unnecessary for me to deal at length with it, except, perhaps, to say that the part taken by the Chamber of Trade redounds to its credit. It will be remembered that in consequence of the visit, the date originally lixed for the Chamber's picnic had to be altered, and I recall with no little pleasure tIt:' very busy time that fell to my lot in connection with the picnic and the Hoyal Visit. However, the hard work entailed affords very pleasant recollec- tions, and I feel very proud to have been one of those who were ^o actively engaged in connection with the unique event when our King and Queen yisited my native town. The Chamber with gieat enthusiasm passed a hearty vote of appreciation in favour of Lord Mer- thyr relative to his splendid efforts, and the presentation to the Chamber by Mr. n, L. Bei- (one of our active members) of a very fine photograph of the Roj-al Party at the Park was a very happy climax.

Unveiling of Lord Morthyr's…

St. John's Churchyard.

Meetings of the Executive…

Improvements at the Taff Vale…


Wage Rate Men's Association